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Natasha RM

"Prior to working with Natasha, my daughter struggled with Spanish and often found it challenging to keep up with the coursework. Natasha was patient and focused her lessons to meet my daughter's specific needs."

Parent of KS3 Spanish student

  • A Level

  • GCSE

  • IB

  • Spanish

Academic History

Northumbria University – PGCE In conjunction with the Teach First Teacher Training Programme

King’s College London – BA Hispanic Studies – Upper Second Class Honours with Distinction in Oral Spanish

International Baccalaureate Diploma and International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma – 32 Ecuadorian Baccalaureate – 17

American High-School Diploma – 3.8 GPA

(Academia Cotopaxi School in Quito, Ecuador)

About Me

I want to share my motivation and ignite curiosity in younger minds to learn about the power that languages can have in understanding the world around us. I plan, create and implement lessons based on the theories of cognitive overload, interleaving, spaced practice and growth mindset. I ensure I have a sequence of thorough lesson plans that allow students to track their progress and build their confidence.

I have a particular interest in supporting students with learning differences. I have experience in adapting resources for students with SEN to make them accessible to all, ensuring that the passion for learning has no barriers and that high expectations are maintained.

I like to focus on teaching in the target language, phonics, and enhancing the depth of knowledge of high-frequency vocabulary, as I believe this is essential in developing highly proficient language students. My classes are interactive, as I find that teaching languages in a holistic way, by involving all of our senses, is fun and can make the learning “stick”. I am eager to make learning relevant to pupils, but most of all I focus greatly on differentiating to minimise barriers to learning while stretching and challenging those who are ready to explore further.

Recent tuition

International GCSE Spanish (Edexcel)

I tutored E (The English School of Kyrenia) for one academic year. E had enjoyed Spanish in KS3, but found the leap into international GCSE too big, and felt that tuition could help bridge that gap. Her main problem area was low vocabulary knowledge, so I mentored her in building it by focusing on cognate patterns. She achieved an A at the end of her first year.

IB Spanish ab initio

I tutored S (American International School in Cyprus) in IB Spanish ab initio. We worked together for two years. S was a hard-working student who struggled to achieve high grades in Spanish. Her main problem was feeling confused with grammatical concepts, which became apparent when speaking in Spanish. We worked on identifying knowledge gaps in grammar and on exam techniques to build her confidence. She achieved a grade 7, two grades higher than her predicted grade.

IB Spanish ab initio

I tutored S (American International School in Cyprus) for two years. She was a high-achieving student who wanted to learn Spanish beyond its linguistic components. I supported her in research projects about Hispanic music and film. Her main struggle was trying to access the language from Spanish resources, so we worked on building skills to de-code language. She achieved a grade 7.

A-Level Spanish (AQA)

I tutored G (St Wilfrid’s R.C. College) for one year. G was a high-achieving student who needed to achieve an A+ to study Spanish at Durham University. I supported her in preparing her independent research project, specifically in practising to deliver it with good intonation and fluency. By the end of our work together, she felt truly confident in this aspect of the course.


I tutored D (Dolphin School) for three years. D was diagnosed with dyslexia and found learning languages particularly challenging. We worked on building his confidence and enjoyment of the subject. I developed a variety of resources to support him in lessons and with his homework. He developed independent learning skills, which he was then able to transfer into other subjects as well.

 Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy staying active. In the mornings, I alternate between trail running, spinning, yoga and pilates. I find movement highly therapeutic as it’s great for my physical and mental health. I’m also a qualified yoga instructor. In general, I am deeply passionate about wellness, and I am currently completing a Health Coach Diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. Additionally, I enjoy being outdoors, especially with my two dogs and my 1-year-old toddler. When I’m not focusing on my health and well-being, I enjoy interior styling. Specifically, I like to upscale furniture and I spend a lot of time painting.


“Prior to working with Natasha, my daughter struggled with Spanish and often found it challenging to keep up with the coursework. Natasha was patient and focused her lessons to meet my daughter’s specific needs. I was also impressed by her commitment to encourage my daughter to practise Spanish outside of the lessons. Her methods were creative and engaging, making the learning process enjoyable for my daughter. She used a variety of interactive tools and techniques, such as games and videos, to make the learning experience more exciting and memorable.”

Parent of KS3 Spanish student

“Before I started working with Natasha, I felt very confused about grammar and I lacked the confidence in speaking. However, she was patient and understanding. She found a variety of exercises that helped me practise grammar in different ways. She also encouraged me to practise speaking and writing in Spanish outside of our lessons, which helped me gain confidence and also to discover Spanish music and TV. Overall, I am very grateful for the support and guidance provided by my Spanish tutor. Without her help, I would not have been able to achieve such a high grade in IB Spanish.”

IB Spanish student

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