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"Nicholas has been tutoring my daughter for her A level English Literature and Drama preparation for the last 3 months. His advice and instruction have been invaluable in guiding my daughter’s studies and have helped her immensely by covering the parts of the syllabus not adequately addressed at school. The result has been an increase in her confidence and enjoyment of the subject. Nicholas is indeed an excellent tutor."

Parent of A Level English and Drama student

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  • IB

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Academic History

2017 – 2018: MA Theatre Performance – University of London – Distinction

2014 – 2017: BA (Hons) Classical Studies – Kings College London – 2:1 (with a First in my Dissertation on Ancient Greek Literature)

International Baccalaureate (Hockerill Anglo-European College) – 38 Points in HL English Literature (7), HL History (6) and HL Anthropology (6), Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (grade A)

GCSEs (Hockerill Anglo-European College): GCSE English Literature (A*), GCSE English Language (A), GCSE Drama (A*), GCSE History (A), GCSE Japanese (A), GCSE Technology (A), GCSE German (A), taken two years early due to strong linguistic ability, GCSE Maths (B), GCSE Sciences (C)

About Me

In three words, I describe my tutoring style as personalised, engaging and challenging. I have been tutoring both privately and in schools for many years now, and the most important lesson I have learnt is that each student is different and each student will always require a bespoke and individual teaching plan that is unique to them. This understanding allows me to ensure that every tutoring session can be specifically targeted towards a client’s individual needs, based upon their own strengths and weaknesses. I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to tutoring; instead, I take a very personal approach in which we discuss your specific academic goals and then design a unique tutoring programme to help you reach those goals.

I also appreciate that having additional tuition on top of long days at school can be tiring for many students, so it is always my priority to keep students engaged at all times. To do so, I always strive to make sessions as interesting, interactive and imaginative as possible, and I find my background as a professional stage actor often comes in handy here! I always aim to go above and beyond for my students, and I understand that the role of a tutor is not only to provide academic support, but it is often to act as a mentor and role model for students. As such, I recognise the importance of creating a positive atmosphere and I always endeavour to be as friendly, approachable and patient as I possibly can be.

Recent tuition

KS3 English, Homeschooling

Gianni had been removed from his school for complex behaviour reasons, and I was tasked with designing a KS3 English programme that would engage and stimulate him at home. Gianni had severe learning difficulties and was opposed to focusing for a while, but eventually, after involving some Harry Potter, magic and games into our sessions, Gianni found a way to engage with reading and comprehension and made significant improvements.

Year 9 SEN English, Homeschooling

Tallulah had been taken out of school after her family moved back to the UK from Spain and she was behind in the national curriculum. I was asked to design a full teaching programme for Tallulah’s English studies. We worked together several times a week to improve her vocabulary (through weekly spelling tests), comprehension and reading. Tallulah was severely dyslexic, and her father told me he noticed a significant improvement in her ability to spell and write as well as an improvement in her confidence and enjoyment of the subject. We worked together for several months until she was offered a place at a dyslexic specialist school.

GCSE English Language and Literature

I have tutored many students through the National Tutoring Programme, where I have worked with groups of students in a school setting to provide additional catch-up support with English Literature and English Language GCSE. Students showed severe gaps in knowledge and a lack of interest in the subject, and I was able to fill those gaps, work with them on exam techniques and inspire more enjoyment of the subject, particularly by getting students to engage in creative writing tasks.

A-Level English Literature and Drama

Eleni was a highly capable student, aiming for A*s in her A-Levels, but was very behind, particularly in her writing style and knowledge of the core syllabus as a result of the COVID lockdowns and closure of schools. We worked together weekly online for several months to cover the syllabus of both her A-Level subjects and to improve her written assignments. Eleni improved significantly, graduated with fantastic results and is now studying at King’s College London.

IB HL English and Theatre Studies

Nicolas came to me in his final year of Sixth Form concerned about both his Drama and English grades as he confessed to being more ‘business minded’. We worked intensively, for many hours per week, to improve his Theatre Studies coursework and portfolio, which was then awarded the highest mark possible. We also covered the English literature and language syllabus, focused on exam techniques and went through many past papers. Nicolas graduated with a 6 in both subjects, which was significantly higher than his initial predictions.

IB Theory of Knowledge

Although a rare subject, over the past two years I have had many students come to me who are struggling with the TOK written essay component of the IB. Students such as Ayesha and Valmont, both came to me with a complete lack of understanding of the core principles of the Theory of Knowledge. With both students, I was able to teach the core syllabus of ToK and then assist them in building their theses and writing their essays. Both students went on to achieve top grades.

University Writing Support

I am currently working with a Veterinary Science university student who wishes to greatly improve her academic writing abilities. We have been working on writing with clarity, sophistication, clear language and accurate referencing. She feels her written work has been elevated greatly from our sessions.

Hobbies and Interests

I have many hobbies and interests, most of which involve being outdoors, but I would have to say that my greatest passion, outside of education, is theatre and performing arts. From a young age, I always loved the escapism and expression that performing on stage would bring me, and I was involved with local drama productions for as long as I can remember. This is a hobby that never left me, so much so that after graduating from university, I went on to do a Masters in Theatre Performance at the Royal Academy of Music and I have since worked in the theatre industry in the West End, most recently in ‘Les Misérables’. I enjoy balancing a career in theatre with a career in private tutoring, and I find that the two very often overlap, allowing me to bring a lot of fun and creativity to my tutoring sessions! My other hobbies include cooking, travelling and walking. ‘Walking’ may sound dull, but I walk on average 25,000 steps a day, as I love exploring different areas and parks in London and being out in nature. I am also a freelance writer and I have had several opinion articles published online.


“Nicholas has been tutoring my daughter for a while now. He has really helped her to understand certain aspects of English that she once found difficult. He has been sympathetic, patient and flexible in the way that he has approached the lessons given that her dyslexia is pretty severe. Yet always expects high standards of work – this is a real positive as she really wants to work hard and continuously improve. Would recommend Nicholas without any hesitation.”

Parent of KS3 English Student

“Nicholas has been tutoring my daughter for her A level English Literature & Drama preparation for the last 3 months. His advice and instruction have been invaluable in guiding my daughter’s studies and have helped her immensely by covering the parts of the syllabus not adequately addressed at school. The result has been an increase in her confidence and enjoyment of the subject. Nicholas is indeed an excellent tutor.”

Parent of A Level English Literature and Drama Student

“Nick is an absolutely dedicated and passionate tutor. His knowledge of the subject, outside-the-box ideas and views, method of engagement and teaching really helped me understand the requirements of my essay and how to go in-depth with explaining certain concepts. His punctuality, detailed comments, constructive criticism, and thorough corrections really allowed me to elevate my essay and include some points I would not have been able to fully construct on my own. The entire experience was extremely pleasant, and I would definitely recommend Nick to anyone else looking for a tutor.”

IB Theory of Knowledge Student

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