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"Maya was my Director of Studies during year 11. She was the best Mentor I could possibly have asked for during this period of my education. She was supportive, kind, and understanding, and went above and beyond at every opportunity to help make my life easier during my whole GCSE year."

GCSE Student, Mentoring

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Academic History

Head of GCSE and GCSE Religious Studies/PSHE Teacher, MPW (2015-2022)

Director of Studies and Assistant International Director, MPW (2007-2015)

Terapia: Certificate in Counselling Skills for Children and Adolescents (Sept 2006-June 2007)

Institute of Arts and Therapy in Education: Certificate in Emotional Literacy in Children and Adolescents (Sept 2004-June 2006)

King’s College London: BA in Theology – BA Hons (Sept 2000-May 2003)

St Nicholas Montessori Centre, Prince’s Gate: Full Time Montessori Teaching Diploma for 0-6 year olds, Commended Pass (Sept 1994-Dec 1995)

A-Levels: Religious Studies A, Classical Civilisation C

GCSE’s: English Lang A, English Lit A, Maths C, French B, Human Biology E, Classical Civilisation C

About Me

I always ask the student if there was anything particular that they would like to focus on, or if introducing a subject to a home-schooled student, I would always start with an overview of why it is important. I use teaching materials that I have made, like PowerPoints, or BBC Bitesize and keep testing them on vocabulary needed and biblical or Qur’anic quotations. I like to go through a topic in RS and then do mind maps of the content, for example, the 5 pillars of Islam. I would then ask direct questions and listen to responses. I would show the student past paper questions and mark schemes and encourage them to do practice questions and then do them against the timer. There are good documentaries that I would encourage them to watch so that it consolidates the content in their minds.

Recent tuition

GCSE and A Level, Mentoring

I worked with JJ while he was at MPW for 4 years taking GCSE and A levels. I provided pastoral care for him whilst he was at school, he struggled badly with depression. We worked together to implement plans and I supported him as much as possible with his studies.

GCSE Religious Studies

Jonny was in Year 11, preparing for the first sitting of exams since the pandemic. He and his mother were panicked about revision as he did not seem to have any notes from school or a text book. I liaised with his mother about books he should use and sent her lots of revision resources. He had been predicted a level 4 from the school but he achieved a level 6, which was his highest mark. He attended Fulham Boys.

GCSE Religious Studies

Harry was brand new to the subject so he required some intensive tuition to get him ready to start the course. I gave him the names of the books he should get before the start of his term and a little reading preparation. I talked to him about the subject of religion and if it is indeed important to study in the UK. In his first test, he achieved a C grade, but I told him he could do better and he ultimately came out with level 9.

GCSE, Mentoring

Mimi was a student who relocated to the UK and she was not used to the workload at all. I was her mentor for three years and she faced a number of challenges, personally and academically. While she underperformed at GCSE, she realised that she needed to put a great deal more effort into her subjects if she was to get to her chosen course at her first choice university – Newcastle. She has took up her place last academic year and continues to thrive.

UCAS Support

I have guided a huge number of students through UCAS during my 16years at MPW as their director of studies. I advised them on subjects to take for A level, university options which would be suitable, possible work experience and wider reading or podcast suggestions. We reflected together on their progress and then they went on to write their personal statement.


“Maya was my Director of Studies during year 11. She was the best Mentor I could possibly have asked for during this period of my education. She was supportive, kind, understanding, and went above and beyond at every opportunity to help make my life easier during my whole GCSE year. She was a credit to herself and to MPW.”

GCSE Mentor Student

“When my daughter first arrived at MPW and was lucky enough to be allocated Maya as her Tutor when sitting her GCSE’s. I came to understand, through direct conversation, that parents and students alike were ‘queuing around the block’ to request Maya as a tutor. Indeed, my daughter stated that she did not feel she could enter into the A’Level process were she not to continue with Maya’s support, I felt the same way. As is Maya’s approach, she listened and constructively worked hard to make this happen for my daughter and for myself. On a pastoral level, I have 3 daughters who have attended different schools, as both boarders and day students, and I have not experienced a level of insightful support and genuine care equal to that which Maya consistently offered over 3 years of our association.”

Parent of GCSE Student

“Maya was our son’s director of studies at MPW for three years. We moved Harry into central London at the age of fifteen for my husband’s work. This was a really hard transition for him and we can honestly say without the care and dedication from Maya, the whole situation would have been extremely difficult. Maya has an incredible gift for mentoring young people and helping them to become the best versions of themselves. Her sense of humour was instrumental in helping Harry to feel relaxed around Maya and she was by far Harry and his peers most respected teacher.”

Parent of Mentored Student

Hobbies & Interests

Having completed my Counselling skills course with adolescents, I became much more interested in the environments that children grow up in and how that impacts their view of the world, the options open to them and how they see themselves. Mental health and wellbeing is vital for success in the exam years as resilience and becoming a fully independent learner are key parts of this. I have worked with students who have come from a range of families, and I am acutely aware that instability in the teenage years can make studying extremely taxing. I am also aware that teens are not always seen in a positive light, particularly those from economically deprived areas.

As well as this, I also love travelling and have done so extensively around SE Asia. Travelling in my 30s as a single woman, I found it a very safe and easy place to travel to. The food, the people and their culture fascinates me. While in Thailand I completed a cooking course which I loved.

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