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“My granddaughter has been seeing Pandora for a few months now and every time Pandora visits my granddaughter is very happy, she’s learning the stuff she needs and they have fun so it not tedious for her and she actually looks forward to Pandora’s next visit. I cannot recommend Pandora enough."

MR T, History Tuition

  • Art

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Religious Studies

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2017- 2018, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts, London: MA Painting (Fine Art).

2013-2016, University of Cambridge, Cambridge: BA Hons History (2:1).

2008-2013: Gresham’s School, Norfolk:

– A-Levels: Fine Art (A*) History (A*), Philosophy and Ethics (A).

– GCSEs: 12, including 8 at grade A*/A (including English, Maths, and Statistics).

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2016. I specialise in History and Maths. Further to this I am able to provide support for Geography, English, Religious studies and Fine Art.

I believe my tutoring experience, alongside my academic ability, allows me to tutor students confidently. I only teach subjects which I excelled in academically myself, having achieved 100% in two of my A-Level modules. I have spent time in both a primary and secondary school which gave me experience working with students of different ages and abilities.

I share my enthusiasm for the subjects I teach and often the students find a niche which they can find interesting too. I use visual aids, including mini boards, and online material as I think using different media is an effective way to avert student’s losing their attention span (especially when working with primary level). I always gage the students’ ability first and then build from there, being careful to never push the student too quickly as often this can result in their confidence becoming knocked. I am very patient and caring.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

Year 2 Maths

Due to ongoing health problems ‘A’ requires assistance with basic arithmetic alongside many other fundamental mathematical skills. Recently we have looked at sequencing, odd and even numbers and division. She has already increased in confidence and ability since we have been working together, having just completed her SATs. I will continue to support her until she is on an equal footing to her peers and even a little ahead, as to allow for any future time spent missing school for her medical appointments.

Year 1 Phonics & Alphabetic Principle

I tutored ‘B’ with the aim of gaining phoneme awareness and a development of the alphabetic principle. In order to help him comprehend the words I used a variety of materials and incorporated games into the learning schedule. I did this in order to engage ‘B’ and avoid him becoming distracted as he could very easily lose concentration (as is the case with all 5 year olds). Visual aids proved very important and I used them frequently. After our time together, he was showing definite signs of improvement and his confidence had grown.

Year 4 Exam Preparation

‘D’ attends a private school in South London. He is very capable academically and only needed help tailoring his work so that it fitted into an essay structure for examinations. He had a wide subject knowledge which is wonderful, but often proves difficult when trying to fit it all into one small essay. We are working on this currently and as soon as he has overcome this hurdle I have no doubt that he will do exceptionally well in his upcoming exams.

Age 11 to 13 Study skills

I have been with this client for two and a half years. This boy, who I have taught from the ages of 11 to 13 has struggled considerably with organisation and planning in all subjects. When I first met him he had not prepared adequately for exams as his school and his family were not sure how best to prepare him. He had been educated in private school from a young age, and although the teaching was of a good standard he was unsure of how to cope with the pressures of organising and preparing for his upcoming school exams. Together, with perseverance and visual stimuli we worked together to help him engage with the subject matter and feel more comfortable with the revision process.

13+ History and Geography

‘C’ attends a prestigious private school in North London and is currently sitting mock examinations for Common Entrance. In Geography we studied population patterns, geological landmarks and OS maps alongside countless other topics. Additionally, in History we have looked at a variety of periods and Kings such as William the Conqueror, Henry II, Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) and King John. ‘C’ does not have English as his first language and so we have also focused on learning the names of key geographical landmarks (cities, highland areas and rivers) in the United Kingdom. I used a great deal of visual aids in our lessons and the results very positive. His recent school examinations show that he is improving considerably.

GCSE Study Skills

This student was 14 years old when I started taking them for lessons and preparing her for her GCSES. She struggled with the complexity and sheer amount of work that she had to learn for her exam and needed additional support in revision skills. My main aim with this student was to improve her time management skills and boosting her confidence. This came with time, and she managed to perform very well in her GCSE exams.

A-Level History (AQA)

I have been teaching ‘E’ for nearly two years. She was previously at a private school in North London and is an incredibly clever student who is very capable academically. For the past year I have been homeschooling this student in the subject of Ancient History (for which she has been predicted an A*). Although her subject knowledge was second-to-none, she needed help organising her essays and fine tuning her exam technique. This is essential when achieving any grade above a B. Our lessons together mainly looked at the lives of three notorious English Kings (Henry II, Richard I and John) and how their subjects suffered under them. We also took a great deal of time looking at contemporary source material such as that of William of Newburgh or Richard Langton. This student has gone from a B grade to an A* prediction and is expected to commence her studies at Oxford in September this year.

Hobbies and Interests

Hockey, painting and historical research.

Client Testimonials

“My granddaughter has been seeing Pandora for a few months now and every time Pandora visits my granddaughter is very happy, she’s learning the stuff she needs and they have fun so it not tedious for her and she actually looks forward to Pandora’s next visit. I cannot recommend Pandora enough. Many thanks.”

Colin (Grandparent)

“Pandora met my daughter for their first session yesterday, and immediately connected with her. This is at least half of the battle, for no matter how much ability a tutor has, if there is not sufficient chemistry with the pupil, good learning may always prove to be elusive. So an excellent start, and we look forward to the next lesson. Thank you Pandora!”

Anna (Parent)

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