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"Nicola has provided me with professional career advice for 3 years. She has helped me implement a step-by-step career plan, secure an internship at an international law firm and get a job at a large international corporation. I could not have achieved any of this without Nicola's support and I highly recommend her."

Law Graduate

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Academic History

MSc in Comparative Criminal Justice | Leiden University, The Netherlands | 2020 – 2021 Result: First Class Honours

MSc in Law, Business and Management (and Legal Practice Course) | University of Law, UK | 2015-2016

Bachelor of Laws in Law (LLB) with European Legal Studies | King’s College London (KCL), UK 2010-2014 Result: Upper Second Class Honours

Erasmus Programme: European Legal Studies | Uppsala University, Sweden | 2012-2013

A-levels: English Literature (A), Law (A), Psychology (A), AS levels, Modern Greek (A)

GCSEs: 5 GCSEs at Grade A*, 2 GCSEs at Grade A From the American Academy Larnaca Cyprus

About Me

I am a visiting lecturer at the University of law in London and have previously worked as a UK qualified solicitor in an international law firm. Given my prior experience, my approach is tailored to each individual student and centres upon understanding and meeting their needs. I combine a pedagogical approach which involves interactive teaching with application to real life scenarios. I also have over 10 years’ experience in providing career and education advice which also involves understanding individual needs and abilities as well as an understanding of the current employment market.

I have supported individuals to enter leading universities through providing advice for university and course selection, personal statement and the admissions process across the UK and abroad. I have also supported individuals applying to leading law firms based in the UK with advice on securing vacation schemes and training contracts.

Recent tuition

GCSE choices and soft skill development (The Charter School Dulwich)

I have been coaching V with her GCSE choices. I have also been working with V for 2 years to build on her soft skills such as presentation, communication and debating. She is planning to pursue a career in law and through my own professional experience I am best placed to advise and help V develop her skills in preparation for a challenging and competitive career. I have worked with V to understand her strengths and weaknesses and structure my practical exercises with those in mind.


I tutored V (Stoke College: Independent School, Suffolk) with the LNAT for entry into Cambridge. We worked on this subject for a few months. V is a very intelligent and ambitious student who wanted the extra support with the LNAT to do as well as possible. His ability to answer multiple choice questions was strong but he required support to develop his ability to answer essay questions which we focused on. His essays have improved significantly through providing greater structure to his work.

Personal statement and university applications (Henrietta Barnett School)

I worked with P for a few months to support her with deciding which universities to apply to and provided guidance with her personal statement. I focused on understanding each of P’s experiences and we worked on breaking down the relevant skills and knowledge she obtained from each of these experiences in order to structure her statement. In terms of advice re university, this was based on her academic abilities and her likes/ dislikes to find the most appropriate universities to apply to.

Law exam guidance – university level

I worked with J for a year and supported him alongside his studies. J is from South Korea and needed additional support with succeeding in his studies due to the language barrier. I provided tuition for his final year by breaking down challenging concepts to make the material easier to understand. I supported him with the preparation of his notes and he achieved an impressive 95% in his financial and business skills exam.

Visiting lecturer (University of Law)

Although not an example of a specific student, I am a visiting lecturer at the University of Law where I teach criminology, criminal justice and law modules on the LLB course. I lecture and also run workshops. I teach very sensitive and topical subjects to a wide and diverse audience. I try to engage all students through different interactive activities and balance the needs of all students at the same time. My sessions encourage debate and discussion. Staff and students have provided me with very positive feedback.


I enjoy comedy improvisation, salsa dancing and travelling. I am also interested in reading about crime, psychology and law.


“Nicola has been coaching my daughter in relation to her GCSE choices. She has also been working with her to develop her soft skills including presentation skills, communication and debating skills. My daughter is planning to pursue a career in law and Nicola’s tailored advice has been and continues to be invaluable. Nicola understands my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and is able to tailor her advice and practical exercises well to bring out the best in my daughter.”

Parent of student receiving guidance with GCSE choices and soft skill development

“Nicola was recommended to me to advise my daughter with her personal statement. I liked it that she suggested she meet my daughter in person to get to know her and have an insight into her personality, aspirations, her motivations etc. She’s personable, has empathy and the ability to ask the right questions without being intrusive to get my daughter to discuss academic and non-academic activities. As a parent of two, I’ve met my share of tutors and they are an investment regardless of whether the children are privately educated or not. Over the years I had someone not worth the investment, but Nicola was one of those I have had the luck and good fortune to have met and say it was money well spent.”

Parent of student receiving personal statement and university application guidance

“Nicola has provided me with professional career advice for 3 years. She has helped me implement a step-by-step career plan, secure an internship at an international law firm and get a job at a large international corporation. I could not have achieved any of this without Nicola’s support and I highly recommend her.”

Law Graduate

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