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Paula B

"I really couldn't have accomplished my 2 A*s and 2 As in my A-Levels without Paula. From the off, her dynamic, pragmatic and understanding way of tutoring were by far and beyond the most progressive and useful I have ever seen. Shrugging off the shackles of expectation and the restrictions of abiding to the norm, her use of kinetic, auditory and visual learning combined to make the revision process as fun as it could be, removing the dread and anxiety. Thank you so much Paula, I couldn't recommend anyone more thoroughly!"

Francesco, Psychology and Application Tuition

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Academic History

Since graduating from The University of Sussex in 2008 with a Bachelors in Psychology, I have worked in both the educational and the mental health sector.

I have been tutoring for over four years and have a wealth of experience at a range of levels, with a proven record of achieving excellent academic results.

I love to work with children having worked as an Assistant Child Psychologist at The Royal Free Hospital. These skills combined enable me to offer a highly supportive and empathic tutor service to enable your child to grow in confidence and achieve their highest academic goals.

About Me

Freelance personal tutor specialising in a range of academic subjects for children aged 8-18, including 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance. Adaptable teaching style and able to work with both small groups/individuals, SEN students and those with varied academic ability. Proven track record of facilitating huge academic improvements, supporting entry into competitive private schools, top examination results and overall academic targets being met with no further intervention needed.

Personable and able to build a trusted working relationship with children. A member of the British Psychological Society

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience. 

Subjects/Levels taught include:

–           KS2/KS3/Common Entrance: English, Maths,

Science, Geography, History, RE and French

–           Up to GCSE level: English, Maths and Science

–           A level: Psychology and English

–           Degree level: Psychology

–           Postgraduate level: Specialist SEN study


–           Additional: IT skills for SEN

–           Current knowledge of all National Curriculum


KS2/3, Common Entrance Students

Anoushka & Jessica, 8 and 11 – Home school English and Maths Students:

Home school placement working with two girls from a high profile London family. The brief was to provide a multi-sensory and inspiring learning environment for the students, whilst ensuring key objectives on the curriculum were met. In addition to this, the role required working closely with one of the country’s leading Educational Psychologists to develop effective teaching strategies. The home schooling would often involve History lessons as well as cultural visits. The placement was an absolute success with the parents commenting on being delighted not only by the girl’s academic progression but also for their new found confidence and enthusiasm for education.

Anca, 12 – Common Entrance 13+ Student:

Placement with student living in Bucharest attempting to gain successful entry into Wycombe abbey and several other top UK schools. Through a series of residential placements she was provided with a solid grounding from which to continue to progress and achieve her full potential. Developed an online database charting her progression with weekly Skype sessions to ensure the progression was continuous. Anca achieved 90% plus in all subjects and was accepted to both Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham ladies college.

Jamie, 12 – Common Entrance 13+ Student:

Jamie required one to one tutoring for several months in order to gain entry to Eton College. He was achieving around 40% in all subjects and was greatly lacking in motivation. We worked continuously to both engage him and ensure he was reaching his potential in all subjects. He achieved 70% + across the board and gained successful entry to Eton College.

Elizabeth, 10 – Common Entrance 11+ student:

Elizabeth wished to gain entry to St Edwards and needed to be given strict guidelines as to how to achieve top marks within all her Common Entrance papers. Elizabeth was extremely shy so a close rapport had to be developed with her before working through her relevant strengths and weaknesses. She successfully gained entry to St Edwards and achieved 75% + in all subjects.

GCSE Students

Nikki, 16 – GCSE Maths student:

Nikki required intensive Maths tuition over a 12 month period in order to help her overcome difficulties in both her Calculator and Non Calculator papers. Teaching methodology included using a combination of textbook examples, written examples and practice papers. Nikki not only showed great improvement in her conceptual understanding but also in her ability to effectively apply step by step methodology to her practice exam questions. When Nikki began her tuition she was at a D grade level, however in her GCSE mock exams, she achieved an A grade and was offered a place at her chosen sixth form.

Krys, 17 – Maths Student:

Intensive tuition placement for a student who was being educated at a top level US military academy, over a 2 month period whilst he was within the UK. The main concern for the parents was that the student be brought up to a standard equivalent to that of a UK GCSE student. An initial assessment was required to determine the level Krys was performing at, which was around a C grade GCSE standard. Subsequently Krys required an introduction to the topics that had not been covered within his current curriculum. These were often the more complex topics such as applied Pythagoras theorem and higher level algebra. Krys developed in his confidence and ability at a rapid speed until upon assessment at the end of the intensive tuition he had reached a GCSE A grade in both his Calculator and Non-Calculator papers.

Antonia, 16 – GCSE Maths and Science Student:

Antonia required help with several complex topics in her GCSE Science course in order to bring herself up from a B grade to her target A grade. Through 2 terms of regular tuition Antonia improved dramatically in her ability to grasp previously difficult scientific concepts such as carbon compounds and atomic structure. By using multisensory teaching techniques such as colour coded diagrams and notes, alternative explanations and online resources, Antonia had moved up to well into her A grade boundary. Regular tests throughout the tuition allowed for her progression to be monitored and to assess specific areas in which Antonia still had difficulties.

A level Students

Amber, 18 – home school AQA Psychology Student:

This placement involved teaching the main body of the curriculum, drawing from course texts and University readings, and to assign and grade written homework. In addition to this the student was encouraged to use appropriate Psychological terminology, scientific thinking and the ability to debate relevant issues surrounding the course. Amber had severe emotional and behavioural difficulties and was unable to operate in a mainstream school therefore this placement required the creation of a therapeutic environment whilst managing difficult family dynamics, so that she could complete her academic studies. Amber made excellent progression during the course in how to structure and evaluate commentary on Psychological theory and achieved an overall A grade.

Syed, 18 – A level Psychology OCR student:

One –to-one tuition with the sole aim of troubleshooting exam technique and advising as to how to gain the very top marks according to the course objectives. Syed achieved 100% in several modules.

Leo, 18 – A level AQA Psychology student:

Intensive tuition with the aim of ensuring Leo achieved a C grade in his exam due to previous E grade result. Leo was both dyslexic and dyspraxic so although he was an able student he could not recall information coherently within his exam. This placement involved a detailed recap of all core information during which he was taught visual and spatial techniques. A framework was then developed in which Leo could transfer this into appropriate examination style. Leo achieved a final grade of A*.

IB student 1- Regular placement during which I helped with several aspects of the higher level course. Primarily our aim was to help him understand notes and we then worked together to formulate an approach that would enhance the students learning potential. I gave in-depth advice on how to complete the report coursework by using the scientific structure required. By using strategic revision techniques we enabled the student to gain a grade 7 in their final exams.

IB student 2 – During this placement I taught a large section of the higher level syllabus that had been missed due to sickness and explained a wide range of both key and challenging concepts. As a result of tutoring, grades rapidly went up in class tests. I helped them to achieve top grades in their exams by explaining how to use the content to structure effective exam answers that were precise and displayed in depth analysis.

IB student 3 – I helped a standard level student through Simply Learning tuition to revise a large number of topics. We also ensured that her coursework was as precise as it could be so that it could access the top marks. She took detailed notes and gained a high understanding of the relevant topics and produced an exemplary piece of coursework.

IB student 4 – Enabled student to study topics that were difficult to complete. We looked at exam practice and how to maximise this student’s potential. I was able to give in-depth advice on their week topic, qualitative research, due to my educational and clinical background. This student went up two grade boundaries as a result of my intervention.

Undergraduate Psychology student -This student had achieved a D grade at A level but had decided to continue studies. We worked heavily on exam technique as well as how you to gather research and structure and approach exams and extended essays. I guided her through a 10,000 word essay helping her in every stage from data collection to drawing rich and in depth conclusions from her SPSS analysis. This student went on to achieve a 2:1 and was then offered a place on a masters course to study Child Psychology

Undergraduate Study Skills

-Saudi Arabian MSc Human Resource Management student who had suffered from recent trauma and depression due to close family grievances. In addition EA had co-morbid learning difficulties, language difficulties, ADHD and an anxiety disorder.

-Intensive placement to provide support at a variety of levels in order to pass an upcoming exam, as failure to do so would result in non-accreditation of masters.

-Established clear communication with University staff and as a result effectively structured all revision material.

-Effective use of visual tools –such as imagery and colours to facilitate her understanding of the underlying concepts. In addition encouraged traditional revision techniques such as past exam papers and mind maps.

-Implementation of strategies to improve comprehension, one of which was to request that EA complete small presentations explaining theories, including various English/Arabic synonyms for more complex topics.

-Through the framework of exam revision, facilitated considerable progress in spoken English. EA went from understanding few concepts, even words on the exam syllabus to gaining the ability to discuss the concepts related to Human Resource Management with both confidence and fluency.

– Huge development of academic knowledge – EA achieved a final distinction (84%) in module, up from an average of 38% in previous attempts at exam.

AQA Psychology

-Currently home-schooling A level AQA Psychology student AM

– Required to teach main body of curriculum, drawing from course texts and University readings, and to assign and grade written homework

-Encourage use of Psychological terminology, scientific thinking and the ability to debate relevant issues surrounding the course

-Use feedback to troubleshoot particular problems AM may be having and to direct teaching style in order to facilitate student achieving best level of learning

-AM continues to make excellent progress on the A2 course, going from achieving D grades to 2 A* grades in recent mocks. She is excelling in how to structure and evaluate commentary on Psychological theory and is greatly improving her independent study skills in preparation for University style learning.

English and Psychology

-Additional tutor support for DF, a dyspraxic student in retaking his English and Psychology A2 levels

– Designed weekly lesson plans outlining the more complex topics of the courses in addition to teaching DF generic study skills in order for him to achieve success in his retakes.

-Constant feedback loop between DF, myself and his parents to enable highly effective use of biweekly tutor sessions

-DF did exceptionally well, developed an effective exam writing style and achieved an A grade Psychology and B grade English.

Clinical and practical work: I have worked as an assistant child psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital combining qualitative theoretical research with clinical trials observations and interventional approaches. I have also worked in drugs and alcohol counselling helping clinicians support individuals with mental health issues. Revision specialist and consultant: Due to my rich knowledge in psychology and education I have been commissioned by a leading London company to design revision workshops for 15-18year olds. I have designed the 3 day program to give an extensive guide of how to approach learning in order to revise and retain large volumes as of work. In addition to this I cover how to achieve exam success as well as how to access top grade boundaries in written essays.

Hobbies and Interests

-Fluent in French with a basic working knowledge of Spanish.

-Overseas volunteer, including experience in Barcelona working with children’s charities to help distribute resources to those affected by issues such as poverty and physical disabilities.

-Enjoy creative activities such as clothes design/creation and painting. Have done numerous commissioned pieces.

 Client Testimonials 

“Paula worked for me as a tutor for my son Austin. At the time, Austin (then 13 years old) had recently been assessed with dyspraxia and was having serious academic difficulties in school. As a result, his self-esteem was at a low ebb.

Paula worked with Austin five afternoons a week as a homework tutor. She helped him organise his work, plan his study schedule and tackle difficult assignments. Her patience and support were quite frankly remarkable. She helped Austin with his assignments without ever taking control, helping teach good study habits and build his confidence.Paula is extremely reliable and hardworking. She works independently and was always eager to try and find new ways in which to tackle a problem. Indeed, I found her creative spirit quite infectious, as did Austin who seemed more willing with her to try new and innovative ways to approach book reports, essays and even class presentations.

Paula is flexible and always willing to volunteer to help. There were times, for example, when I asked her to stay late, change her schedule or take on duties not specifically within her remit.”

“Paula has been a great tutor because she helped me with seeing what I needed to improve. Also she adjusts to her pupils in pace and ability, I found this extremely useful because I never had to ask her to slow or speed up the sessions. Paula’s experiences in Psychology developed my skills in the subject and gain the key exam techniques. For example her experience from working in an eating disorders clinic really assisted my studies into eating behaviour and was great to get first hand knowledge about it. Having had Paula as a tutor, I feel much more confident and have a stronger grasp on the subject.”

“Paula taught me intensively for 3 months in late 2011. She was integral in helping me pass an M.A. exam in Human Resources. She was extremely professional and punctual at all times. Paula is very easy to get along with, she is engaging and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend her”

“Paula was consistent, professional and outstanding in all aspects of the program.  Fiona was not an easy student yet through persistency, persuasion and expectation Paula managed to get her through the curriculum, into her exams and ready her for a return back into the school system for sixth form.”

“I really couldn’t have accomplished my 2 A*s and 2 As in my A-Levels without Paula. From the off, her dynamic, pragmatic and understanding way of tutoring were by far and beyond the most progressive and useful I have ever seen. Shrugging off the shackles of expectation and the restrictions of abiding to the norm, her use of kinetic, auditory and visual learning combined to make the revision process as fun as it could be, removing the dread and anxiety. Thank you so much Paula, I couldn’t recommend anyone more thoroughly!”

-Francesco Loy Bell, 18. Successful entry into Kings College Cambridge from Oundle School

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