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Natasha S

'Thank you for all your help in preparing for the exam. You might have noticed that you have basically taught me AS philosophy!'

A Level Philosophy Tuition

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Academic History

Having read Theology and Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, I went on to do an MA in European Thought at University College London, where I am currently doing a PhD in Comparative Literature.

I got 10 A*s and 1 A at GCSE and 4 As at A level (English, French, History and Music).

About Me

My specialist subjects are English (Literature and Language) and Philosophy and Religious Studies. I also prepare children for 7+, 8+ and 11+ entrance examinations and have guided a number of successful candidates through the UCAS system, including personal statements and interviews.

Having been a Private Tutor for over seven years, I am highly experienced in helping children and young adults alike to fulfil their academic potential. Passionate about the subjects I teach, I encourage my pupils to find a personal connection with their studies and to develop their capacity for thinking independently.

I am thoroughly familiar with GCSE and A level syllabuses and instruct my pupils how to target marking criteria in order to meet their grade aspirations. In English tutorials I encourage insightful analysis of texts and eloquent, articulate writing; in Philosophy I focus on helping pupils to understand complex philosophical concepts and form their own, reasoned judgements.

Working with families preparing for common entrance examinations, I am sensitive to individual needs and strive to create the best possible learning environment. I take great pleasure in building rapport with children and try to make the sessions interactive and lively. I am delighted to say that two of my recent pupils were accepted by King’s College Junior School (King’s College Wimbledon).

Having experienced the Cambridge supervision system, I am adept at leading discussions in such a way as to indicate how these subject areas are studied at university. Last year I was appointed Academic Intern at Alleyn’s School, a role that entailed giving enrichment lectures, running revision classes for exams, and assisting candidates with university applications.

Following my studies in Performance on Viola at the Royal College of Music, I also offer private music lessons (violin and viola). I have considerable orchestral and chamber music experience, having been Principal of the Cambridge University Chamber Orchestra, as well as five years’ experience teaching.

I have worked with several pupils with dyslexia, including a 7 year old French boy who needed help with his reading. Referring to a wide variety of resources, I have devised several effective phonic techniques that are adaptable to pupils across the spectrum. Having tutored a 13 year old with anorexia and a 17 year old girl suffering from a lack of confidence due to bullying at school, I realize the importance of creating the utmost supportive, patient and encouraging learning environment in which my pupils can thrive.

Recent Tuition

I am a Private Tutor with over seven years of experience. I specialise in English Literature and Language and Philosophy and Religious Studies. Other subjects include 7+, 8+ and 11+ (including King’s College and Colet Court), UCAS applications (including Oxbridge), and violin and viola. I have experience in tutoring students from ages 5 to 19 across a range of abilities, from Key Stage 1-3, GCSE, right through to AS and A level, as well as general literacy and pupils with learning difficulties.

Please find below a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Literacy and English – I worked with a 7 year old with dyslexia and dyspraxia, helping him catch up with his peers in reading and writing.

7+ English, Maths and Reasoning – I worked intensively with a young student ahead of his entry exams for Latymer Prep. With hard work and focus he went on to gain a place at the school.

7+ – I worked with a young girl ahead of her assessments for The Perse School in Cambridge. We are worked together online and focused on her English, composition and exam answer structure. I am delighted to report that she secured a place at the school.

7+/8+ – I have been working with a young student for over two years since he was 6 years old. We originally worked towards his 7+ exams, however despite hard work he wasn’t quite ready for the assessments, and so we are now working together for the 8+, making sure that he is keeping on track and feeling confident with the exam format.

8+ and 11+ – I helped to prepare two young boys for King’s College examinations through mock papers, practice questions, spelling and grammar exercises and general encouragement; they were successful in gaining entry.

8+ I am currently working with an eight year old applying to Colet Court.

8+ I am currently working with a seven year old applying to King’s and Westminster.

Year 4 creative writing and English – I am currently working online with A to help him develop his English skills, particularly his creative writing. I am encouraging him to read as much as possible, so that he can be inspired by new ideas and language. Together we are working on his vocabulary, and read and write stories together each lesson.

11+ English – I worked with Tom, aged 10, intensively over the summer to improve his 11+ English skills.

11+ English – Valentine – weekly tuition ensuring familiarity with English grammar, through both reading and writing, (Valentine is at the Lycée français Charles de Gaulle) and enabling Valentine to catch up with her classmates.

AS level Philosophy – Claire – two hours a week of tuition on the AQA syllabus (which is extremely dense!). As well as covering the core material and grappling with challenging concepts, I helped Claire to structure numerous essays with concise, well-developed arguments. Impressively she achieved full marks in her exams.

UCAS – I have helped numerous candidates to gain acceptance into the universities of their choice, including the University of Cambridge (English), Exeter (Economics), and Nottingham (History). I enjoy helping candidates to add flair to their personal statements.

Theory of Knowledge (IB) – I am equipped to guide students through the entire process of the TOK assignment: identifying areas of interest, forming precise questions, accessing research resources, and of course writing up.

GCSE English – Jonny – weekly tuition involving discussing and annotating set texts (including Of Mice and Men and Inspector Calls), honing analytical skills and stylish, effective writing. Jonny went from a predicted D to A grade!

A level English – Sophie – two hours a week revising texts on the AQA syllabus. Sophie particularly wanted help with poetry analysis and exam technique. She achieved a good A grade in her exams

AS and A level Philosophy – Amy – weekly tuition involving explicating key concepts through everyday examples. Amy struggled with writing essays so we looked at how to structure writing in a logical manner suitable to philosophising. Amy went from a borderline B/C to A grade. She is now studying at Nottingham

GCSE English – Saleem – weekly tuition helping with essential reading and writing skills (for Saleem, English is a second language); through hard work he achieved a C grade.

French – Milly (aged 5) – weekly tuition introducing Milly to a second language (colours, numbers, days of the week etc.) through games.

GCSE English – Samuel – twice weekly tuition preparing for controlled assessments and exams. Attending the Lycée français Charles de Gaulle, Samuel was struggling with writing in English; he went from predicted D to B grade.

Herman: mature student with dyslexia; has just been offered full time employment

Hatty: teenager with anorexia; we worked together on building her confidenc

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies are playing the viola, reading novels, talking with friends and going to art galleries and the theatre. I am also taking an evening course entitled ‘Working with Children, Young People & Families’ at the Tavistock Clinic, where I’m learning about child development.

Client Testimonials

‘I got 93 and 100 % in RS – thank you!’

‘Thank you for all your help in preparing for the exam. You might have noticed that you have basically taught me AS philosophy!’

‘I just got my grades and I got an A* for English. Thank you so much for all your help’

“According to my son Natasha was extremely helpful and went over things in a clear and concise way.” (Mrs Woollcombe, A Level Philosophy revision sessions with Rowan)

‘Thank you for all your help, I would happily continue to be tutored by you even though I don’t have any more exams to study for!’

‘She couldn’t have done it without you!’

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