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“You’ve really been able to get her creative writing juices flowing like no tutor ever has…. it just goes to show that any child can achieve with the right support!”

Mrs X, 11+ Parent

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Academic History

2012 – 2015, University of Oxford, BFA Fine Art (1st)

2005-2012, Gresham’s School Norfolk, A Levels – English (A*), Fine Art (A*), French (A).

 About Me

I have been tutoring since 2016 and specialise in English and Maths tuition for the 11+ exams, and English up to GCSE level.

I take great pride in ensuring the effectiveness of my tuition, and most importantly the student’s enjoyment. I carefully plan and research my lessons to ensure that I am able to adapt them to focus on each student’s particular areas for improvement. I access the student’s strength and weaknesses, and look to understand the best way the student will learn; whether they are an auditory, visual or kinetic learner. The best and most significant part of one-on-one tuition is that I am able to address the student’s needs directly, making sure that they are able to reach their full potential.

For school entry examinations, I am exam focused. I will balance the lessons with past exam papers and improving technique. I am constantly looking for ways to catch the student’s interest. For example, a recent student of mine, studying 11+ creative writing, had a passion for video games. We spent the next class writing a piece describing how he ‘fell inside’ his favourite video game and entered another world. The results were incredible, and fundamentally he loved it.

I believe that it is my light-hearted humour, care for my students, and passion for my subject that makes me a great tutor. I have helped many students get into their school of choice, or achieve the grade needed for exams.

It is the moments where students passionately argue a point, or develop independent thoughts in response to literature, or discover a talent for creative writing, that I find the most rewarding.

I focus on building confidence in the student, ensuring their exam success, whilst also fostering a genuine intellectual curiosity – in the hope that they will continue to push for academic endeavour long after I have taught them.

Recent tuition

I have over 100 hours of private tuition experience, from 11+ up to IB. Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

7+ Exam Preparation
Rory was an enthusiastic and hardworking boy, though he was a little behind in his reading ability and handwriting. He was applying for Latymer and Fulham Prep School. Over the course of the year we worked hard at both issues, creating a reward chart with his mother for every time he progressed. I’m proud to say that his efforts proved successful.

7+ Exam Preparation
Nina was bright and advanced for her age, though she was falling behind in her maths, particularly learning the times tables. I created fun games and songs to get Nina to commit the answers to her long term memory. The lessons were fun, and we both really enjoyed it! Very quickly Nina learnt all the 2s, 5s, 10s tables and her reports improved a huge amount at school.

7+ Exam Preparation

Sophia, year 2, had been at an international school in Romania and her family had just moved to Wimbledon. Her parents wished her to go to Wimbledon High for year 3. Sophia was smart and had excellent reading skills. The main focus of the classes was to build on her Maths and creative writing skills. To keep the learning fun but focused, we did a combination of exam papers mixed with educational games and workbooks. I created a checklist to make sure that all topics were covered so that I felt confident that Sophia had the best chance for the exam. I am pleased to say that she got a well-deserved place. 

Age 10 Public Speaking and Debating
English was not Luciano’s, Charis’s and Victoria’s first language, so the focus of the classes was to build on confidence in speaking, and developing arguments in speech writing. They were very sweet and extremely motivated to work hard for their assignments. We learnt argumentative language, PEEL paragraphs, collecting credible evidence. We watched videos of debates, and always held both ‘freestyle’ and planned debates during class. It was a pleasure to see all the students develop in their confidence, and astonishing to see how quickly their arguments became more mature and complex. What was most rewarding was the excitement the students had for the class and the passion they developed for learning. They always seemed very disappointed the class had to come to an end.

11+ English
Dafina is a lovely student, but often struggled for ideas in creative writing, and found grammar and punctuation difficult. Over the year, I’ve taught her all the linguistic devices (simile, metaphor, personification etc), and broke down formulas in sentence structure and dialogue. I kept the classes’ fun and engaging, whilst always keeping a firm hold of teaching her grammar and punctuation through worksheets. I would set her tasks such as writing a story based on a painting she liked, or first drawing a science fiction ‘world’ before she described it. I also organised a reward system with the mother, who would give her prizes if her homework was particularly good. The improvement was dramatic. She was successful in achieving a place at Woldingham school.

13+ Exam Preparation (SEN Dyslexia)
George was dyslexic, and struggled with time management during exams. However, he was very patient and hardworking. Eventually as we went through exam paper after exam paper both his speed and confidence increased. As a result, he achieved a well-deserved place at his school of choice, which was Wellington.

IGCSE English
For both Jessy and Alex English was not their first language. And although they were able to analyse poetry very well, and their speaking skills were fluent, their written work was struggling to make sense. In the classes we broke down PEEL paragraphs, and focused on learning argumentative language. In learning the ‘formulas’ for structure and organisation, their work came in leaps and bounds. Both students achieved highly deserved As for IGCSE.

IB English
English was not Olivia’s first language and she was struggling to keep up with the course. This meant that although she had a talent for English, her sentence structure and turn of phrase wasn’t quite right. Together we focused on essay writing technique and analysing poetry and novels. Over a period of 6 months, Olivia came on in leaps and bounds and achieved an excellent grade.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy making art, visiting galleries and museums, playing sport; writing poetry and listening to music.

I enjoy these activities because they are like food for the soul. In my free time, I am a practising artist, balancing my time between painting, writing, and daily exercise.

Client Testimonials

“You’ve really been able to get her creative writing juices flowing like no tutor ever has…. it just goes to show that any child can achieve with the right support!” 11+ Parent

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