"Luke managed to prep my 14-year-old for UKiset in just 6 Skype sessions with a spectacular result, including 99% percentile in maths. My son loved working with Luke who was encouraging, positive, constructive and effective."

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Academic History

2012-2013  Cambridge University  MEng in Engineering (Aerospace & Aerothermal)

2009-2012  Cambridge University  BA (Hons) in Engineering (Aerospace & Aerothermal)

2006-2008  Edinburgh Academy

A Levels: Maths (A), Physics (A, top of school), Further Maths (A, top of school)

Scottish Higher: English (A, band 1), Maths (A1), Chemistry (A1), Physics (A1), Spanish (A1)

2002-2006  St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School,

Intermediate 2: English (A), Spanish (A)

Standard Grade: Biology (1), Chemistry (1), Geography (1), Maths (1), Physics (1), Spanish (1), PE (2)


Edinburgh Academy Dux Club (2008)

Air League Educational Trust Engineering Scholarship (2009)

Air League Educational Trust Flying Scholarship (2009)

RAF Pilot Aptitude Test Strong Pass (127/180, cut-off for selection: 112)

Cambridge University Engineering Department Structural Design Prize 2010

Pembroke College, Cambridge Book Prize 2011 (for 1st class results in Materials, Thermofluid Mechanics & Electrical Engineering)

About Me

My specialist subjects are Maths and Physics, and I also teach Economics and Chemistry, and Biology to GCSE and for sixth form 16+ admissions. I have also tutored extensively for the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams, and prepared students for the UKiset. Additionally, I help students prepare for Oxbridge Admissions, and 100% of applicants I have supported progressed at least to interview. My success rate for Cambridge is twice the national average, and 100% for Oxford and Imperial.

I thoroughly understand the subjects I teach, having experienced success through hard-work, drive and a multi-directional approach to learning. As a former undergraduate scholar of several academic engineering institutes, I have developed communication skills that leave me well placed to ensure that my students realise their full potential, overcoming personal academic obstacles to give their best to their course of study. This is achieved through a combination of bespoke strategic planning, patience and professionalism on my part, and persistence and trust on the part of my students. I have over 1000 hours of tutoring experience.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

13+ Maths support, Reigate Grammar School

– I supported Oliver over a period of several months to prepare him for Reigate’s 13+ Maths exam. Oliver was a bright Maths student but struggled with his exam timing and focus, meaning that he often did not put his best self across in practice exams. Oliver was a very sporty boy, so I encouraged him to always keep an eye on the clock as he would if playing football. In this way, Oliver began to focus more as he viewed the exam as an academic competition. As a result, Oliver did well enough in the Maths 13+ to be awarded a place at Reigate.

13+ English and Maths Support, Highgate School

– Alex was very unmotivated when it came to her 13+ exams. She was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure and a fear of failure. I came up with a structured revision timetable and reassured Alex that I would be with her throughout the preparation process. She responded well to this consistency and structure, easing her nerves whilst developing her confidence in Maths and English. As a result, Alex did well enough to win a place at Highgate.

GCSE Maths

– Jason and I worked together for the best part of a year to prepare for his GCSE Maths resit. Jason had been poorly taught in the past and liked to understand the theory behind the techniques required to solve questions. It was therefore important to focus on covering the syllabus carefully and in a very engaging manner to ensure that Jason had the necessary understanding to enjoy tackling past paper questions. As a result of our collective efforts, Jason passed his resit with flying colours and went on to study Maths to AS-level.

GCSE Maths

– Craig was performing very well in the humanities at school, and really enjoyed poetry. His Maths, however, was less inspiring. He was frustrated by what he felt was a rigid, logical structure that left no room for expression. By showing Craig the beauty of, for example, formal proof, I was able to expose him to the more artistic side of the subject, allowing him to find the motivation to achieve a good pass.

GCSE Physics

– Isabel and I worked together for an intensive few weeks over the Easter holidays to prepare for her GCSE Physics exam. Isabel was an extremely bright girl and already had her sights set on studying Physics at Oxford. She wanted a tutor who would expand the syllabus and challenge her critical thinking, ultimately preparing her for the Oxford PAT (Physics Aptitude Test) in just a few short years. By devising Oxbridge-inspired questions that extended the GCSE syllabus, I was able to increase her enjoyment of the subject and boost her Oxbridge candidacy.

GCSE Physics

– Dmitri was a very energetic personality. Moreover, he was excitable and very talkative. Although passionate about his Physics, he found it difficult to sit still and focus on past paper questions in order to convert his talent into exam success. In order to achieve this, I broke past papers up into manageable chunks, interspersed with questions that were more discursive. In this way, we were able to manage his energy levels in order to achieve exam success.

16+ Preparation (Economics, Maths, Physics and Chemistry)

– Preparation with a student ahead of their 16+ assessments for Harrow, and other top independent schools. We worked together intensively for 2 weeks in the run up to the exams.

16+ Preparation (Scholarship application)

– I worked with a student to help them prepare their letter to the Headmaster as part of their Harrow scholarship application.

16+ Preparation (Economics, Chemistry, English Literature)

– I worked with this student for 3 months in the run up to their sixth form entry assessments. Their first choice school was Fettes College. We worked intensively together for 4-6 hours per week, regularly pausing to assess the students levels and keep him on track.

16+ (Chemistry, Physics, Maths)

– 1 month’s intensive support for a student applying to King’s School, Canterbury at 16+. We worked together for 3 hours per week, and regularly communicated via email, exchanging work and offering my advice.

16+ (Chemistry, Physics, Maths)

– I worked on an ad hoc basis with this student in the 5 months ahead of their assessments. The student was applying to Dulwich College. We regularly kept in contact via email so that I could continue supporting them outside of lessons.

UKiset Preparation

– I have worked with no fewer than 5 students in preparation for the UKiset assessments, both for students looking to enter UK schools at 13+, and at 16+. I work quickly to assess where there are gaps in the students’ knowledge, and together we focus on plugging those gaps, and familiarising the students’ with the online and adaptive format of the tests. I can assist with all aspects of the test.

AS Physics and Chemistry Support

– Intense tuition over the Christmas holidays 2014 (to continue) in AS Physics and Chemistry, to support Ademilade in the transition from GCSE to AS Level in preparation for her mock exams.

A-level Economics Support

– Over a period of several months, Harry and I met in person and on Skype (in roughly equal measure) to prepare for his Unit 3 and Unit 4 exams, as well as his Unit 1 and 2 resits. Harry was fascinated by Economics and always considered the economic environment he encountered on a daily basis (everything from changing prices of Twix bars to mergers and acquisitions he read about in The Economist). Unfortunately, Harry lacked solid exam technique, in particular he struglled with using diagrams to explain trends. By adopting a targeted past paper approach, in tandem with teaching/reinforcing the material, we were able to refine his exam technique and ensure that he evaluated his responses and answered questions within the time limit. I was also able to introduce Harry to some fascinating recent developments.

IB Physics (HL)

– I started working with Lily a few days before the IB Physics HL (Higher Level) exam. Lily revised well, but struggled to convert this effort into exam performance. By analysing her revision methodology, it became apparent that Lily gave too much weight to less crucial parts of the syllabus, and too little weight to pivotal rules of physics that underpin many questions. By refocusing and adopting this triage approach, Lily was able to achieve a strong pass and take up her place at Warwick to read Engineering.

Personal Statement Support (Imperial)

– Dominic had an impressive range of work experience, academics and related extra-curriculars. However, he struggled to organise all of this information and highlight to the admissions tutors exactly what he had learnt from each of his experiences. I encouraged Dominic to focus on the most transformational experiences and analyse them in great detail, rather than merely listing a series of activities, some of which were more relevant than others. Consequently, Dominic was offered a place at Imperial to read Aerospace Engineering.

Engineering Application, Cambridge

– John was very passionate about Engineering and motivated to gain a place at Cambridge. He had a very impressive range of extra-curriculars and a strong academic record, as well as much intellectual potential. However, he struggled to present all of this achievement in the personal statement, TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) and interview arena. It was therefore important for us to visualise the application process from the admission tutor’s perspective, so that John could appreciate the importance of, for example, transparency and efficiency during the interview. Consequently, John was offered a place to read Engineering.

Oxbridge Applications:

– I have worked closely with Oxford Admissions, advising candidates on the Oxbridge admissions process. In addition to running group tutorials and conducting mock interviews, I spearheaded the development of an Engineering ‘School of Ideas’ event, which exposed Y12 students to Oxbridge Engineering, developing their skills portfolio in order to optimise their chances of success at interview. 100 percent of the participants rated the most recent event ‘outstanding’. From this, more events have been cleared and each application season I mentor a diverse range of Oxbridge Engineering applicants.

University of Cambridge, parts I & II (1st year – 4th year)

– I tutored several course-mates during my time at Cambridge, working through examples papers and directed past paper questions to optimise chances of success. This was undertaken whilst studying to pass exams myself. Many of the students I helped are now enjoying successful city careers.

Undergraduate Engineering Resit (Oxford)

– Thomas had to resit Part IA of Oxford Engineering in order to progress to the second year of the degree. Thomas thoroughly struggled with a revision strategy without the support to which he had been accustomed at school. My challenge was therefore to teach Thomas to work independently and take charge of his own academic campaign. With this confidence and direction, Thomas was able to pass the resits and move on with his degree.

-Tthe summer before starting university, Sophie found herself with time on her hands. As a keen bridge enthusiast and aspiring civil engineer, Sophie asked me to design a series of lessons that would improve her understanding of structural mechanics, without the necessity of having to stick to a syllabus. This was very exciting for both of us as it gave me free rein to introduce her to fascinating concepts in bridge design, such as resonant vibration, flutter, moment and shear distribution and load path. We analysed some beautiful bridges, such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Following the lessons, Sophie had a greater depth of understanding and even more passion, which served her well starting university.

Hobbies and Interests

My main interest is racket sports. I captained the Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Collegiate Team in my second year and regularly played on the college 1st teams for  badminton, table tennis and tennis. Moreover, I am an LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) Grade 4 Line Umpire.

Additionally, I am interested in technology, environmental issues and widening access to higher education.

 Client Testimonials

– parent of a 13+ UKiset student:

“Luke managed to prep my 14-year-old for UKiset in just 6 Skype sessions with a spectacular result, including 99% percentile in maths. My son loved working with Luke who was encouraging, positive, constructive and effective.”

“Luke is a great tutor. He has been working with my daughter on A level Physics, Maths and Further Maths. He has identified areas of weakness and is working with her to improve these. He is reliable and thorough; he takes time outside of lessons to prepare and sets some homework too. My daughter thinks he is a good teacher and is confidant he can help her through these tough subjects. He takes time to discuss Ines’s progress with me and is articulate and engaged. Highly recommended! 5/5 [agency rating]”

– parent of current tutee, A-level Maths & Physics (October 2013)

“Luke quickly and easily builds rapport with students and instills confidence in them. He is reliable, conscientious and always goes the extra mile to bring out the full potential of his student.

Luke is an extremely trustworthy tutor and I would not hesitate to use his services again – my son benefitted greatly from his expertise. 5/5 [agency rating]”

– parent of former tutee who won an internship at Microsoft due to his Intermediate 2 Maths result

“I have received an offer and I just want to thank you so much for all those mock interviews you gave me…Thank you so much for the support.”

– successful applicant to Oxford Engineering Science (January 2014)

“It was great to work with you.”

– former tutee, GCSE Maths, Physics & Chemistry (December 2013)

“Many thanks for the help on the interviews. I feel much better about it.”

– Oxford Engineering Science applicant, pre-interview (December 2013)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your support…She has learnt so much from you and I’m certain that your advice will come in handy tomorrow”

– parent of Oxbridge Engineering applicant (December 2013)

“Thanks for all of your help!”

– applicant to Cambridge Engineering, pre-interview (December 2013)

“Thank you…for your work with [the tutee]. He has always enjoyed the sessions with you. When we started this [Premier Service] I was hoping his mentor was someone he could look up to personally and professionally and you have most certainly exceeded my expectations.”

– parent of applicant to Cambridge Engineering, pre-interview (December 2013)

“Luke mentored my son through his Oxbridge applications and also offered career guidance to him. He’s a very capable and supportive mentor who was able to build a solid rapport with my son and motivated him to do his best. I can highly recommend Luke. My son is much more communicative and focused in his aspirations to pursue a career in Engineering. With Luke’s guidance he has worked hard to increase his knowledge of science and maths, and their applications. 5/5”

-parent of Cambridge Engineering applicant (March, 2014)

“Luke is a fantastic tutor. He is very professional, and is articulate with his explanations. After every session with Luke, I felt like I had learnt and gained a lot more understanding after one hour. Even after the sessions, he is willing to help. He is also kind and patience. I recommend him to anyone.”

-Successful Oxford Engineering applicant (April 2014)

” Luke is an outstanding tutor, very thorough and organised. He is well prepared for lessons and reports back on progress and future goals. He has been tutoring my daughter for her A2 Physics exams. They get on well and he makes the work understandable, she is now far more confident. He has also been very helpful with her exam technique.”

-parent of A2 Physics tutee (May 2014)

“Luke was a great tutor. He was very professional, but also friendly and easy to talk to. His technical knowledge was clear and he was able to plan a number of interesting and challenging sessions that enabled me to develop my communication and critical thinking skills. He introduced me to a range of different techniques that allowed me to view problems from a number of approaches. Luke was very accommodating with his session timings, including weekends and late evenings, to fit around my schedule; including a number of sessions via Skype as well as face-to-face meetings. After every session he would return detailed and constructive feedback promptly and was always available to help with queries outside of session times. As a mentor Luke was committed, supportive and genuinely interested in helping me succeed; I would recommend him to anyone. I feel this was invaluable interview preparation for me. It gave me the confidence in my abilities that I needed and helped me to form strategies for answering the more challenging interview questions. I think the skills that I learned during these sessions went some way towards helping me to perform well at interview and ultimately secure an offer from Cambridge.

-successful Cambridge Engineering Applicant (May 2014)

“Luke spent several sessions with my son on his run in to AS maths this year. In total, he had approximately 10 lessons over Skype. My son found the sessions extremely useful and feels they had a very positive outcome on his performance. We have arranged several more tutorials now to cover A2. From a parents view point, I have found Luke pleasant, approachable and very reliable. He was great with my son. I would commend his services without reservation. ”

-parent of A-level Further Maths tutee (September 2014)

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