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Matthew S

"Matthew helped my son improve his A level Mathematics grade enabling him to get into his first choice of university. We are delighted. Matthew is very patient and my son enjoyed working with him on a one to one basis. My son is very happy studying at his first choice of university."

A Level Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2009 – 13; University of Cambridge; BA Hons & MSci Natural Sciences (2:1) Having covered a mixture of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science in my first two years, I went on to specialise in Experimental and Theoretical Physics in my final two.

2004 – 09; Desborough School, Maidenhead; A-Levels: Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Biology [AS] (A)

About Me

I am a full time private tutor with over 6000 hours’ experience teaching all core subjects at Primary school level, Secondary school Science and Mathematics and preparing students for application to independent schools and Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities. I have experience preparing students for 11+ Pre-Test, 13+ Common Entrance, GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, IB and Cambridge Pre-U examinations and university admissions tests such as TSA, PAT, MAT and STEP. I also teach Physics up to an Undergraduate level. I have experience delivering lessons in person and over Skype, plus tailoring courses for home schooled children.

I am passionate about helping children to secure a solid education to provide the foundations for a successful career later in life. My Cambridge education has opened up a wealth of opportunities and I too want to help children receive the best education they can so they can go on to achieve great things.

I developed my interest in education during my time at university through immersing myself in a wealth of educational projects, from acting as an assistant Physics teacher in a local secondary school to teaching English as a foreign language abroad in India and China. Teaching has become an integral part of my life which is why I am endeavouring to keep my connection to education through tutoring as I explore different career paths.

There are three roles I can take as a tutor. Firstly, I can act as a resource to help the child through homework assignments and explain difficult material in textbooks. Secondly, I can act as a teacher and deliver lessons in parallel to the school curriculum, tailoring a custom made course to target the child’s interests. Finally, I can act as a mentor to help the child manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential. Usually clients request a balanced mix of all three and as the tutorials progress we can continually evolve the approach to exactly meet the interests of you and your child.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a sample of my tuition experience:

GCSE Physics

In this 13 year old student’s school they started learning their GCSEs a year early and I helped her to grasp some of the topics she found difficult in her Physics course.

Year 10 Home Schooling

This 15 year old boy had to take a month off of school so I home schooled him Maths in parallel to other tutors covering his other subjects.


I worked with a student for three hours a week from September to November helping him transition from the state sector to the private sector and apply to leading private day schools in London. Support included ensuring his knowledge met what was expected for entrance tests and interview (which often required knowledge from across different exam boards and beyond), exam technique, and mock-interview practice. English also wasn’t his first language so extra care was required to help him understand the subtlety of question terminology, e.g. describe vs explain. He gained a place at his first choice school of City of London School. His preferred A-level choices were Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Biology.

IB Maths Studies

I worked with a student in the last two weeks before their Maths studies exam consolidating essential knowledge and working on exam technique. I was pleased to learn that the student had tried working with several other tutors unsuccessfully, but was happy with my approach and wanted to continue with me till the exams had been completed.

A-Level Physics

This student had failed his first year of AS Physics and needed help preparing for his retakes. I helped him improve his understanding and exam technique. Once he regained his confidence physics came more naturally to him and he was then ready to concentrate on ways to tackle the exam. He passed his retakes with B’s and C’s.

A-level Chemistry AQA

I was approached by a dyslexic student at A2 level who had to achieve a B in her Chemistry to meet her University offers but was concerned she had been achieving Ds in all her recent assessments. I worked with the student on a weekly basis up to the summer exams, consolidating her understanding of the syllabus and focusing on exam technique. I also helped her to organise her independent revision and provided resources she could use to practice. The student achieved a B and made her university offer.

AS/A-Level Maths and Further Maths

I supported two siblings (16 and 17) with their AS and A2-level Further Mathematics work. Since tutoring them, their father became increasingly interested in improving his Mathematical skills so I began tutoring him additionally as an adult casual learner.

Pre-U Physics

I have worked with numerous students for Cambridge Pre-U Physics. This is a much harder qualification than A-Level, and I support the students in helping them to grasp the more advanced degree-level topics.

University Applications and Interviews

Since 2014, each year I have taken on multiple students for one-to-one interview preparation sessions. The preparation process involves ensuring the student is familiar with the various topics that most commonly crop up in interview and then tackling interview style questions with a focus on interview technique (e.g. thinking aloud). Towards the end of the preparation process I will conduct full length interviews with the student and provide feedback on their performance. I cover both Oxford and Cambridge applicants for all STEM subjects. Each year my students provide feedback on the questions they were asked in their real interview and I have collated a database of these questions to practice with future students. I have a good success rate.

Foundation Level Physics

I worked with an international student who was studying a foundation year at St. George’s University Hospital for Medical School. We focussed primarily on Physics modules.

Hobbies and Interests 

Outside tutoring I use my time to pursue my other interests. For example, I am a keen musician and I am currently working on several electronic music projects with other artists. I would like to someday become a successful musician but also use this profile as a platform to work in the media for projects which popularise science. This vision stems not only from my fondness of science but my interest in video editing and production – a skill I picked up to help promote several charitable events I was involved with at university.

I enjoy travel and over the past few years have visited many exotic locations such as India, China and South America. Finally, I am a sporty individual having achieved a black belt in kickboxing and played badminton for my college’s III team at university

Client Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the sessions I’ve had with Matthew. He was enthusiastic and passionate about A level physics, having read Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He was very friendly and was patient. He didn’t mind repeating topics a few times until I grasped the concept. He was organised and was always prepared for each session I would strongly recommend Matthew to anyone studying physics.”

A-Level Physics

“Matthew helped me a lot in learning Physics, although it is a hard subject and it is so difficult to understand what’s going on! he helped me a lot with simplifying everything with using examples from real life. Learning with Matthew is really fun and useful at the same time. He will actually make you love the subject you’re studying even if you don’t!”

A-Level Physics student

“Matthew has helped me enormously so far to prepare for my for my Cambridge Pre-U examinations in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, firstly by going through topics which I am finding difficult and generating revision material on these topics, and then setting questions on specific topics for me to tackle and explaining carefully where the problems lie if I don’t get it correct the first time around. I would certainly recommend Matthew if you are looking for tuition in any of these subjects.”

Pre-U Physics student

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