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Matthew H

"Matthew was a great tutor for Xandie. He was engaging and it was good for Xandie to have an out of school sounding board to whom he could ask questions and practise further things they had been doing in the classroom."

Parent of ISEB Year 6 Student

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Academic History

English Language and Literature BA 2.1 University of Oxford

A Levels: English Literature A*, History A, Religious Studies A

GCSEs: English Literature A*, English Language A*, History A*, Religious studies A*, Music A*, Geography A*, Latin A*, Chemistry A, Physics B, Biology A, Maths B

About Me

In the limits of the classroom, the student cannot always be given the attention they deserve. Yet even more than this, the classroom isn’t always conducive to the principle underpinning all teaching: curiosity and enthusiasm. Only a hands-on, dynamic style, joining diligence and rigour with a lively teaching style allows students of any confidence level to approach their work with advanced critical tools and newfound enthusiasm. It is this style that propels students through their coursework and entrance exams, including those held for the top independent schools.

Recent tuition

I am currently guiding a student towards their entrance exam at St. Pauls. Over the past two years, this is a process I have been through for Harrow and Radley applicants too. I have also had experience preparing students for their Oxbridge entrance exams, as well as interview preparation.

11+ English

Taking on Henry was a deeply rewarding challenge for me. As a non-native speaker seeking a place at Harrow, Henry and I worked day-by-day to improve not only his confidence in comprehension and creative writing, but in his written and communicative ability. Over two months, Henry built his analytical skills alongside his personal confidence. That he secured a place at Harrow is a source of great personal pride.

13+ English

Xandie’s energy and curiosity meant that I had a double task on my hands: widen his understanding of the texts presented to him in ISEB-style papers, and harness his energies to direct them towards the imminent task at hand. Over the 10 weeks, we crashed-coursed through dozens of past-papers, mock interviews, and enriching academic discussions.

GCSE English Literature and Language

Bohan parents’ request was simple: improve Bohan’s ability in English. This rather vague spec provided me with a great opportunity to explore a range of genres, periods and styles with Bohan. In doing so, I provided Bohan was a holistic look at the possibilities of English, beyond the often-narrow borders of the exam board. By the end of the three month process, our strong rapport and easy-going lessons had not only improved Bohan’s ability, but had allowed a strong academic relationship to form, boosting his confidence and enthusiasm for the subject.

GCSE English (Edexcel)

Maxim is my longest-running student, and it is a genuine pleasure to see the progress he has made. I began with Maxim by asking him a simple question: why do we study English? For a long time, Maxim resisted answering that question, seeing the subject as terminology and vague ideas. But now, seeing the immense strides Maxim has taken through our work on Shakespeare, war poetry and essay writing skills, I know that he is confident not only in his own ability in the subject but really grasps the essence of why we study it.

A Level English Literature (OCR)

Taka came to me with a strong understanding of how to analyse complex texts, but was finding it difficult to structure his essays and adequately express himself. This presented me with a very specific task: bring Taka’s talent to the page. Through intensive reading sessions, challenging interview-style debates, and memorisation of effective essay structures, Taka managed to do just this, placing himself in a very secure position before he took his A Levels. Taka and I had eight sessions together.

Hobbies and Interests

My ambition is to become a film director, but I have always wanted to teach: the beauty of language, the importance of our texts, and what they mean for our lives. As I complete my second professional production, I am increasingly recognising how my directorial ambitions and my desire to teach are entwined: clarity of communication, a holistic understanding of the subject matter, and a friendly and convivial demeanour that will, in education, allow students to view their curriculums as lively and (dare I say?) fun!


Parent of ISEB Year 6 Student

“Matthew came to help with my son Alexander in the preceding weeks to his ISEB exams in Year 6. We did a very targeted tuition period over 8-10 weeks just to help Xandie feel more confident with his English and verbal reasoning. Matthew helped him widen his understanding of texts by challenging him and ensuring him he had thought about the question in different ways. He also helped him with his expansion and use of vocabulary. Matthew spoke to Xandie about wider-ranging topics/news and I could hear some lively discussions going on! Matthew was a great tutor for Xandie. He was engaging and it was good for Xandie to have an out-of-school sounding board to whom he could ask questions and practise further things they had been doing in the classroom.”

Founder of NPO Chokkura Home Stay

“As a non-profit organization, we provide a summer program in Japan for Japanese high school students aged between 16 to 18 years old. We recruited two students from the University of Oxford this year and had them provide English classes for 5 days. Matthew joined our summer program as a teacher this year. He is honest and punctual so he could cooperate with the other student from the University of Oxford. During the programme, I was amazed by his enthusiasm. He provided interactive classes with lots of interesting activities, in a very professional manner. I took his classes with the other students and really enjoyed them.”

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