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Matthew P

Matthew is an academic high flyer who has been registered with Simply Learning Tuition for over a year.

Simply Learning Tuition

  • 11+

  • A Level

  • Chemistry

  • Further Maths

  • GCSE

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

University of Warwick, Physics (1st)

The Portsmouth Grammar School, A-Level ( A*’s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature)

The Portsmouth Grammar School. GCSE (A*/A)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2014. My subject specialism is Physics. I also offer support for Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. Furthermore I have experience of supporting students through their Common Entrance exams (11+).

When tutoring, I plan the structure of a lesson beforehand so that both the student and myself have a clear understanding of what will be covered in a session. I begin with the fundamentals of a subject, introducing new information one piece at a time to reduce the cognitive load for the student. I also introduce new content by continuously linking it back to previously acquired knowledge (according to Schema Theory teaching techniques), so that it can be fully understood in the context of the subject before moving on. As the lesson progresses, I provide examples and then set short questions at regular intervals, as I believe that learning by testing is more effective than simple repetition. By the end of the lesson my primary aim is that the student has all the necessary knowledge required by the curriculum and they are able to apply it in an exam setting. In addition  I aim to nurture an interest in what they are learning and an awareness of the overall relevance of the subject content. I am flexible in my methodologies and will often adjust based on the student’s age and the difficulty of the content.

The motivation behind learning is a key ideal in my teaching method. If knowledge can be linked to real-world applications relevant to the student’s life, this not only makes the information more tangible and intuitive but encourages further learning. I also find that interesting facts, diagrams, and animations relevant to the subject material serve as signposts which can aid a student in recalling information. At times conversations can extend to content far beyond the scope of the student’s key stage level. I find that this inspires a desire for learning and fascination with the subject which drives a student to self-motivated success, I sometimes return to find that the student has carried out further research in their free time.

Recent tuition

I am able to support students from Key Stage 2 through to A-Level. This is a selection of my most recent tutoring experience.

11+ Common Entrance Exam (English & Maths)

I tutored an eleven-year old student over several weeks in Maths and verbal reasoning to prepare her for Common Entrance exams to the Portsmouth Grammar School. She quickly gained exemplary scores on practice papers after we went through several of them together, we then progressed to covering Key Stage 3 Maths.

GCSE Maths

I worked intensively with a sixteen-year-old student in Maths by helping him mark his past papers during the exam period. He obtained a 9 grade in this GCSE Maths paper.

GCSE Maths, Physics & Chemistry

I tutored a fifteen-year old student over the course of several months from them obtaining his mock results up to the date of his final exams in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. This primarily consisted of teaching material in subject areas that the student was weak in and preparing revision plans for outside of the lessons. He went from a predicted B in both Physics and Maths to an A*, furthermore his Chemistry grade leaped from a C to an A.

A-Level Maths & Physics

I tutored a seventeen-year-old in Maths and Physics, helping them with her weekly homework and covering the material they she been taught that week in lessons throughout their year in Year 12

Undergraduate Physics

I volunteered as a Physics Mentor in my second and third year of university. This involved arranging meetings with a lower-year student (age nineteen) and going through the material covered that week in lectures, checking their weekly worksheets.

Hobbies and Interests 


In my free time, I enjoy reading in many forms. My favourite books are usually classic novels but I also read non-fiction, including keeping up to date with recent scientific journals and magazine articles. Additionally, I enjoy writing when I can find time and have completed my own novel.

Other hobbies of mine include rock climbing, which provides the opportunity to stay fit and occasionally explore the British national parks on weekends, and Muay Thai kickboxing which I find useful for aiding focus and discipline, even outside of the sessions themselves.

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