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"Thank you for your hard work with Thav which is highly valued."

Pallavi, 11+ English Tuition

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Academic History

University of Cambridge, Cambridge (1992): RSA Certificate for Teaching English as  Foreign Language.

Sorbonne, Paris (1987): BA Business Studies and Translation (2:1).

Sorbonne, Paris (1983): MA French Modern Economics (2:1).

Sorbonne, Paris (1979): BA History.

Lycée Rabelais, Paris (1976): Baccalaureate (History, Geography, Philosophy, French, English & Spanish).

About Me

I have worked as a tutor since 2015. My subject specialisms include English (EFL/ESL and English Primary & Secondary up to GCSE included), History (up to A Levels included) and Geography (up to GCSE included). I also offer support for French (up to A Levels included) and Business studies (up to GCSE included).

I have a lot of experience with getting good results. I am a good listener and have a flexible, student-centred approach. I am methodical and systematic in my approach, and make sure the students learn to the best of their abilities and potential. I plan my lessons well and liaise with the parents on an ongoing basis.

My aim is to build up self-confidence in the student and to teach the right methodology, so that the student is able to proceed with the learning process in an autonomous and effective way. Firstly, I listen to what the student has to say about their experience of school and education, and what their individual needs are in terms of learning and skills acquisition. This makes it possible to decide on the best plan of action in order to improve outcomes. I select the appropriate material and engage the students by making my lessons interactive, requiring active participation on the part of the student.

Ultimately, it is about showing interest in the student’s needs and expectations, and building a constructive rapport with them and with the family. A lot of it revolves around issues of self-confidence: the student must realise that he (or she) is actually quite capable of achieving the aims set to him (or her), with the right approach and the right support.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Year 3 English (SEN Dyslexia

I helped Ava, who had been diagnosed with dyslexia, with her written English. She was 8 years old when I started tutoring her. Ava’s problems centered around her spelling and she therefore has problems writing (spelling), but not as much with her reading. Ava is a creative and intelligent little girl, but her attention span is short and she gets bored easily. I succeeded in improving Ava’s written English through various exercises on paper or on the computer, including using relevant websites and coursebooks. The quality of Ava’s handwriting improved enormously, as well as her self- confidence. Towards the end, I focused on word-processing exercises so that she would be familiar with the auto- correct functionality in Word. The tuition has come to an end now that Ava has been accepted in a school in central London specialising in teaching dyslexic children.

13+ Common Entrance Geography

I taught a young teenager called Andrew who was due to sit the 13+ in June 2017. He is a very bright, hard-working and highly motivated boy. One subject he felt he could not cope with at all was Geography: he felt he would never manage and that Geography was particularly complex and daunting (the standards, for the 13+, are comparable to those of the easier versions of GCSE Geography, such as the Edexcel board.). We focused on confidence boosting and worked together for an intensive period over the Easter holidays (2017). We decided to focus exclusively on Physical Geography and he would tackle Human Geography by himself and ask me if he had problems with that area. During each lesson, we covered a unit in his textbook (plate tectonics, the climate, etc.). I would assign extensive homework to Andrew every time (reading and exercises), which he did diligently. By the end of the Easter holiday, he had covered the whole Geography syllabus and was confident that he was on top of the subject, feeling very confident in his abilities. Andrew scored very well in his 13+, with over 70% in Geography.

GCSE English

I worked with David who wanted help with his English; he was going to sit his GCSE that year. David was born in the UK to a Chinese family and was very hard-working and highly motivated. David felt pressure to score the highest grade possible in his GCSE. A self-starter, David would download past papers and do them of his own accord, then show me what he had done, and we would discuss the strong and weak points of his essay-type writing. We would also look at essays he had written for school (including mocks), when they were available, and I would assist him occasionally with his homework, giving him guidance. Overall, his written English was good. The main problem, alongside the lack of confidence, was that David did not always understand what was expected of him in the exam questions and where they were leading. I soon realised part of the problem was not linguistic but cultural (a lot of references to British culture or society were not familiar to him). David also tended to over-complicate issues coming up in the past papers. I gave him a lot of tips regarding exam technique which he found very useful. In the end, David achieved an A* in English GCSE and was delighted.

GCSE English and Geography

Marshall and I worked together for 2 hours a week. Marshall was good at Mathematics (he got an ‘A’ in his GCSE exam), but his level in English and Geography was low. Our key focus was on English due to a minimum grade ‘C’ required to enter the Football Academy that he was aiming for. Marshall was intelligent, courteous, self-confident and pleasant but English did not inspire him and he tended to rush through the Geography. In the end, he got a ‘C’ in English Language and a ‘C’ in English Literature (prior to the tuition, he was getting ‘Ds’ and ‘Es’). In Geography, he got a ‘D’, which was lower than we expected. Overall, with 70%, he passed his GCSE and was able to enter the local Football Academy which he and his family were very happy about.

A-Level History

I helped Anita with the preparation for her A-Level History exam. Anita was keen to get a good grade (minimum ‘B’) in order to be able to start a Law course at a good university, which was her aim. She had been getting ‘Cs’ or a bit lower. She was very concerned she would never manage and lacked self-confidence. A Looked After child, Anita was very intelligent, smart, and mature for her age, while being highly motivated, ambitious, humble in her manner, always impeccably courteous and invariably pleasant. We covered various areas of the curriculum (Irish history, Russian Revolution, China in the 20th Century), focusing on essays she had written, going over the teacher’s feedback and explaining it. I gave her advice as to how to deal with exam questions, what is important and what is not, how to put across a point, etc. We discussed exam techniques and issues such as time management in exams. I also helped her with essays she had to write at home as part of her coursework: we would discuss the topic and the best way to analyse it, and it was up to her to translate the advice given into a well-drafted essay. Anita’s marks went up quite quickly thanks to her hard work and to my help. Anita got a ‘B’ in her A-Level History exam, as she informed me over the summer of 2017. She was delighted.

A-Level History

Louise was initially lacking in self-confidence and the tuition helped her to better understand the topics covered: German History between 1918 and 1945, Tudor England, and the Russian Revolution. The Tudor period was particularly difficult for Louise. We looked at Louise’s textbooks and I would explain difficult concepts and complex events during the lessons; we also worked on essays, more particularly those done in school and marked by Louise’s teachers (she did not always understand what the teacher had meant, and why.) Louise was an intelligent and perceptive teenager who was highly driven and ambitious. I did not doubt she would do well in the exam. In the end, she got a ‘B’ in History and was happy with the result.

Adult English Language (EFL)

I taught a Russian businesswoman for an intensive week of lessons. When she started, she had no English at all but, apart from Russian, she spoke very good German. With a successful business career, she was clearly very intelligent with a certain gift for languages. After the week, she was able to converse in English and have a simple conversation. I would say her level was by then was almost ‘intermediate’, having started one week before as an ‘absolute beginner’. Her progress had been quite amazing, thanks to her very hard work: she was a particularly dedicated and capable student.

Adult English Language (EFL)

I worked for an intensive 3 weeks with a Swiss lady in a banking career. Located in Switzerland, she was highly motivated and wanted to refresh and strengthen her English in order to apply for a senior job with an international banking institution; she knew she would need a very high level of English for such a position. We worked on areas such as presentations, the language of meetings, asking and answering questions, job hunting, and CV writing. I improved her CV in English and discussed it extensively with her, once she had re-done it, and we role-played a typical interview. All of this was interesting for her and helped her considerably.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading (fiction and non-fiction, including history, economics and current affairs). Cycling and walking. Feature films. Art exhibitions. Travelling in and outside Europe. Music (various styles). Architecture.

Client Testimonials


Hello Philip,

Thank you for your email. Joseph now has revision sessions at school most evenings so thank you but he will no longer need tuition.

Thank you very much indeed for all your help, it has been very helpful indeed.

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Thank you so much for your email and support

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Hello Phillip,

Thank you for your email.

Yes please, we would like to confirm termination of tuition this Wednesday 14th March.

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Kind Regards.

Alison and Neil.


Thank you for your hard work with Thav which is highly valued.



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