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"Pedro is an exceptional tutor whose patience and ability to break down complex concepts made learning accessible and engaging."

University Applications student

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Academic History

Master of Research in Systems and Synthetic Biology from Imperial College London – Distinction

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from University College London – First Class (Honours)

A Levels: Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A*), Biology (A), Cambridge Pre-University Global Perspectives and Research (Distinction), AS Levels: Physics (C)

GCSEs: Mathematics (A*), French (A*), Physics (A*), Biology (A*), English Literature (A*), Spanish (A*), Chemistry (A), History (A), Psychology (A), Preparation for Working Life (A), English Language (A), Statistics (A), Art & Design (B), Religious Education (B)

About Me

I help students improve by effectively judging their current level in a given subject, identifying clear goals and planning a strategy for revision. This is always established through quality communication with parents of my students so that both parties are aware of where we are starting from, and where we are aiming to go.

The lessons are structured using a framework that I have used to excel in UK examinations. If the student is already at a high level for a given subject, revision materials and conversation are used to identify any weaker areas. Then, engaging visual examples are implemented to improve said weaknesses and cover the remainder of their learning content. Using real-world examples to think about the applications of the content is an incredible learning technique. If the student is starting from a lower level, I go over areas they are already good at to increase confidence before starting this process as this has led to improved results with previous students.

Once a student has a working knowledge of the content using these examples, the best method to reach a very high level, which I believe any student can achieve, is to work through past papers rigorously. This means the student has answered questions in many different contexts and greatly improves confidence.

However, as someone with an open mindset, I am always keen to adapt my teaching style to suit differences in student preferences, and any preferences or specific needs highlighted by a parent.

Recent tuition

GCSE Chemistry student (OCR)

Duration: Six months. Support: I facilitated a thorough understanding of chemical principles, practical experiments, and exam strategy. I employed interactive demonstrations, mnemonic devices, and gamification to make abstract concepts more exciting, as I felt the student needed inspiration to feel more engaged with their learning. This helped me get more engagement which translated to grade improvements. Progress: Grade improved from a B to an A* in GCSE Chemistry.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Duration: Six months. Support: Guided research, project planning, critical analysis, and presentation skills. I incorporated multimedia presentations, brainstorming sessions, and workshops to stimulate creative thinking and refine ideas. I really enjoyed helping the student through finding their own interests in the world of online research, and helping them craft their arguments in the EPQ. Progress: Achieved an A in the EPQ, project on psychedelic therapy was commended by examiners and enhanced university application.

GCSE Biology (AQA)

Duration: Eight months. Support: I provided comprehensive explanations of biological concepts using interactive models and real-life examples, focussing on the genetics, evolution, ecology and biochemistry topics. I helped identify which areas the student was the weakest in and prepared specific learning plans for each of these to plug the gaps and improve their grade. Progress: Progressed from a grade C to an A in GCSE Biology.

A Level Maths (Edexcel)

Duration: Six months. Support: Tailored lessons focusing on problem-solving techniques and exam preparation through the practice questions. I utilised interactive online platforms for visualising complex concepts and helping guide the student on how to design their revision sessions to get the most out of their learning. Progress: Improved from a B grade to an A.

Physics A Level student (OCRl)

Duration: Five months. Support: Creating an in-depth understanding of physics concepts, focussing on mechanics and waves, practising with exam-style questions, practical reports, and placing topics into the wider context of physics research to engage and intrigue the student. Progress: Moved from an A to an A* grade


My main hobby is Muay Thai (a martial art originating from Thailand), having been the president of the club at my previous university UCL. It helps me improve my strength, fitness and teamwork skills. Part of my responsibility as an experienced member of the club at my new university (Imperial) is to work with less experienced members to improve their skills and confidence, which complements my tutoring.


“Throughout my A level biology Pedro was extremely helpful and supportive and aided me through my course. The style of the lessons really suited me, I went through questions either independently or together and this helped further my understanding. As a result I was able to achieve an A in A level biology. I also found the way Pedro could explain processes or concepts with diagrams very useful and making them much easier to decipher. I really appreciated his help!!!”

A, A Level Biology student

“Pedro’s tutoring style is absolutely spot-on! He really goes the extra mile to make sure you understand everything, and his attention to detail. It’s like having a personal academic coach. He’s patient, he listens, and most importantly, he genuinely cares about your success. If you need a helping hand, Pedro’s your guy!”

D, GCSE Maths student

“Pedro is an exceptional tutor whose patience and ability to break down complex concepts made learning accessible and engaging. His detailed and structured approach significantly deepened my understanding. His guidance was pivotal in achieving my academic goals. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated, thoughtful and experienced tutor!”

T, University Applications student (personal statement and interview preparation)

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