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"Theodore got a scholarship to Charterhouse. Thanks to many years of support from Margaret”

Mrs K, 16+ Scholarship Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2018, UCL, MA Development Education, (Merit)

1995 – 1999, Trinity College Dublin, BA English Literature and Russian Studies, (2:1)

About Me

I have been working as a tutor for over 7 years, and specialise in English, Maths and History.

My approach to tutoring is student-centred, but at the same time goal aware. I believe a tutor must be able to adapt to the student’s learning style, particularly since students learn in different ways; some respond visually, to diagrams and videos, others are more reflective, preferring to learn through reading and taking notes and there are others, who learn best by taking a practical approach with the subject matter, relating to real-world situations. By being adaptable, I believe a tutor is able to get the most out of their students, moreover by taking a formative approach and choosing the right technique for the individual learner you can better engage with their individual talent. Asking students questions and encouraging them to reflect on their own learning gives them time to adjust to any areas that need improvement and promotes their own learning-awareness. I am also able to embrace new technologies. Understanding that almost all students own a laptop, mobile device or tablet, means it’s important to be able to incorporate these technologies into lessons and often it helps make the lessons more stimulating. Finally, I like to personalise my lessons and draw on the students’ own interests to galvanise their learning. Actively seeking out these opportunities to make lessons as interesting as possible, makes knowledge memorable and strengthens students’ connections with their learning.

Using both my extensive teaching practice and experience, I have been a successful private tutor for many years: preparing for all types of entrance exams, including Oxbridge. I spent five years teaching at an UNESCO sponsored school in Moscow, Russia and prior to that I was Lead Faculty adviser for Literature – Envision National Young Scholars Program, in New York. I have also been a Curriculum Designer at a Study Lab at the British School in Moscow, as well as taught GCSE at a top London girls’ state school. I have a rigorous teaching style and my understanding of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment has made me believe that teachers must be able to identify and maximise every student’s strength, as well as motivate them, if they are going to make students capable of achieving specific goals. In a one to one environment, I am mindful of the individual needs of students and adapt my methodologies, to connect with the student’s own learning style. I believe that academic confidence is what makes a student succeed or fail and it is my responsibility to make sure that students feel in control of the content before they are under any pressure to apply their knowledge.

Recent tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience, for students from Key Stage 1 to undergraduate level. Please find a selection of my experience below.

16+ Exam Preparation

Fyodor was based in Russia, and I worked with him consistently on English from the age of 12 to 15. His family then got in touch as he was taking the 16+ entrance exams so he could attend a British boarding school for his A Levels. We worked on several subjects, including Chemistry, History, English and Philosophy. He made outstanding progress and his confidence grew, along with his knowledge and skills. He was awarded a scholarship for Chemistry, and is now also taking History and Philosophy at A level.

Eton Scholarship English

I worked with Jonathan on a short term, intensive basis in the run up to his Eton College exams. He was working with another tutor for Maths, so we focused on his English. He was an incredibly hard worker, so we paid extra attention to his exam technique and past papers, along with managing his exam anxiety. I am delighted to say he was awarded a scholarship.

11+ Exam Preparation

Ava was an only child, who was moving across from Australia to London. She had moved around a lot as a child, and so was naturally quite anxious and highly strung. Through past papers, and some intensive work, along with exam skills preparation, Ava was offered places at Godolphin and Latymer, Putney High, St Paul’s girls, and is now happily settled at Lady Eleanor Holles.

ISEB Pre Test

Ben was in a feeder school but needed some intensive preparation to prepare him for the Harrow Pre-test, in which he needed to score at least 70%. In a short space of time, he grew in confidence and ability, and was offered a provisional place at Harrow.

10+ Entrance Exam (SEN ADHD)

Ryan’s older brother was at City of London, and his father had relatively low expectations of Ryan’s ability to gain entry to any school. When I met Ryan, I couldn’t understand the issues, he was a complete chatter box! I created a code of behaviour to set the expectations of why we were working together and how he should behave during our sessions. Setting these ground rules from the beginning, for both the parents and for Ryan, really helped set up the routine for the session. I was delighted when Ryan was successful in being offered a place at City of London.

Hobbies and Interests 

I come from a performing arts background and used to write for television, therefore in my spare team I enjoy researching for documentary projects for a small production company.

Client Testimonials

“Theodore got a scholarship to Charterhouse. Thanks to many years of support from Margaret” 16+ scholarship Mother

“Tilly is growing every day in ability. With Margaret’s help she overcame all her fears in preparation for her new start at Harrodians.” 7+ Father

“I found Margaret to be as helpful, professional, and reliable. She has a rigorous approach to achieving the job in hand, but she also has a good understanding of the individual. She always did her best to maximise Ryan’s potential, and hence why he succeeded in achieving his goal of getting into City of London.  For this reason, I would recommend her for any future employment in the same field” 10+ Father

“Ava loves LEH. I am so glad that we chose there, even when we had the choice of Putney High, Godolphin and Latymer or St. Paul’s Girls, and she got in – thanks to you, Margaret!” 11+ Mother

“Anton was offered a place at Dulwich College and awarded a Scholarship at Marlborough College.  I have to say that Anton’s success was only possible with hardworking participation of his prep tutor – Margaret Cox, who helped him immensely on all major subjects.   Owing to her thorough, diligent and scrupulous efforts Anton got confident and capable to settle in foreign school’s environment and demonstrate top-level academic performance.” – 13+ scholarship Father

“After working tirelessly with Jonathan, and despite the academic affirmation of his prep school Colet Court, Margaret made sure that Jonathan was really in the right frame of mind for undertaking the Kings Scholarship process at Eton. We were blown away with the result and cannot thank her enough”– 13+ scholarship Mother

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