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Olive E

‘I couldn’t recommend Olive enough as a tutor, she makes learning so fun and easy and is extremely helpful in keeping my daughter organised and on top of her studies. Our daughter was full of praise for her experience with Olive and hopes to continue sessions with her when she goes on to study Biology at Sixth Form.’

GCSE Biology Tuition

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Academic History

BSc (Hons) Biology, Queen Mary & Westfield College, The University of London

A-Levels: Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, AS Level: Music Technology

About Me

Over the years, I have cultivated a creative, flexible, and cooperative approach to promote personalised learning, with the aim of building students’ confidence and encouraging self-learning and problem-solving skills. I have adopted a facilitator, activity-based teaching style which is very effective in allowing my students to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter through self-discovery. In addition, I implement a cross-curricular approach for students to connect mathematical concepts across all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and transfer these skills to real-world applications. I use various teaching methods and strategies, including problem-solving, demonstration and hands-on activities, co-operative learning, research, visualisation, differentiation, formative, and summative assessments. My communication skills and ability to tailor my teaching to suit students’ individual needs are some of my greatest strengths as a tutor. My success as a tutor for the past 10 years has stemmed from building and maintaining trust and respect in students’ eyes, encouraging students to question and evaluate their work to take ownership of their learning.

I can explain concepts in multiple ways. I possess effective listening skills that enable me to understand students’ errors and misconceptions of a topic and identify gaps in their learning. I am very patient, flexible and open to re-inventing pedagogy to adjust to the needs of my students. I regularly give recognition and feedback of accomplishment to students (and parents) to build their confidence and measure academic performance.  I have a genuine passion for mathematics and science and transfer this enthusiasm to motivate and inspire students to develop a keen interest in these areas of study.

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

Year 8 Chemistry and Maths iGCSE (Edexcel) Student and Support/Study Skills.

Ella needed support in her school studies and struggled with practical experiments in Chemistry and solving problems in Mathematics. Over a period of three years on a weekly basis, we worked on the development of scientific thinking, experimental skills and strategies and analysis and evaluation of data. We also worked on employing cross-curricular skills related to rearranging formulae to calculate values, interpreting graphs, deriving quantities from gradients, and molar calculations in Chemistry. Ella was successful in achieving a Level 6 grade in both Maths and Chemistry and gaining admission to Sydenham High School Sixth Form to study Drama and Theatre.

Year 9 Maths GCSE (AQA) Student and Support/Study Skills.

Michael struggled with Maths and needed support in improving his understanding of key mathematical concepts. We worked together for two years on a weekly basis, and our sessions included fundamental concepts in Number and Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, and Geometry and measure. Michael passed his Maths GCSE and went on to study History and Politics at Ashbourne Sixth Form College.

Year 10 Chemistry, Biology and Maths GCSE (Edexcel) Student and Support/Study Skills

Sophia was electively home educated due to symptoms related to Type 1 diabetes. Although a very bright and capable student, Sophia’s medical condition significantly impacted her academic progress and confidence in her ability. Over a period of 18 months, we worked on mathematical skills in Numbers, Algebra and Geometry and key concepts in chemistry. Sophia was successful in gaining Level 7 in both Maths and Chemistry and Level 8 in Biology.

Year 10 Maths and Triple Science GCSE (AQA) Student and Support/Study Skills.

Robert is a bright, high-achieving student and needed support in the presentation of work, showing working and justifying answers to mathematical problems. We have worked together for the last two years, and our sessions included using the correct approximation in calculations, actionable feedback, repeated practice testing and making and using connections between different parts of mathematics. Within the first four months of working together, Robert moved to the top set in Maths and is predicted to achieve a grade 9 for GCSE. We have continued to work together on a weekly basis and Robert is working towards studying Maths as part of the International Baccalaureate programme after completing his GCSE’s.

Year 10 Maths and Chemistry iGCSE (Edexcel) Student and Support/Study Skills.

Francis schooled in the French System at the Lycee in London and moved to the British system for GCSE study. Francis needed help in filling gaps in his knowledge and acclimatizing to the UK education system. We worked together for a year on a weekly basis, and our sessions included exam technique, molar calculations, converting units and plotting, analysing and comparing graphs and charts to serve as cross-curricular study between Maths and Chemistry. Francis achieved a grade 7 in both Maths and Chemistry and is currently a first-year student at the University of Manchester.

Year 11 Maths GCSE (AQA) Student and Support/Study Skills.

Phoebe found Mathematics challenging and needed lots of encouragement and a confidence boost to see the relevance of passing Mathematics as a core subject. Phoebe struggled with trigonometry and algebra, on the cusp of achieving a pass grade (Level 5). We worked together for 5 months on a weekly basis, and our sessions included basic notation, vocabulary, and manipulation in algebra, interpreting graphs graphically and algebraically and finding angles and lengths in right-angled triangles. Phoebe successfully passed her Maths GCSE and gained admission to the Brit School to study Theatre.

Post-18 Functional Maths Skills Level 2 (Maths GCSE resit) student and support/study skills.

Reece lacked confidence and motivation from unsuccessfully passing his Maths GCSE resit. We worked together intensively over a period of three months and our sessions included handling data, financial mathematics, geometry, and probability. Along with this, we focused on developing confidence and competence in solving problems within mathematics and real-life applications. Reece was successful in passing his Functional Maths Skills Level 2 and is currently on an apprenticeship program in commercial enterprise.

Hobbies and Interests 

As a mathematician, I find a great deal of solace in the arts, as a form of distraction and quite possibly inspiration. This lends itself well to my practice as a tutor as my emphasis will always be on pedagogy and trying to come up with creative ways of making learning more fun! I am a big fan of the YBA’s (Young British Artists), but equally enjoy Picasso, notably his Guernica which I believe transcends many barriers both socially and artistically. I also have a penchant for world cinema and a soft spot for Pedro Almodovar films for his insightful depiction of women. I love to travel abroad to venture out of my comfort zone, although ironically, I visit Italy every year to indulge in my pasta passion!

Client Testimonials

‘Amelia and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Olive for all the support given and to highly recommend Olive as a very talented maths tutor! Olive was able to break down and simplify very difficult GCSE maths questions into simple step by step stages that Amelia understood and could remember for the exams. She has a lovely way of communicating with Amelia that was fun and relaxed which was a breath of fresh air for Amelia compared to her school teachers.’

Parent of Maths (GCSE) Student

‘Evie felt brilliant after the lesson and she got more out of that than a week of school! They think very fondly of you already!’

Parent of Maths and Science (KS3) Student

‘I couldn’t recommend Olive enough as a tutor, she makes learning so fun and easy and is extremely helpful in keeping my daughter organised and on top of her studies. Our daughter was full of praise for her experience with Olive and hopes to continue sessions with her when she goes on to study Biology at Sixth Form.’

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