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“I can thoroughly recommend Mariam, who worked with my son diligently preparing him for his SATS at Primary level. Her enthusiasm, and drive shone through with my son, and her determined and highly spirited way of teaching made lessons engaging and stimulating. I cannot thank her enough for her time, effort and energy, and will most certainly be using her, and recommending her in the near future again.”

SAT Tuition

  • 11+

  • 7+/8+

  • Early Years

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Maths

  • SEN

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

Roehampton University, Surrey (2007-2008): PGCE (Primary)

Roehampton University, Surrey (2002-2004): BA Education with Sociology

Fortismere Sixth Form College, London (2002-2004): A-Levels

Copthall School, Mill Hill (1997-2002): GCSEs

About Me

I am an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and SENDCo.  I have worked as a deputy SENDCo in an inner London Secondary school in Camden and am currently working as a SEND consultant supporting the training of their new SENDCo at the same school. I am also a SENDCo at a primary school part time so really understand both primary and secondary aged children and can understand the key transition period. I have set up a range of interventions throughout the secondary school and life skill opportunities such as a recent trip to Brighton. I believe that all children should be able to progress regardless of their need or barrier to learning. I carefully monitor each child on the SEN register and ensure we are putting targets in place that are achievable. I work with key workers and staff to ensure we are meeting the needs of children and using funding appropriately. I created an open-door policy where staff and children can come to me throughout the day to get any support they require. School can be a very challenging place for children with SEN and I want to make sure that they are fully supported, to achieve this we need to ensure the send team are supported in the same way.

As a parent of a child with special needs and challenging behaviour, I have my own hands-on experience of the EHCP process. I have been on training courses to support phonics, autism, sensory processing disorder and challenging behaviour. these courses have supported me with my teaching holistically. this has enabled me to use my knowledge to support families and spot any concerns rapidly. I am a qualified primary school with 16 years’ experience (including early years, key stage 1, 2 and 3) I have sound knowledge of the National Curriculum, this statutory framework for the EYFS and Development Matters. My experience teaching all age groups has enabled me to have a secure understanding of effective practice throughout primary education.

During Covid I supported a CEO to set up a Community Interest Company called ‘The Maze Org’ where we delivered interventions in schools through charity funding as well as the Camden holiday food programmes. I worked as a Lead Educational Consultant. My role involves managing leaders and learners, writing curriculum content and teaching. I supported a range of families by delivering individualised learning programs to meet their child’s specific needs.

I have worked at a variety of different schools during Ofsted, where I helped each school achieve a good status. As a school we all used the school development plan to make improvements to the children’s’ learning opportunities.

Recently I have supported a range of children one to one with challenging behaviour and additional needs, this has really enabled me to support teachers to tailor their lessons to ensure the needs of all children are met. I have had the opportunity to support families with children with down syndrome and autism, where I have worked one to one with both children and parents.

In addition, I worked for a government funded project called Waste Warriors, where we delivered sustainability workshops in London teaching them about food waste and recycling. The project has been extremely successful as children learn about food waste, recycling and how they can contribute to saving the environment and actively get involved. I led a team of teachers on this initiative and supported community events.

Furthermore, I have a range of experience teaching secondary aged children, currently I am tutoring children from both the state and private sector in History and English, preparing these children for their GCSE’S.

My 16 years teaching experience has given me an understanding of what it means to be a reflective practitioner. I believe education is not just about academic success, but also about nurturing and developing the whole child. I became a teacher because I want to be able to give children the best possible start to their education with positive memories. The skills and knowledge I instill in children, equip them both for academic and social success. I know that if children are unhappy, they can struggle academically, therefore I ensure I create a happy, stimulating, and fun learning environment.

My start to teaching began in the Early Years; this gave me an insight into how children develop and how to use a creative curriculum. I believe my experience and knowledge of working with all age groups has equipped me well as a teacher.

In addition, I am fantastic at building strong relationships with colleagues and parents. I am a very approachable leader, who people feel happy and comfortable to communicate with. I deal with problems that arise and find solutions. I am always willing to go the extra mile for all the children I teach and support and progress my team.

Recent tuition

I have worked with many students to provide one-to-one support, tutoring individuals from Pre-School through to Year 7. Here are some case studies to demonstrate my recent experience.

4+ Exam Preparation (Successful entry into Channing School)

I supported this student to speak clearly and answer questions effectively, whilst giving helping with her concentration, turn taking and cooperation. This was done partly by using role play activities and games. Lilly was successful in gaining entry into Channing School, and we still work together to develop her reading and writing.

Year 1 Booster Tuition (SEN Dyslexia and Autism)

When this student and I started working together he was behind age expectations. I prepared very short creative activities to keep him focused and made sure that the entire lesson was visual and very ‘hands on’ for him, as this was an effective way to keep his concentration. I was also able to offer practical advice to his parents, as I have my own child with autism. With my support he passed the phonics screening test and went on to make good progress in his Year 2 SATS. His confidence and concentration have improved massively.

Year 4 General Booster Tuition

This student is from Jamaica and is living in England for four years. We are working on developing his literacy skills and filling the gaps in his learning. We are currently working through the Key Stage 2 curriculum and I am setting regular targets and appropriate homework for him. I am also teaching him independent learning skills, as well as supporting his inference and comprehension skills. He is making fantastic progress and is exceeding all his targets.

7+ Entrance Exam Preparation & Homework support (successful entrance into Highgate School)

This student and I worked together for two years in the build-up to his 7+ exams. We worked through papers identifying the gaps in his knowledge and planning our next steps. This then allowed me to set weekly targets and set appropriate homework. This meant that I taught to his gaps and also consolidated his previous literacy and maths learning, along with supporting the use of an expanded vocabulary. We worked hard on resilience and confidence as well as problem solving which helped holistically. He worked extremely hard and gained entry into Highgate School.

11+ Entrance Exam Preparation & Homework Support

This student has been working with me on 11+ preparation. We have been working on her literacy and maths skills, past exam papers, problem solving and her proof reading. She is making fantastic progress and is passing the past papers well. She lacks confidence so we are currently working on resilience and exam technique. This student will sit her entrance exam in November.

SEN experience

I have been teaching as a primary school teacher since 2008. I have always worked in schools with children with a range of  special educational needs, such as memory processing, dyslexia and autism. I have also attended various autistic and dyslexia training as well as supporting children in my own class with these needs.

I currently tutor an autistic boy who also has ADHD and have tailored my lessons to suit his needs. I also tutor another student who is severely dyslexia, with slow memory processing. We use lots of phonics games, pictorial and practical lessons. My own child is also autistic with slow processing and likely ADHD and I am working with him and the school to support him further. I always work closely with parents and set realistic targets for my children.

13+ English Preparation

I taught a student over a year for 13+ preparation to Wetherby last year. We worked on English and Verbal Reasoning, and I made sure that closer to the exam we focused on working under time pressure too. We worked through lots of past papers and de-coded everything into small chunks, repeating questions again and again. He ended up gaining admission to Wetherby.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy spending time with my husband and children. In my spare time I like to swim, go to the theatre and travel. I am also very interested in autism and enjoy supporting families who have children with additional needs.

Client Testimonials

“As a secondary teacher of English myself, I struggled to find a tutor for my own child, as being in the profession makes it especially difficult to find someone ‘right’. However, I can thoroughly recommend Mariam, who worked with my son diligently preparing him for his SATS at Primary level. Her enthusiasm, and drive shone through with my son, and her determined and highly spirited way of teaching made lessons engaging and stimulating. I cannot thank her enough for her time, effort and energy, and will most certainly be using her, and recommending her in the near future again.”


  • Qualified Teacher

  • SEN Specialist