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Oliver D

“We have employed Oliver as a private tutor for our son for maths and higher maths A-level. We have found him to be an exemplary teacher, responsible and of good character.”

G.Mandic, A Level Maths Tuition

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2018 – Current, PhD Imperial College, Mechanical Engineering

2013-2017, University of Bristol, MEng Mechanical Engineering (1st)

A Levels – A* Mathematics, A Further Mathematics, A Physics

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2018, and specialise in maths and Physics tuition.

My approach to tutoring is based on building the confidence of the student. Most tutees have the ability to understand the content of a subject or topic but either need help committing details to memory or development of a method they feel comfortable using. I aim to convince tutees that they can achieve what they want to, providing they work in a sensible way that suits them. I help students to find out what their best way of working is and then provide them with efficient ways of committing specific knowledge to memory.

My biggest strengths as a tutor are patience and resilience. I believe there is always a way to help a tutee progress, regardless of the situation. Other than explaining topic fundamentals, I motivate students to use all possible resources around them to develop their approach to learning and understanding. Teaching methods that can be applied to any learning objective are useful for passing exams but also for future work.

Recent tuition

I have over 3 years of tutoring experience, and focus on teaching students from Year 9 to Undergraduate level. Please find a selection of my tuition experience below.

Pre GCSE Physics

Lola was in the process of switching schools after a bad experience at her previous institution. She had very little confidence in Physics and we aimed to cover a wide spectrum of topics, illustrating why they were relevant and how, in reality, they were not that daunting. She particularly enjoyed learning about electricity and energy. Her confidence grew rapidly and her attitude to the subject has reversed.

GCSE Maths

I have had a year 10 female maths student since around November last year, who has confidence issues and is often very eager to say ‘I don’t know’ even if she does! We’ve come on quite well recently and she’s starting to become more proactive throughout our lessons. She has moved from a rough C grade to a high B.

GCSE Maths

I worked with a Year 11 GCSE student, who was struggling to maintain motivation. I think fundamentally she was bored, so I worked on making her more enthusiastic about the subject. I think eventually it got through and her parents were happy with her progress.

A Level Mathematics (OCR)

Lucas is a bright student and talented Mathematician but struggled to commit details to memory and did not have an efficient, clear method of learning, so was underachieving. Together we created succinct documents holding all the basic information for his A-Level exams and then developed rigorous strategies for questions. He has since become excellent at using diagrams and tables, which allow him to view and understand questions quickly and clearly. He can then tackle the actual maths very easily, as this is where he excels. Lucas now knows that if he is disciplined at the start of a question, the rest will follow! He has moved from scoring 40% to above 80% on exam past papers.

A Level Mathematics and Physics (OCR)

Francesco’s grades were already quite good but needed help in polishing his work, moving from low As to A*. He often got bogged down in details and became slightly frustrated when something did not make sense immediately. He was also keen to understand parts of his subjects that were not explained fully at A-Level. Over our arrangement, Francesco learned to look deeper into the information in his textbooks and notes, and began to notice parallels between topics. He realised that different areas of Physics, for instance, are inherently linked and should be treated as such. He now seeks information for himself, where before he might have simply given up.

A Level Mathematics (Edexcel)

Laura is a strong Mathematician but struggled with Mechanics, often getting lost halfway through a question. We focussed on making all of her assumptions about a question clear at the start and then tackling the analysis. She excelled at Statistics, so we tried to approach Mechanics in the same way; she learned when to trust her work but also when to take a step backwards. She has recently passed her A-Levels and achieved what she wanted in Mechanics.

Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering

PhD students are invited to develop their teaching abilities by helping to tutor first year Engineering Undergraduates. I have taken classes in Engineering Mathematics, Stress Analysis, and Design. I have also mentored a student during a summer internship, during which we developed a test rig that has contributed towards academic papers.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy pretty much all sports, including golf and cricket but mainly skiing! I also enjoy travelling, having recently travelled across the USA, from Florida to California in a campervan. After my PhD I am hoping to go on a similar trip in Canada!

Client Testimonials

“We have employed Oliver as a private tutor for our son for maths and higher maths A-level. We have found him to be an exemplary teacher, responsible and of good character.” – G. Mandic

“Oliver tutored my daughter through her A-Level Maths exam over the past two years, paying particular attention to Mechanics. Aside from teaching, Oliver was very professional and enjoyable to have in our home. I would recommend him as a tutor.” – H. Southwell

“Oliver helped me with my Physics and Maths. We learned a lot in a short space of time and I now feel much better about the subject and my exams!” – F. Isolani

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