''Thank you so much for your patience and your approach to teaching, my daughter is finally gaining some confidence and she is no able to understand topics she was never able to understand before''

Gillian, GCSE Maths Tuition

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Academic History

Simón Bolívar University: Mechanical Engineering with Music Performance (2:1)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2014 and I am a full time private tutor. My main subject specialisms are Maths and Physics. In addition, I can provide support for Music, German and Spanish, and I also have experience in preparing students for the Common Entrance Exams.

I approach tutoring with great versatility and dynamics, namely, I quickly adapt to every student’s learning abilities, making sure I reach the right pace and cover the right amount of syllabus to always keep the student engaged. I make sure that student is always participating in the lesson by asking questions and continuously handing out exercises on the subjects being covered. Furthermore, I always make sure that the lesson is fun and always leave space for a bit of humour.

I have an excellent ability to communicate and connect with students of all ages and I am able to mould my teaching with outstanding versatility so that every one of my students internalises the topic. I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that with patience, a focus on the details of the subject and a dynamic comprehensive way of tutoring, you can tutor everyone to success.

Recent tuition

Below is a sample of my tutoring experience.

A-Level Maths Home Schooling

I have worked with Killian, who has been home schooled since the early stages of his life, from Key Stage 3. Through our work at GCSE, he gained a place at an American college where he studied A-Level Mathematics. Despite having great difficulties understanding the syllabus, the highly focused and hands on nature of our lessons outside of college allowed him to get a grip on the topics studied and successfully completed several mock tests in the 6-month period in which the lessons took place.

IB Maths SL

I provided online and face-to-face IB Maths SL tuition for a student in Dubai, while I was there completing a 6 month tuition contract. He had significant knowledge gaps, specifically from core algebraic knowledge, namely, solving quadratics, factorising and completing the square, solving and graphing inequalities, graphs transformations, dividing polynomials, etc. We managed to eliminate all knowledge gaps and bring him up to speed with the exam preparation. He managed to get the equivalent of a B.

IB Maths SL

I provided IB Maths SL tuition to an Asian student over the Christmas period.  She had quite significant knowledge gaps but more towards the advanced syllabus, namely, differentiation and integration, logarithms, exponential functions and trigonometric equations. We managed to get her up to speed in just 5 1h sessions.

IB Maths SL

I am currently providing online IB Maths SL to a student in Geneva. She is quite behind in her school work and is not able to retain or effectively understand anything she is taught at school. We have been working really hard on building her confidence and strengthening her core knowledge from year 8 and year 9 syllabus, trying to gradually build up until she is able to be up to date with her IB course at school.

GCSE Maths and Business Home Schooling (SEN Dyslexia)

I’ve tutored Rhea from her 13+ exams all the way to her GCSEs. Rhea has dyslexia, manifesting in a difficulty in interpreting and reading words, and something that has made her struggle within her education. Through a very patient, flexible, versatile and detail-oriented teaching approach I have helped Rhea understand the topics we’ve covered together within the subjects of Maths and Business, as part of her homeschool education. She currently is on track to sit her GCSEs next summer.

Year 9 & GCSE Maths

Louis had always struggled with Maths in school, it was the only subject where he constantly underperformed and where obtained below average grades. I was engaged by his mother to help him gain more confidence with the subject, as well as help him understand and internalise all the concepts involved in a thorough manner. I started tutoring Louis during his KS3 year and I am currently working with him to support in preparing for his GCSEs. Since we started our lessons Louis has consistently been within the top three of his class and his confidence has improved enormously.

13+ Common Entrance Exam Maths

Polina was aiming to sit several Common Entrance tests aiming for different schools including: Sevenoaks, St. Albans, Latymer Upper, Godolphin & Latymer and Emmanuel. I prepared her for all the different schools using the specific test layout and content most relevant for each school. We carried out several sample papers for each school in the build up to the entrance exams. Polina was accepted at Godolphin & Latymer.

11+ Common Entrance Exam Maths

I prepared Sarah for her 11+ Common Entrance tests as she aimed to be accepted at Sevenoaks and St. Paul’s Girl’s, among many other schools. I guided and tutored her throughout her preparation for the exams and I’m delighted to say she was successfully accepted in St. Paul’s Girls’ and also received offers from three other schools.

Guitar (beginner and intermediate level)

Luan has managed to improve his guitar skills exponentially within three months. He is now able to play all major and minor chords in the open position, is able to identify notes on the fretboard and has managed to develop a great repertoire of songs.

Hobbies and Interests 

I am very active and enjoy taking time to play tennis, football and volleyball. I also enjoy going hiking and mountaineering.

Client Testimonials

“”My son was the third highest grade in Maths this year at his school! Before we would have never imagined he would excel in the subject he has always struggled the most with! Thank you so much for your tutoring, it has really paid off!”

Rihannon, mother of a GCSE student

”Thanks for taking full care of my son’s education”

Tania, mother of a GCSE student

”Thank you so much for your patience and your approach to teaching, my daughter is finally gaining some confidence and she is no able to understand topics she was never able to understand before”

Gillian, mother of a 15 year old GCSE student with dyslexia

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