"Omari was an excellent and professional tutor, always punctual and well-presented. He helped my son who had been really struggling to grasp some of the key elements of his 11+ but Omari got him over this hump. My son is now at Whitgift having had his choice of schools. He's now helping my son again as he prepares for his GCSEs."

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Academic History

I have a 2:1 in English and Spanish from New College, Oxford in 2009. Since leaving university I’ve continued to tutor and mentor bright, young students of all ages. I love to motivate and believe education is indispensable.

I was JCR Access Officer to New College from 2006-7 and in that role brought hundreds of pupils to Oxford to give them a unique insight into the university and really enthuse them about further education.

At school, at Dulwich College, I worked for three and a half years with two teenage boys with severe learning difficulties. The younger of the two, Joe, has autism and his older brother, Michael, has Down’s Syndrome and autism. This was challenging but also exceptionally rewarding. It’s given me far greater confidence in meeting the needs of students with learning difficulties, and I do it with relish.

University of Oxford (BA Hons) English & Spanish 2:1

Dulwich College, London

A2: English | Spanish | Ancient History (All As)

AS: English | Spanish | Ancient History | Latin | General Studies (All As)

GCSEs: Eng Lit | Eng Lang | Maths | Biology | Physics | Chemistry | History | Classical Civilization | Latin | Spanish | French | Italian (All A*s)

 About Me

My specialist subjects are Spanish and English tuition up to undergraduate level, Latin up to GCSE and Classics to A-Level. I also have broad experience in all core subjects up to KS4 and have supported students in gaining entrance into some of the UK’s most competitive schools (8+, 11+, 13+). I am a TEFL qualified teacher and also teach the IELTS and the UKiset. I also have experience with SAT general preparation, and English and Spanish SAT subject test preparation. Thanks to my terms as a student liaison officer at Oxford, I also know and understand the Oxbridge admissions process from the inside and can guide prospective students through those often muddy waters.

I’m a creative, committed and highly organised tutor with more than six years’ experience of tutoring and mentoring behind me.

In that time I’ve worked one-on-one with over 100 pupils from 7 to mature, busy professionals!  Through the many talks, tours and school visits I’ve done, I’ve worked with countless more.

Each new pupil is different, but each a pleasure and a unique challenge.  And throughout these different challenges I believe I’ve got consistent results because I always treat each pupil as they deserve to be treated – as an individual. That means that no matter their age, or if they are being home schooled, have learning difficulties or speak English as a second language; there’s always a way to make learning fun and accessible and, most importantly – productive.

In English my focus is always on bringing the words on the page to ‘everyday’ life. Whether it’s poetry or a newspaper article, I hope to open it up by making it relevant to my student’s experiences.

Lots of my students who struggle with maths say that I really make it accessible to them by removing the abstract nature and helping them see the logic and patterns that underpin it all.

My focus in my Spanish classes is on developing the student’s grammar on the one hand and comfort and confidence in speaking on the other.  I love the language and I bring fluency and the experience of living and working across Spain and Latin America to my lessons.

In all subjects, rather than a narrow definition of the syllabus, I stretch my students to explore the potential beyond the curriculum and develop a really personal enjoyment of the subject that will help them to thrive.

Recent Tuition

KS1 and KS2 Maths and English – Helped Rainer and friends improve their Maths and English at these levels by several grades.

English and Maths, Year 2, Henry – I home schooled Henry in English and Maths ahead of helping him prepare to adjust to school for Year 3 entry.

8+ – I worked with Cate and Ben to prepare them for their entrance exams to Pembridge Hall and Wetherby.

8+ – I worked with Philip once a week on his English and Maths to boost his literacy and numeracy skills ahead of taking his 8+.

9+ – I worked with Luca to prepare him to gain an extremely competitive place at KCS. We worked on both his Maths and English to familiarise him with practice papers.

11+ – I helped Leila with her English ahead of her taking her 11+ exam where she gained places at St Pauls, Godolphin and Latymer, Haberdashers and CLSG.

11+ – I worked with Barin on all aspects of the 11+ (Maths, English and Reasoning) who had only spent 2 years in the British Education system. He went on to gain an offer from KCS and an interview at Westminster and City of London.

11+ – I worked with Rainer on his Maths and English to gain entry into Whitgift school and Trinity.

11+ English – Cole gained places at all the schools he applied to after we really focused on boosting his English papers

Westminster Scholarship – Chandresh and I worked on all subjects for his scholarship which involved successfully guiding him from 10 and 11+ exams for entry to Westminster Under school and he is now in the scholarship set in year 8.

13+ – I am working with Jack on his English to prepare him for the Westminster Challenge exam.

13+ – Rakesh and I worked towards the Harrow Scholarship together which resulted in him successfully being awarded an academic scholarship.

13+ – Josh and I worked on all subjects for his 13+ entry to Tonbridge.

13+ – I worked on all 13+ subjects with Rupert and after a lot of hard work he successfully gained entry into Radley.

16+ – I have worked with many students in preparation for the 16+, including 4 for English and Spanish to Westminster. I have also worked with students applying to Rugby, King’s Canterbury, Dulwich College and St. Clare’s Oxford. I really stretch my students at 16+ and create lessons that engage and challenge them to develop their critical thinking skills. It’s important with applications at this level for students to develop and build upon their own areas of interest, particularly in light of looking ahead to university applications, where it is key to be able to demonstrate skills for independent thinking and research.


UKiset – Bora had studied English at school since the age of 4 and so her level was competent. She wanted to transfer to the British independent system ahead of her GCSEs and was applying to a number of girls’ country boarding schools. We worked together over 4 weeks and worked both on her grammar for the English assessment and her reasoning and also on the essay style, which was what needed the most more, given she was coming from a system with almost no practice in that. Bora passed the exam in the top 20 percentile and received a report predicting all B-A* grades in her GSCEs.

UKiset – Intensive short-term support for J who was attending an international school in Cambodia. J was sitting her UKiset with a view to applying to Epsom College, and needed intensive support in preparing for the tests. We worked together daily for 2 months, working through J’s maths, English and reasoning skills.

UKiset – Ekaterina is from Russia. She had very good spoken English, but her written English was fairly poor, including many spelling mistakes in her prose. She also had significant gaps in her grammar. By working intensively over 1.5months I was able to improve her level greatly and take her from the 50th percentile in her original test to the 80th. She was offered places at all the schools she applied for.

UKiset and 11+ pre-test preparation – Ongoing weekly support for Finley, who is currently based in the USA but looking to move to a UK boarding school in Year 9. Together we are working to help Finley close the gaps between his US and UK curriculum, and to gain confidence and skill with the British style of testing.

Spanish, GCSE with Cressie – I home schooled Cressie to complete her Spanish GCSE after she had to leave school.

Spanish, GCSE (OCR) with Jack – Jack was originally predicted a C however he managed to increase his grade to finally achieve an A* with exceptional marks in his oral and writing in particular (238/240).

Spanish, GCSE – I worked with James weekly via Skype covering all aspects of his Spanish GCSE.

English, GCSE (OCR) – Beatrix and I worked on her English to improve her grade from a B/C to an A*.

English, iGCSE with Harry – I worked with Harry intensively during his holiday before his final exams. We worked on his English for 6 hours a week

English essay writing skills – Julie and Arthur were attending a French lycée and needed some support with their English and particularly their essay skills.

English Literature, IB (SL) – Enrico was an Italian student, studying at a UK school. I supported him through his IB, and he did very well in his exams. He is now studying Business and Management as he has always aimed for.

English Literature, IB (HL)- I taught Flora for 3 months in the build up to her exams. We focused on textual analysis, and the various aspects of literature which allowed her confidence to grow. She went on to do very well in her final exam.

AS Spanish (Edexcel) with Adheeb – Adheeb was an A grade student despite taking his AS level at the age of 15. He was taking the course outside of school and I helped lead him through it and answer any questions he had while offering specific advice on the Edexcel exam board.

AS, Spanish and English (AQA) – I worked with Nathalie on both her English and Spanish. For Spanish we predominantly focused on her oral and for poetry we concentrated on the poetry aspect of her course.

AS and A2 English, with Laila – I worked with Laila via Skype weekly who was a high A grade student at an international school in Abu Dhabi.

A Level Spanish – Improved Jeremy’s grade from his predicted C grade to an A.

Oxford Entrance to study Spanish – Christy and I worked together to help with her application to read Spanish at Oriel College Oxford.

Oxford Entrance to study Spanish at Trinity college – Working with Laetitia we mainly focused on her grammar, essay skills and interview preparation.

Oxford Interview Preparation and Tests – I have worked with several students to help them prepare for their interviews and tests giving them advice and ideas of what to research.

Part time Respite Carer for three and a half years – This involved looking after and teaching literacy and numeracy to two brothers with severe learning difficulties.

Michael, 13, has Down’s Syndrome and his brother Joe has Autism.

SAT Preparation

I have helped several students prepare for both the SAT 1 and 2 in English and Spanish, including students who’ve gone on to top American schools like Dartmouth.

Hobbies and Interests

I’m a broadcast journalist for the BBC, which is something I cherish. I love working in the newsroom or out in the field and as I’m passionate about communication – good communication!

I’m also a great fan of Hispanic culture. I’ve travelled widely and lived in Latin America and managed even to work as a foreign reporter for the BBC in Bolivia.

Since parading in the Rio Carnival in 2008, I’ve also discovered Brazilian culture and am now an active member of Capoeira and Samba groups in London.

Client Testimonials

” Omari was an excellent and professional tutor, always punctual and well-presented. He helped my son who had been really struggling to grasp some of the key elements of his 11+ but Omari got him over this hump. My son is now at Whitgift having had his choice of schools. He’s now helping my son again as he prepares for his GCSEs.”

“Henry’s really progressing with his English and Maths with you. I was quite worried about him, but his reading’s come on in leaps and bounds and his Maths is really getting there. ” Jennifer, mother to Henry, Home school English and Math

” Ruk’s really enjoying her sessions with you. I saw it straight away. We’ve had other tutors before and she’s been really switched off, but she’s really coming along with you. We’ll have to get you working with Anneka and Jack too.” Jasmine, mother to Rukmini, 11+ English

“Omari’s brilliant. We’ve gone through a lot of tutors in the past, but he’s easily the best! “Christine, mother to Jake, 10+ English

“I just wanted to so thank you for all the work you’ve done with me. You’ve been really great and really good fun. Hahaha, you’re funny too! Thanks.” Drew, successful 13+ entry to Tonbridge

“Konrad really enjoyed his lesson with you today. He always asks when you’re coming back again. He really looks up to you. It’d be great if you could have a talk to him about his concentration in school.” Mary, mother of Konrad, 11+ English and Maths

“I’ve just received an A* in my Spanish GCSE, which I’m so happy with!! I lost 2 marks out of 240 for my speaking and writing which you helped me with, and As in my reading and listening which is solid. That’s definitely exceeded all expectations and I can’t thank you enough for helping me out over the past year. ” Jack, GCSE Spanish

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