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‘Mutasim has done a fantastic job of attaining interviews for my child at all of the schools he has applied for, his exam preparation and style has worked really well in ensuring my son has access to the best schools in the U.K’

Mrs X, 11+ Maths Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2017, University College London, PGCE Mathematics (Outstanding)

2016, SOAS University London, BSc Economics (2:1)

2012, Whitmore Sixth Form College, A Levels Mathematics (B), Economics (B), English Literature (A)

About Me

I have been tutoring for over 8 years and specialise in Maths and Economics. I also support with 11+ and 13+ exam preparation.

My approach to tutoring facilitates easy to comprehend methods which are orientated around promoting conceptual understanding. I ensure that students are able to visualise problems which result in greater resilience and creative approaches when tackling new questions; this method can consequently be applied to multiple subjects. Regardless of a student’s age or learning style, I ensure my tutorials are inclusive, with both academic rigour and enthusiasm. Progress is monitored continually to assure that tutees are persistently improving on their weaknesses and stretching their strengths.

I often employ a warm, strict style to teaching, which ensures that students are comfortable enough to build confidence but at the same time ensuring that students work rigorously to improve on their weaknesses.

As a tutor, however, one must be flexible enough to employ methods which work for the student at hand. Some require particular approaches to ensure they learn effectively. Therefore, I gauge the learning style of a student and adapt accordingly.

I believe what makes me good at tutoring is an aptitude to foster a love for learning and subject specialism which allows for progress to be measured and gauged across a time period to hit key milestones.

This approach helps students love the work they do, and therefore go the extra mile in terms of their academic effort and meeting the goals they want to achieve. To make sure that students are successful, I monitor progress by detailing a short-term, medium-term and long-term plan with key milestones along the way. Not only does this motivate students to achieve them, but also ensures that I can measure progress along the way.

Recent tuition

I have over 250 hours of tuition experience from 11+ up to GCSE. Please find a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

11+ Exam Preparation

Arie was studying for the 11+ exams, I provided him maths support and general 11+ support. Over the course of 3 months, I made sure that he was prepped to tackle the exams and consequent interviews. He achieved offers from Habs, Highgate, South Hampstead and City.

Year 8 English and Maths

Amie needed extra support as she was falling behind in maths and English at Watford Grammar Girls. Being in year 8 at the time, I provided her with tuition throughout the year to push her far ahead of her peers; she won several English and math academic prizes across the year. She was also a standout student in her class and her teacher made her substantial progress known during parents evening.

Year 9 Maths Home schooling

Leo was the son of a UHNW client who needed extra support in Maths and was being home schooled due to a transition in school. He was in year 9 and moving to Southbank International school where an IB programme was taught. To that end, he was tutored to bring him up to scratch for the IB programme, filling in any gaps in his knowledge from the time he had spent out of school. He is now working comfortably at the new school, with a solid foundation in Maths.

GCSE Maths

Max was struggling in Mathematics GCSE at Mill Hill School. I supported him from year 10-11 where he attained an 8, in light of a 6 prediction. During this time, in addition to tuition, I created a study plan with enriching resources to help him achieve his goals.


Kate was an IGCSE student at Channing School on the way to achieving a 4. Her teacher was exceedingly worried, so her mother brought me in as a matter of priority. Over the course of two years I tutored her maths and pushed her to achieve an 8 which she was jubilant at achieving.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a keen interest in travelling and travel writing, having visited nearly 40 countries. Other interests include charity work which I’m involved in, in several countries across the world. And boxing which I practice weekly. All of my hobbies challenge me and hence push me to be the best version of myself.

Client Testimonials

‘Mutasim has done a fantastic job of attaining interviews for my child at all of the schools he has applied for, his exam preparation and style has worked really well in ensuring my son has access to the best schools in the U.K’

– 11+ Maths

‘Hi Mutasim. We got some wonderful news.. AR got offers from RMS and St Helen’s. OR got offers from both MTS and John Lyon and a drama scholarship offer from both!!!! Thank you so much for all your help.

We are all so proud and happy!’

– 11+ Maths and English

‘Mutasim has an extraordinary ability to engage my son’s attention throughout his lesson, his speed and level of engagement is high and at the same time perfect for my son to be fully involved with. As a teacher, he has a range of resources and skills at his disposal to enrich lessons and my son’s understanding of topics and concepts. He provides a lot of content in a structured way (which is important for me as a parent) and is delivered in a way which makes my son love the time spent with Mutasim. He is very communicative and approaches lessons in a measured manner, I feel that my son will and has grown under Mutasim’s instruction.’

– IGCSE Maths and English

‘Throughout the years that Mutasim has tutored my daughter I have found him to be empathetic, passionate and well versed in knowledge. He has helped Jess combat her anxiety of exams and enriched her with a love for learning. He has a measured approach which really made Jess look forward to her lessons with him. I have found him to be more than just a conventional tutor, more-so a mentor – he really has gone out of his way for my girl, be it helping with revision techniques on short notice or tailoring an intensive revision course for her.

– Economics and Maths A level

‘Mutasim has been tutoring my 11 year old daughter and 15 year old daughter in maths. Over the course of 7 months I have seen their confidence grow enormously with respect to how she tackles new maths problems. Her school teacher has noticed huge improvements. Prior to working with Mutasim they were the weaker pupils in their respective classes. Due to this they both were required to attend maths club, out of regular class time, in order to keep up with lessons. This term both of their teachers have reported to me that they no longer need extra help due to her skills now being so strong. In fact, her teacher reported to me within 6 weeks of tutoring starting with Mutasim, that both my daughter’s confidence and abilities had improved noticeably. Mutasim has a superb ability to gain the trust of the pupils he teaches. His calm laid back and gently humorous approach is very endearing. My daughters liked him immediately and the younger is always bouncing around, full of excitement and pride after her sessions. He inspires focused work without pressurising the child. As a result, my daughter has improved consistently in her maths abilities and feels proud of what she has achieved. I can highly recommend Mutasim as a math tutor.’

– Maths KS3-KS4

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