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"Lyndsay has been an excellent Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutor for my son. He has Aspergers and suffers with anxiety, but Lyndsay has been patient, flexible and creative in the way she approaches his lessons. She clearly loves the sciences and is able to explain quite difficult concepts enthusiastically and clearly."

GCSE Science Tuition

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Academic History

Queen Margaret’s University, Master’s in Special and Inclusive Education (current)

South West Teacher Training, PGCE Science with Chemistry, QTS 09/2012 – 07/2013

Bournemouth University, BSc Forensic and Crime Scene Science, 2.1, 09/2007 – 07/2010

Forest Training Centre, NVQ level two in Horsecare, Pass, 06/2005 – 08/2008

About Me

I specialise in guiding SEN students on a unique educational journey, supporting them from the transition out of Primary school all the way through their GCSEs. As a qualified Secondary Science teacher with additional expertise in Maths, English, History, and Geography at the GCSE level, my focus is on providing holistic support to ensure the success of SEN students. I also assist students through functional skills exams when it suits their individual needs.

My online lessons utilise a combination of Google Chat, Meet, and the interactive whiteboard, Bitpaper. Through these platforms, we engage in dynamic discussions, share screens, and collaborate on the whiteboard. This versatility allows me to tailor lessons to accommodate diverse learning profiles. I employ visual aids, audio recordings for homework, and alternative formats for revision notes to suit each student’s preferences. Additionally, I integrate computer skills using Microsoft and Google suite tools, enhancing my students’ computer literacy over time.

I empower my students by involving them in goal-setting, fostering a sense of ownership in their learning journey. Open communication is key, and I encourage students to express what works best for them. Together, we set realistic goals, ensuring a personalised and effective learning experience.

Committed to staying current, I regularly undergo training on various disabilities, including Dyslexia, Social Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Dyscalculia, ODD, Depression, Dyspraxia, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including PDA. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Special and Inclusive Education, I am dedicated to enhancing my expertise to support my students better.

In addition to subject-specific support, I offer academic mentoring to help students envision and achieve their future goals. This includes assistance with anxiety management, maintaining a healthy school-life balance, creating revision timetables, and preparing college or apprenticeship applications. Some of my students have successfully received STEM, business, and finance scholarships.

I am passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of SEN students. By combining my academic background, online teaching experience, ongoing professional development, and commitment to student empowerment, I strive to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that nurtures success both academically and personally.

Recent tuition

KS2 Science

I tutor an autistic student who needs guidance in understanding and expressing fascination with their body in a socially appropriate manner. The parent sought assistance to address concerns about inappropriate behaviour and ensure a safe learning environment. A specialised curriculum was developed, focusing on age-appropriate topics related to the human body. Lessons included discussions about the differences between male and female bodies, the importance of personal space, and appropriate social behaviour. Several hands-on projects were incorporated, including exploring the digestive system and creating interactive projects to illustrate how it works. The sessions served as a safe space for the student to ask questions openly. This effectively prevented awkward situations and potential conflicts at school, and he is now equipped to navigate social settings more confidently.

KS2 English

This student with Dyslexia faced challenges in organising responses to comprehension questions, leading to difficulties in preparing for secondary school. Additionally, verbal Dyspraxia contributed to speech difficulties and challenges in social conversations. My approach involved a structured method for breaking down text, identifying key points and understanding their significance. Then we applied these points to comprehension questions to improve writing skills. Our discussions helped the student practice speech and express thoughts coherently, and then included social scenarios to improve R’s social conversational skills. Over the six-week period, the student demonstrated a significant improvement.

KS3 Gifted and Talented

This high-achieving student found themselves bored in class due to working above the level of their peers, leading to misbehaviour. To address this, I was engaged to provide more advanced and challenging material, with the goal of them moving up a year in school. We delved into more advanced topics to challenge the student by matching their advanced capabilities, filling knowledge gaps in the year above’s curriculum so they could start the next academic year with their new class and feel on par with them. The family were pleased to inform me that the student completed their GCSEs early and achieved their desired grades. The positive impact of addressing boredom was monumental for this student.

KS3 and iGCSE History

This student began tutoring with me when his family transitioned to homeschooling due to severe bullying experiences at school. Struggling with anxiety and a fear of making mistakes, he required extensive reassurance to build confidence in his academic abilities. Our tutoring sessions aimed to create a safe and supportive learning environment, resulting in him gaining confidence and feeling empowered to articulate when he doesn’t understand something, marking a significant milestone in his learning journey. He continued with me to study iGCSE History and successfully achieved a grade 7.

GCSE Science and Maths

This student grappled with chronic pain, fatigue, and the aftermath of multiple wrist surgeries. The inability to postpone exams led to feelings of hopelessness, impacting his confidence and academic outlook. Our focus has been on building his confidence by proving success is attainable. We explored strategies for comfortable learning, including advice on ergonomic tools. Sharing my experience with a chronic pain condition allows me to offer valuable insight and support. Each week, we tackled topics he found challenging, breaking them down into manageable chunks. I assessed his existing knowledge and addressed the gaps by reinforcing his understanding and practising exam questions. We had a flexible agreement for scheduling due to the unpredictability of his pain levels, and this ensured he felt supported and comfortable with me when he was able to attend. This student received GCSE results which surpassed expectations, with Bs and Cs across all subjects.

GCSE English and Maths

This student with severe dyslexia faced educational challenges due to the lack of a formal diagnosis and proper support in school. This led to feelings of inadequacy, and he was temporarily excluded from school. The school engaged me to provide online tutoring to prevent permanent exclusion. I recognised that he was intelligent and had the potential to succeed if given tailored support, so focused on building his confidence and finding areas where he excelled. I aligned academic tasks with his passion for free-running to provide a positive context for his learning. As he became more confident, he demonstrated increased engagement in other academic activities. He progressed to passing his GCSE Maths and English which allowed him to move forward to college, where he received tailored support to succeed in a BTEC sports course. He now teaches free running in a gym.

GCSE Maths, English, Science (Dyslexia, Autistic, Partially deaf, Anxiety disorder)

This student initially worked with another tutor but switched midway through the GCSE course due to complex needs that the previous tutor couldn’t fully address. His unique challenges included difficulty recognising question types and applying learned concepts, compounded by partial deafness. He exhibited an aptitude for Maths but struggled with question comprehension and application. He required a tailored approach to suit his learning style and to manage anxiety during timed challenges. We systematically worked through various question types, associating them with specific phrases to reinforce understanding of the question types. The student achieved a remarkable grade 7 in his GCSE Maths, followed by a 6 in GCSE English and 77 in Combined Science alongside successful completion of the Arts awards. These grades allowed him to apply for Business Studies at college, where he continued to receive academic mentoring and support from me to succeed in his studies. This was followed by a successful apprenticeship with the NHS, leading to a full-time role in their finance department.

GCSE History

This GCSE student harbours a passion for history but faces challenges in accessing exams due to dyspraxia, which affects her ability to structure essays and write neatly for extended periods. Our sessions aim to overcome these obstacles and develop effective study strategies. We break down exam questions into short phrases for each historical topic, studying each part separately. Then we research the event and its implications for the countries involved. This research becomes the foundation for constructing well-organised essay answers. We devised a plan to help her manage her school week effectively, including creating a plan for maintaining the necessary books in her school bag and swapping them in the evening to prepare for the next day. I support this student with regular check-ins to ensure homework is completed and submitted on time.

iGCSE Geography

This home-educated student achieved great results in the first round of GCSE exams last summer and is preparing for a second round of GCSEs this year. They struggled with the long questions in Geography, particularly those with figures from the resource booklet, as they needed to integrate personal knowledge with source analysis so they began working with me in January after a mock score was lower than hoped.  We have focused on analysing the source to identify the key points and linking these to the student’s own knowledge. We can then construct coherent answers that integrate both components. We emphasise the importance of concise yet informative language in crafting answers. By incorporating terminology at a higher rate, the student maximises marks without unnecessarily lengthening responses. Through this targeted practice, their March mock exam performance improved by one grade and is on track to improve again to reach the desired Grade 8.

Hobbies and Interests

By sharing my hobbies and interests, I hope to not only provide insight into who I am as a person but also create opportunities for connection and shared experiences with my students. I believe that embracing passions outside of academia enhances my effectiveness as a tutor and enriches the learning journey for both myself and my students.

Recently, I’ve delved into the world of Live Action Role-Playing (LARPing), where I immerse myself in the persona of a fantasy character during camping events. Surrounded by a vibrant community, I relish the opportunity to contribute to the wider game by preparing ‘monsters’ through facepaint and costume organisation.

I am passionate about Guildball, a tabletop game that combines strategy with a mob football vibe. I’ve had the pleasure of being a playtester for a new team to help develop the game, alongside my partner, which has been a rewarding experience.

Reading is a cherished pastime of mine, spanning fiction and non-fiction realms. I have a particular fondness for Terry Pratchett, whose storytelling captivates me with its wit and wisdom. With a penchant for multitasking, I often find myself engrossed in three or four books simultaneously, ranging from academic to fiction and often including an audiobook that I listen to while embroidering or practising my leatherworking skills for costume making.

I can often be found with embroidery in my hands, an audiobook playing through headphones, with my two sausage dogs, Sizzle and Bernie, curled up on my feet! My dogs provide great comfort to me, with playful antics and unwavering loyalty. Sizzle in particular, has a knack for calming nervous students, lending a paw in creating a supportive learning environment.


“Lyndsay was very good at explaining the concepts clearly and making sure that my son had understood what she had explained. Lyndsay was extremely flexible and happy to cover three subjects.”

Year 9 Science

“Thank you Lyndsay for your dedication and helping Jack through his GCSE science. His confidence and knowledge have grown so much since being introduced to you. Excellent one to one sessions have made a massive difference to his grasp in science and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends.”

GCSE Science

“Lyndsay came highly recommended by our friends for our daughter, who is homeschooled. We are so thankful to have found her. Our daughter has dyslexia and so finding the right tutor for her was incredibly important. Lyndsay is patient, understanding and professional. Our daughter continues to learn at her own pace, working towards her GCSEs. She is thankful that she has a teacher that is always happy to answer any questions and uses a variety of learning aids to help her understanding.”

GCSE Maths and English Homeschooling

“Lyndsay started tutoring my son in Maths in January 2023, leading up to his GCSEs. What I love the most about the way Lyndsay does her tutoring is it is online. There was no way I’d have got my son to actually go to a tutor’s home, so this worked fantastically. The technology she uses makes it straightforward and simple. Lyndsay was always flexible about where she could be in terms of fitting in with our schedule. She always kept me updated as to how he was doing.”

Year 11 GCSE Maths

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