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Maddie has worked with Simply Learning Tuition for over 4 years, in a wide range of roles and we have always received brilliant feedback about her work.

Simply Learning Tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • English

  • Geography

  • History

  • Maths

  • Religious Studies

  • Science

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Theatre Studies

Academic History

April 2014 ongoing: NPQSL (National Professional Qualification Senior Leadership) (on hold as need to be working in school context to complete)

2012 LAMDA Diploma in Speech and Drama Education

2009-2010: PGCE Primary Education (4-11years) with Masters Credits University of Brighton

2004-2007: Undergraduate English Literature and Drama BA Hons       University of Sussex

2002 -2004: Reigate College   A-levels

Theatre Studies A

English Literature   A

Government and Politics B

Media Studies A

1997 – 2002: Wallington Grammar School for Girls

9 GCSE’s (including 8 at Grade A or A*)

Training :

2014: COGMED -Trained Practitioner in Cogmed Working Memory Training. I have coached 4 pupils with COGMED (including one with ADHD). Working memory improvement averaging 88%.

2013: First Aider – St John’s Ambulance/Red Cross (1 Day Training)

2008: Health and Hygiene- Level 2 Certificate (Online Certification and Practical with Sainsbury PLC)

About Me

I am a doer, a reader and a lifelong learner; a person who relishes challenge and is interested by plenty of things. I keep abreast of the shifting academic world, never fearing the prospect of change or getting stuck in the safe and familiar. I recognise the ‘nod to the old’ and take heed of the previously successful, but have a passion for innovation and the development of unique and memorable learning. I know and work to my professional strengths – to my creativity and my dedication to personalising experiences. I understand my expertise but have the humility to learn from my limitations. I am the sum of the relationships I form with others, and there are few more rewarding than those formed when teaching.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Tutoring Experience:

  • I have privately tutored pupils between 4-17 years of age
  • 3-4 yrs: Play-Based learning including EYFS
  • 4-11 yrs: I am qualified and experienced in all the BNC (British National Curriculum)
  • (Maths/Science/English inc Phonics/History/ICT inc iPad/Geography, History & RS/Art and DT/PE/Drama/Spanish/PSHE)
  • 11-14yrs: To KS3 – Maths, English Lit and Lang, Humanities, Drama and Theatre, Art & Graphics
  • 14-16yrs: To GCSE – English Literature, English Lang, Maths (up to a/b threshold)History, Art and Graphics, Media Studies
  • 6-18yrs: Subjects through to A level – English Literature, English language, Drama and Theatre, Media Studies
  • Exams:7+ and 11+/Common Entrance expertise / In depth knowledge of SATS inc Level 6 extension

Selection of clients:

Residential tuition – Ibiza: 5.5 months – Home schooling residential for Boy 10 (C) and Girl 8 (T). I drove to Ibiza with a full ‘classroom’ in the boot of my car and turned the ‘casita’ in the family grounds into a school for my two lovely pupils. Each day they had a full day of schooling (9-4pm) which encompassed all Primary Subjects, had a focus on 9+ /11+ and the standards expected to attain places in top independent schools in the UK. I personalised learning to take into account C’s specific and emerging educational needs. Prior to our wonderful home schooling adventure, both children were at an international school in Ibiza where they were performing around, and in some instances below, age related expectations. T’s main achievement was going from the bottom set and group (maths) at her International School to the very top on her return to school. C tells me his main achievement was setting up his own website and tuition company, as he has been inspired by his experience of home schooling! Both children will now happily start at their respective selective schools in September and they are very excited!

Residential tuition – Gstadd Switzerland: 2 weeks – Family preparing their son P for 8+. P offered place at St Philips.

Residential tuition in West Sussex and Belgravia – Maths, English and overall ‘study support’ (including development of personalised Education plan) for pupil whose parents have recently relocated from Hong Kong (Holiday and occasional weekends).

Residential tuition in Milan, Rome and South Kensington: 4 months – Residential Tutor. Full Time Home Schooling and after school support (when family are in South Kensington). Home schooling 2 children (Boy of 7 years, Girl of 10 years) in all core Primary Subjects (Maths, English and Science). Travelling with family to their homes in Italy and using localities to deliver the curriculum in extra-curriculum subjects (History, Geography, RE and PE). The eldest of the pupils will be taking her 11 + In January and, although I am not scheduled to be with the family at that time, I am considering these standards/expectations in the planning, deliverance and assessment of her lessons.

11+ pre-test preparation – I worked with SM from April 2016 onward, on Skype and at his familial address in West London. I was employed by the family to manage his preparation for all aspects of the Pre-Test. SM sat in the third quartile of his class in all subjects and his initial reasoning scores placed him at a moderate-average range of between 110 -116 (standardised). He was not a natural candidate for Eton and had (diagnosed) mild dyslexia and processing difficulties. However SM’s older brother is at Eton and he and his family were firm in their decision that he must have the ‘opportunity’ to try for the school also. After 4.5 months of support, SM moved into the second quartile at school in English and into the first quartile in Maths, which was a great jump. He was re-assessed by an independent Ed Psych in June 2016 and his standardised scores had increased to averaging 122 overall – the centre reported that his results were one of the largest ‘6 month’ jumps they had recorded. He passed the Pre-Test and was invited to Eton where he undertook a second round of assessments (primarily focused on Interview and cognitive skills) and has been offered a conditional place subject to 13+. SM’s class teachers (Independent boarding school) did not expect SM to even pass the Pre-Test at Eton standard, never mind be offered a conditional place. He is an extraordinarily dedicated, calm and kind young man and I am immensely proud to have been the main academic figure in his journey/route to Eton. Principal Teaching strategies employed: Content of Pre-Test dedicated teaching and Processing Speed/Rapid Recall activities

Year 6 general tuition (home schooling) and 11+ pre-test and Eton preparation (online) (ongoing) – I have worked with Z for 18 months. I initially met Z via home schooling; the family were relocating to New York and we worked together for 7 weeks in the interim period between Z finishing at school in London and moving to the States. After relocating to New York, Z (and his parents) requested that I continue to tutor him via Skype (twice weekly) to supplement the education he was receiving in NY. It is Z’s dream to study at Eton, and the education he is currently receiving is unable to cater for his natural and emerging abilities. The New York school are/were not equipped to guide him accordingly. Currently, Z and I are working on honing our reasoning (VR and NVR), undertaking critical thinking activities and interview Prep in lieu of his second stage Eton assessments. We dedicate core sessions to logic and reasoning; using matrices, puzzles, code breaking and critical thinking activities as starting points. We have developed an excellent rapport, which is heavily reliant on his appreciation of my understanding his unique capabilities. Z is a highly able and motivated young man and has responded excellently to focused and meticulously planned exercises/sessions over the last 8 months (Eton focus throughout). I often lean towards my own background in Gifted and Talented Education and utilise age appropriate psychometric assessments/quizzes to conclude the sessions – we like to challenge ourselves with a competitive edge at the end of our classes!

11+ Entrance exam preparation 2014/2015:

  • HT: offered academic scholarship to the prestigious Brighton College. Results placed her in the ‘top 10’ of applicants out of approximately 140 applicants in that year. HT also offered 30% academic scholarship to Brighton and Hove High School for Girls.
  • OL: successful in entry to Brighton and Hove High School for Girls. Offered 90% bursary by school in recognition of financial circumstances and outstanding performance in examination. BHHS Headteacher said, having considered her Entrance Examination performance, they ‘had to find a way to offer her a place’.
  • BW: offered ‘all rounder’ scholarship to Brighton and Hove High School for Girls. Offered ‘Sussex Scholarship’ to Roedean
  • FH: successful in entry to Hurstpierpoint and Brighton College. *
  • DLS: Successful in entry to Brighton and Hove High School for Girls
  • IH: successful in entry to St Bedes, Brighton and Hove High School for Girls and Lewes Grammar.

Past pupils 2013/2014 have been offered places at Sussex Schools: Burgess Hill and Lancing Prep. London Schools: Sutton High School for Girls, Haberdashers Aske, Kensington Prep and North London Collegiate.

Teaching Experience

Brighton and Hove High School for Girls – GDST (Selective Girls Private 3-18 )

  • 2011-2014: Observed Teaching reports

o During my employment at BHHS School my teaching practice was formally observed on 5 occasions (as per internal standards). I have copies of my graded feedback in a separate teaching portfolio which is available for interviews, or on request. They all demonstrate a grading of good or outstanding in all areas.

  • 2013-2014: Head of Gifted and Talented (Middle Management Position)/Drama and Movement 3-5yrs

o Management Responsibility: Part of a strong Leadership Team at Brighton and Hove High School, supporting Charlotte Parker (Deputy Head/SEN) and Sian Cattaneo (Head). Alongside the current Head of Maths and Head of English, I was responsible for implementing and overseeing a strategic plan to promote and identify pupils across the school and provide them with invaluable opportunities and challenges.

o 2014: I produced an academic report for the GDST research into Gifted and Talented Provision for Girls. UK Initiatives introduced and implemented across school during leadership of G&T: support from NACE membership and Potential Plus, Thinking History, Primary Maths Challenge and the English Speaking Board.

  • 2012-2013: Year 5 & Year 6 Class Teacher (Head of History)/ Drama and Movement 3-5yrs

o Achievements: The school moved towards specialist subject education in order to improve teaching and learning standards across the key stages and to use the strengths of staff to further the curriculum. I was privileged to be asked to teach English and Maths to Year 5 and 6, Humanities and Drama.

o During my role as Head of History I set out to make History the ‘memorable subject of the year’. I think my pupils and colleagues would agree it was certainly this! In addition to implementing Black History Month via a series of activities, talks and workshops, I also organised ‘Women’s Week’ whereby differing year groups learnt about Local History, Notable Women or The Suffragette Movement. It was a fantastic collaborative celebration and one which enabled me to hone my logistical and management skills, celebrate the ethos and the talents of our school and capture the imagination of our pupils.

o Extra Curricular:

  • Study and Support Club / Theatre Production Rehearsals for Year 5 and Year 6 Productions
  • French Residential (Yr 6) – 1 week
  • Activity Residential (Yr 5) – 4 days

o Leading Assemblies: During a week for BHM. A week for IWD. History themed assemblies on Bonfire Night, Chinese New Year and Battle of Hastings. In addition to Challenge Competition and Year 5 Form Assemblies.

  • 2011-2012: Year 6 Class Teacher (Guild/Charities Co-ordinator)/ KS1 Reading specialist teacher

o Achievements: Maths and Literacy lessons were streamed. Consequently, I developed my pedagogy of teaching the very able and gifted and talented in English. Many of my pupils successfully attained Level 6 in their reading SATS. 91% achieved a Level 5 in their writing. I worked with a pupil with dyscalculia in Maths and had a very successful year for class progress made in Mathematics. On average pupils made 4 sublevels progress -I was ecstatic for my (lower ability) set when they received their results.

o I was assigned the role of Guild Co-ordinator to manage the events, finances and promotion of the charitable aims of the school. I established working patterns which are still used; weekly collections and accountable Year 6 Guild ‘bankers’, termly charity representations, guest speakers, local press and school portal updates and structured themed days. The ‘Guild’, which had previously been a mandatory collection every Thursday, was given a fun and inclusive renewed energy and successfully reached out to the local community.

o Extra Curricular:

  • The Challenge Board (promotion of higher order thinking skills and competitions).
  • Theatre production rehearsals.
  • Leading UK Countryside Residential – 1 week.

2010-2011: Selsdon Primary School – Croydon Year 6 Class Teacher (State School Mixed)

2009-2010: Postgraduate (PGCE Primary) Training in 2 placement schools

  • Desmond Anderson Primary School Year 1 and 2 – End of Placement Overall Grade: Good
  • Mile Oak Primary School Year 5 – End of Placement Overall Grade: Outstanding

Hobbies and Interests 

Despite what might seem like a very busy professional schedule, I have always enjoyed a good work/life balance. When I am not working I may be found doing Ashtanga Yoga, renovating and my home, eating out, selling (sometimes unsuccessfully!) on Ebay and excitedly planning for holiday adventures.


  • Multidisciplinary

  • SEN Specialist