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"I found Nick to have a very friendly, calm and endearing way with Harry and Lily- thank you very much for recommending him, I think he is going to have a very positive effect on the children's attitude to learning!"

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Academic History

Oct 2008 – Jul 2010  Bristol Old Vic Theatre School   Postgraduate Diploma in Acting

Oct 2005 – Jul 2008  University of Bristol     BA Hons 2:1 in English and Drama

Sep 1998 – Jul 2005  St. Leonard’s Durham  A Levels:

English Lit  A,   Geography    A,  Chemistry  A, Maths (AS) A.

GCSEs: Maths A*, Science (Dual) A* A*,       English Lit  A*,           English Lang  A*, Geography  A*,  French   A*,       Religion A*,    Music  A*, Technology    A.

About Me

I have worked with pupils from the age of two to twenty-two and love to support students in finding their learning style. Especially with younger students I like to keep lessons imaginative and practical. My specialist subjects are English and Maths, including the 7+, 11+ and Common Entrance exams, for which I have also tutored extensively in reasoning and interview practice. I also teach both English and Drama to A Level standard and provide Voice and Elocution lessons. I have experience in tutoring students with dyslexia and tutoring over Skype.

Recent tuition

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience.

I have been tutoring for over 7 years. Alongside my tutoring, I am currently teaching Puppetry and Comedy Improvisation in schools.

Voice and Elocution – Helped Law Student Amar (20) with speechmaking and projection for use in debating.

Voice and Elocution – Working with Pietro (11) on his pronunciation, vocabulary and public speaking. Pietro needed help with inflections and energy within his speech as well as help widening his vocabulary.

Voice and Elocution – Helped Maddie (12) with her vocal technique for a theatre performance that she was aiming towards. We used lots of different acting/speech exercises to achieve greater variety within Maddie’s work.

Voice and Elocution – Worked with Jim (50s) on his Public Speaking technique, confidence, pronunciation and delivery for speeches he needed to make at a conference, as well as helping with his delivery of comic moments.

Year 1 – I have been working with Niccolo (age 4) on the beginnings of Writing, Reading and Numbers. We have worked on his confidence and slowly increasing his attention span through a combination of table work and games.

Year 1/2 help – Charlie had just turned 5 when I began working with him, mainly on English, increasing his confidence in all areas but focussing on Writing, Grammar and Punctuation, and Comprehension.

7+ I worked with Elektra (6) preparing her for 7+ Examinations. Covering English, Maths, interview technique and Reasoning focussed on entry to Notting Hill and Ealing High School.

7+ Working with Harry (6) on English, Maths and exam technique, focussing him for 7+ exam for Dulwich Prep School. Harry has traits of both dyslexia and dyspraxia.

7+ Interview Technique – Worked with Kameron over a few sessions in the run-up to his 7+ interviews. Kameron was offered places after the two interviews he attended and will be attending Westminster School.

7+ Interview Technique and Elocution – I worked with Charlie (6) on his interview technique and the clarity within his speech. Charlie received offers after both of his interviews and will be attending Westminster School.

8+ – I worked closely with Omar on his English in preparation for the 8+. This was mainly working on Comprehension and Composition work. Omar gained a place at his first choice school, King’s College Wimbledon.

11+ Maths/English and Interview Technique – I worked with Guy on his 11+ preparation, including the Pre-tests, filling gaps in his knowledge and working on exam and interview technique. Guy will be attending Westminster School.

11+ Interview Technique – Working with Raphaela on her confidence in interviews, letting her personality come through and staying on topic with her answers.

11+ – I worked with Ingrid on English and Maths in preparation for exams for Notting Hill and Ealing High School, Francis Holland and Godolphin and Latymer Schools. Ingrid went to her first choice of Notting Hill and Ealing High.

11+ Working with James on his English, Maths and Science. We are looking especially at Exam Technique and Comprehension.

11+ Interview Technique – I worked with Olivia in preparation for her Common Entrance exams on all papers (English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning) as well as interview practice. Olivia is now attending North London Collegiate School (her first choice) but I also prepared her for entrance to Highgate School for Girls, City of London School for Girls and Queen’s College.

School Transition – I worked with Hughie (9) who was beginning Emanuel School. I worked with Hughie on his skills, confidence and preparation for the challenges, academic and social, of his new school.

Primary Help – I worked with James (9) on his Maths, English and Science. As well as filling little gaps in knowledge, we worked on his comprehension of questions and keeping his answers relevant.

Primary Help – I worked with Rohan (10) on improving his confidence and basic skills in English and Maths. Rohan was very inquisitive and keen but needed help focussing and answering the specific questions that he was being asked.

13+ I worked with siblings Joe and Molly on English, Maths and Science in preparation for their 13+ Common Entrance Exams. They were successful in gaining places at The King’s School in Canterbury.

13+ English, Maths & Science with Josh leading up to his exams for Whitgift. We worked hard to build up Josh’s confidence, particularly with his Maths & Science Papers.

13+ Working with Guy on English and Maths one day a week. Mainly focussed on Guy’s writing and spelling. Guy is working towards his 13+ entry to Westminster and Eton Schools.

A Level English Literature (AQA) – worked with Oliver (17) helping with coursework on The Great Gatsby and the poetry of Keats and Larkin. Oliver achieved an A grade.

AS Level Drama (AQA) – helped Yasmin to explore the analysis of texts of Lady Windermere’s Fan and A View From The Bridge in preparation for exams, in which she achieved an A.

GCSE English Literature – tutored Amy in preparation for coursework and exams. Texts: Lord of The Flies and A View From The Bridge.

Spelling (SEN) – Working with Harry (9) on his Spelling as he has dyslexia and ADHD and needs specialist support in this area. The lessons with him are always creative and fun to keep him engaged.

SEN – worked with Dean (20), a law student with dyslexia, upon exam preparation and practice.

Home Schooling (SEN) – Inigo (6 when I started) had been getting reports of generally dropping behind in class work with a lack of concentration. I homeschooled him every Friday for two terms. He was having particular trouble in English and Maths. Inigo was struggling especially with English, in all areas, and was most behind with Spelling and Grammar. For him to engage, I had to be both creative (to keep him interested) but also quick as the plan was to get him into Kew Green Primary for the next academic year. We covered the basics of year 1 and ironed out any problems (also to give him confidence with the things he could do) and then went onto year 2. I would use a lot of what he was naturally interested in (football and particular comic book characters) in the teaching to keep his attention. With Maths, Inigo could do simple addition and subtraction but struggled when getting into 2 digits, multiplication, or any sort of wordy problem where the sum to be done was not absolutely clear. So, again, we covered the basics and then pushed on. He worked really hard and eventually we were looking forward to things he may encounter next year. At first Inigo was quite reluctant to work but I managed to win him over and build up a good rapport for productive days of homeschooling. Thankfully, he gained a place at Kew Green, and we were delighted! (Though it did mean, unfortunately, that he didn’t need me any more…).

SEN – I visited The Dales, an SEN school, with a play that I was in and ran workshops with autistic children from 11-18 years old.

English for Foreign Learners – Helped 8 year old Augustinos (Greek) with reading and homework to improve English, as well as taking him on educational trips around London.

English for Foreign Learners – I work with Jules (10) on his English. Jules is French and has just started attending a French school, so we are working to keep his English up to scratch. Main areas of focus are: speaking, spelling, listening/understanding and grammar.

English for Foreign Learners (Online) – Currently working with Pietro (Italian, 11 years old) on improving his spoken and written English, concentrating on Spelling, Grammar and Pronunciation.

Drama (practical) – Coached Emily (21) and Hannah (20) with acting lessons in preparation for Drama School Entry auditions. Emily has now trained at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Hannah is training at LAMDA. Our sessions included working on speech presentation, direction, voice and emotion.

Song and Move – A class that I run with 3-4 year olds in school. I work with up to 10 children at a time and encourage play, confidence, interaction and creativity through singing and going on ‘adventures’!

Hobbies and Interests

I am a trained actor and have worked in the West End, at the National Theatre and on TV, so I often go to the theatre or the cinema to keep up to date. I like to keep fit and recently did my first half marathon – the Great North Run – and have caught the running bug!

Client Testimonials

“I found Nick to have a very friendly, calm and endearing way with Harry and Lily- thank you very much for recommending him, I think he is going to have a very positive effect on the children’s attitude to learning!”

7+ Tuition

“Nick has worked extremely well with Inigo and clicked with him straight away. Inigo responded well to his creative approach. I am hoping he will still be around so I can work with him when we approach 11+ time.”


“I found Nick’s help invaluable…I am so glad I decided to work with him. I am extremely grateful for his hard work and patience.”

Yasmin Watson, a drama tutee

  • Entrance Exam Specialist

  • Fully Vetted