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"My son's mathematical ability improved drastically as a result of the tuition and he achieved the grades he was seeking to place him into the secondary school of his choice. The feedback from my son regarding the classes was always positive and I would not hesitate in scheduling further tuition sessions with Mustafa for my son's improvement throughout his secondary education."

Year 6 Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2009-2012 Cass Business School, BSc Actuarial Science: 2.1

2006-2008 Watford Grammar School for Boys, A-Levels: Maths (A), Further Maths (B), German (B), Chemistry (C)

2002-2006 Rickmansworth School, GCSEs: Maths (A*), Science Double Award (A*, A*), French (A*), German (A), Business Studies (A), English Language (A), English Literature (B), ICT (B)

About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths and Science. I also teach English, Persian, Arabic and Economics, as well as preparation for the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exam, and 16+ admissions assessments.

I have had a deep interest in teaching from a young age. I have always been happy to teach friends and family when requested in certain subjects or in the lead up to their exams. I have also received support from top class tutors throughout my GCSE and A-Level studies and have realised its importance in developing a student to achieve the understanding and grades at the standard he or she ought to be at. I have always held the belief that teaching is in itself a form of learning as it helps to consolidate ideas and subjects further in the teacher’s own mind. I have been fortunate to receive top class teaching from teachers at Watford Grammar School as well as professors from Cass Business School. I always gain a sense of satisfaction when passing on knowledge to fellow students as I understand it will benefit them in life just as it has benefitted me over the years.

Recent Tuition

I tutor Mathematics at 11+, 13+, GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level, IB and undergraduate, as well as the Sciences, English, Persian, Arabic, Economics and Accounting at a variety of levels. Please see below for a snapshot of my recent tuition:

Year 3 & 4 Maths and English – I currently tutor at a primary school on a weekly basis. I teach Maths and English to Year 3 and Year 4 students and the enthusiasm for the subjects can definitely be felt after the tutoring session. The lessons are conducted by myself in various different ways, for example working on the mini whiteboards, playing educational games on the school iPads, and the more traditional approach of working from their exercise books.

Year 5/6 Mathematics – Weekly maths support for a boy over the course of his time in Year 5 and 6. He was working towards his SATs exams. Over the course of our lessons I saw great improvements in his maths and confidence. By the end of our time together he was one of the best students in his class for maths, and gained entry into his first choice secondary school.

Year 8 Maths – I have been supporting a student in Italy online with his maths for the past 18 months. We spend time going through the 13+ maths papers and maths challenge materials to ensure he is performing to the highest level.

I have prepared students for 13+ exams for several top tier schools including Radley, Canford, Down House, St Pauls and Oundle. I have also worked with students towards the Eton King’s Scholarship and Westminster Challenge Maths papers.

13+ Common Entrance Maths

Weekly support for a very bright student aiming for 90% in his Common Entrance maths. He is hoping to either attend UCS or St. Paul’s.

16+ Maths

I worked with a student in the run up to his exams for Wellington school. We worked on building his confidence in the run up to his exams.

iGCSE Mathematics

I am working with a student who is currently at Eton. He is a top A* student but likes further challenges through tutoring.

IB Maths

I am currently working with a student online, who is based in Austria. We are working alongside the schedule which her school has sent her for what topics are being studied in which week. This allows us to align ourselves with the topics being studied at school. Lessons have been going well with positive feedback and I set homework after every session.

A Level Biology

I am currently teaching an A-Level student in Biology for two hours a session on a weekly basis. The student has outlined to me her intention of increasing her grade from a B to an A, which I am helping her to achieve. She particularly needs support with how to answer exam questions in a way that will get her the top marks available for each question.

A-Level Further Maths

I worked with this student online in Further Maths. We worked through complex numbers, argand diagrams and matrices. I use an interactive whiteboard programme for online tuition, which proves to be very effective and efficient, particularly when working through more complex maths problems.

Undergraduate Accounting

I have been working with this student since his first year of his BSc in Business Statistics. We focus particularly at the accounting aspects of his degree, and he is currently doing very well in his 2nd year.

Undergraduate Foundation Maths and Critical Thinking

I supported a student in Maths and Critical Thinking in preparation for their UCL Foundation course uni entrance exams. This was a high standard of maths whereby I invigilated the student in past paper exams, corrected her mistakes, went through the solutions with her and provided a detailed report on areas for improvement.

Accounting and Finance, 1st year Undergraduate

This student was at CASS Business School. We particularly focused on Actuarial modules with a lot of work on calculations, learning quick methods to tackle questions and past paper exam papers to practise.

GMAT Mathematics

I worked with a student intensively (6-8 hours per week) for two months ahead of his GMAT tests. We worked on improving his maths levels, and ensuring that he had a clear understanding of what the tests involved.


I currently tutor the Arabic language to students. I have a good level of understanding Arabic and can teach Arabic in the form of reading, writing and speaking. I have been fluent in reading Arabic since childhood, after which I developed my writing and speaking skills. I have learnt from many great Arabic teachers in the past and am currently an advanced student of Arabic whereby I still take weekly classes to further improve. I have family living in the Middle East and love speaking Arabic when I go visit there.

Hobbies and Interests

Table Tennis – Played at a League level.

Tennis – Played at County Level.

Golf – Have a current handicap of 21. Enjoy playing with friends on a hot summers day.

Cricket – Main strength is in leg spin bowling.

Have an interest in calligraphy

Have travelled extensively to many countries within Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

Have raised money for those in countries hit by disasters such as floods.

Have taken part to assist in Food Banks to help feed the hungry.

Achieved the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award – Learnt a lot of key skills from this experience such as teamwork, time management and organisational skills.

Enjoy reading books

Enjoy travelling

Enjoy learning new languages

Client Testimonials

“Mustafa tutored my son in Maths in the build up to his Year 6 SAT’s exams. I can confidently say that my son received excellent tutoring from him. The classes were held weekly at our house and he was always punctual, enthusiastic in his teaching approach and very friendly. My son’s mathematical ability improved drastically as a result of the tuition and he achieved the grades he was seeking to place him into the secondary school of his choice. The feedback from my son regarding the classes was always positive and I would not hesitate in scheduling further tuition sessions with Mustafa for my son’s improvement throughout his secondary education.”

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