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"You have been a fantastic tutor and I most definitley could not have done the British history without you."

Claire, A Level History Tuition

  • A Level

  • Classical Civilisation

  • English Literature

  • GCSE

  • History

  • Religious Studies

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Theatre Studies

Academic History

2011-2012    University of Cambridge, Christ’s College (exchange from University of Oslo), MPhil, Medieval History

Bibliographical and Historiographical Essay         Grade: 70

Subject Essay Grade: 70

Palaeography Grade: 89,5

Thesis: Approaches to paganism in Geoffrey of Monmouth and Snorri Sturlusuon Grade: 68

Supervisor: Dr Nora Berend

2008-2010 University of Oslo BA History (Major), English (Minor)

GPA 3.6 out of maximum 4.0

Degree required submission of thesis

2005-2008 Oslo University College BA Drama, GPA 3.3 out of maximum 4.0, Degree required submission of thesis

About Me

My specialist subjects are History and Classical civilisation. I also teach Religious studies, Theatre studies, and English literature.

As a tutor, I am enthusiastic and friendly, and I am dedicated to creating a comfortable environment for learning. A solid knowledge base, good analytical skills and critical thinking are essential to succeed in academia but I believe that knowledge is best acquired when it is contextualised and well structured. My teaching style therefore seeks to deepen the students’ understanding of the subject by looking at a broad selection of sources, and relating and comparing the topics to current events and ideas. I also believe that it is important to consider the students’ attitude towards learning, and help create enthusiasm and interest. If the students want to become lifelong learners, it is much easier to find motivation for acquiring new knowledge and incentive for developing their academic skills.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

I have been privately tutoring for 5 years, and since 2014 have also been working as a lecturer and supervisor at Cambridge University for History undergraduates. Alongside this I have also been lecturing at two universities in Norway, since 2015.

GCSE and iGCSE History – I have worked extensively with both GCSE iGCSE students, and am familiar with all common exam boards.

– X was a bright boy in Knightsbridge, with ambitions to attend Harvard Law University. He was very keen to perform well, but was becoming phased by some of the more challenging essay questions and losing the structure of his arguments. Together we worked to fine tune his exam technique skills through practising papers, and also revised German History and the Cold War – areas he was less sound on. X ended up performing extremely well in his final exams

A-Level History – Over the past 5 years I have tutored more than 40 A-Level students, both intensively for the short-term, and on a more ongoing basis.

– I tutored Y for several months ahead of her final A-Level History exams. Y had built up a lot of anxiety around the exams, and was struggling to keep structured and organised in her thinking. She was a bright student, but needed support in motivating and organising her Historical knowledge, particularly within his Modern Britain topics. I am pleased to report that Y achieved an A in her final exam, and is now happily studying at Bristol, her first choice university.

A-Level Classical Civilisations – I worked with a student attending a top independent school in Cambridge with their Classical Civilisations revision. Together we revised his knowledge of Roman history, and went over his back through the Aeneid to fully ground his understanding with Virgil.

Undergraduate History

– For the past 3 years I have lectured and supervised undergraduate History students at Cambridge University, and am currently supervising 4 students in their Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies.

Classroom experience

– I have given lectures for the History Tripos to first year students at Cambridge University.

– Since 2015 I have been lecturing Theatre History, part time at two universities in Oslo, Norway.

– in Norway I spent 2 years working as a substitute teacher and classroom assistant for History students.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies include theatre, opera, jazz clubs, sailing, rowing and reading. I am especially fond of the works of Oscar Wilde, and a couple of years ago, I directed a student production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

For five years I have worked as a freelance theatre director and drama tutor, and I have also been a museum guide for 2 at the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, and at Akershus Castle in Oslo.

Client Testimonials

“My daughter has been very enthusiastic about you and your approach, and excited by the prospect of getting on top of the subject at last!”

“You have been a fantastic tutor and I most definitley could not have done the British history without you.”

“You worked magic this morning – I returned home to find a much happier son – more enthused and feeling more positive about the learning/revision process.”

“Regarding the supervisions from Michaelmas, I would say that they were some of my best at Cambridge so far!”

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