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"Despite my difficulty in understanding certain topics, Ludovico always encouraged me with passion and patience, and through his guidance, I was able to pass my mathematics course with an 83% mark."

IB Maths Student

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Academic History

MSc Physics with Extended Year of Research at Imperial College London, Distinction (Sept.2020-July 2022)

BSc Physics at the University of Surrey (Sept.2017-June 2020)

International Baccalaureate (IB): Italian Language & Literature HL: 6, Business Management HL: 5, Physics HL: 6, English Language & Literature SL: 4, Mathematics SL: 6, French B SL: 6

About Me

I have tutored students in both Physics and Mathematics, two subjects that many find daunting. Every student is unique. Every student has its own strengths and weaknesses, and these have to be addressed specifically. In these two subjects, students that struggle usually end up losing confidence in their own abilities and interest in the material and are sometimes left behind. It is my job as a tutor to work with the very traits that make the students unique and make them strive.

When tutoring a student, I put a lot of effort into understanding what are the needs of the student. Is the student lacking knowledge that needs to be covered? Is it the skills and tools to tackle the exercises and the tricky questions? Or understanding of the work she/he has done? Giving a straight answer to these questions is crucial, as they are the basis on which the lesson is then structured. A lot of effort is also spent in making the subject and work engaging and interesting. Some lecture-style tutoring is necessary at times, but I also cover material by the use of simulations (such as the PhET website), videos and interactive (visual) exercises, to make the material more intuitive and captivating. Albert Einstein once said, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”. As a tutor, my job is to share my passion for physics and mathematics with the students and in doing so to nurture their curiosity. To make them confident in themselves and actively engaged with the subject. My only hope is that I can be of the best service to future students, to teach them to love and appreciate the subjects, just as I do.

Recent tuition

IB Physics, SL

I tutored Tancredi, a student enrolled in the International School of Florence who was struggling after having scored a 3/7 on his midterm mock exam. We covered all topics included in the “Pearson Baccalaureate Physics Higher Level for the IB Diploma” by Chris Hamper (Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Atomic physics, Simple/LR/LCR circuits Stellar Evolution, introduction to Cosmology). I made myself available as much as the student required me to be, as many of the topics had to be reintroduced. Tancredi was able to score a 5/7 on his final exam after about 5 months of tough work.

IB Physics, HL

I tutored Riccardo, a student that was attending Oakham School during the summer of 2019 in Florence. We worked on improving his Physics Internal Assessment paper. The title being “How does the amount of scatter light through milky water depend on wavelength”. We revised the data analysis and scientific language as well as the organization of the paper, by using a template which matches the IB requirements. The student managed to improve by 2 points from his first submission.

IB Maths, SL

Alessio was a student attending the International School of Milan and is enrolled in the IB Mathematics Standard Level program. He asked for my help on his Internal Assessment assignment. Alessio had a great idea in mind to find correlations between GDP per capita and the index of inequality (Gini). Unfortunately, he had little support from his teachers, and he was given only one week to complete a 20 page paper. Due to these circumstances, his paper was mainly focused on economics rather than mathematics. We spent 10 hours together, focusing on restructuring the paper and studying statistics. His paper is now well structured, has a very clear and detailed analysis and shows his learning outcomes. His first draft has now been sent, and the feedback is very positive, he is now able to make corrections on his own accordingly.

Undergraduate Maths

The alumni was attending his second year of a Bachelor degree in Business & Economics and required some tutoring on his Mathematics subject. He was taking this course in Geneva, and as lockdown was imposed throughout Europe, our tutoring hours had to be taken all online. To compensate for the lack of in-person meetings, the tutoring hours were done using an iPad and an online whiteboard service that allowed us to write, upload pdfs and videos at the same time during the lesson. We focused on the tutorial questions he was given on series and summations, differentiation and integration. The student was lacking intuition of the material. By using the whiteboard, however, I was able to give some short lecture-style lessons to cover the topics and give some analogies for the student to better grasp the ideas. The student managed to score 83% on his final mathematics exam.

BSc Physics, Year 2

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London, I built a strong relationship with one of my 30 students, Jaeha, who was a high-achieving undergraduate looking to go further than was required in his labs. He would come to my office for sessions of one hour to look at the material covered in class and during the labs to look for a deeper understanding of electronic waves in lumped and continuous transmission lines. While this was a rather informal tutor session, I dedicated myself to student as if he was my 1:1 tutee. I would look for papers and textbooks with material we could cover together. Even though he was not one of the students I was assigned to mark, I got hold of the feedback he was given on his final report. Jaeha scored an 80% on this report.

Hobbies and Interests

I’ll be joining St. Mungo’s Homeless Service in the near future. I will also take time to join the No Name Kitchen organisation, an NGO dedicated to aiding people under abuse during their immigration from their home countries. In my spare time, I practice many sports, including climbing, rowing, tennis and swimming. I also enjoy seeing my friends and socialising over a pint! I have done a TEDx Talk in 2017 on the Syrian War and its implications on the refugees fleeing the country.


Undergraduate Business and Economics Student

“After an initial struggle with the mathematics syllabus at the Business and Economics School of Geneva I was able to consolidate my understanding of differentiation and integration and further my knowledge of trigonometry through Ludovico’s guidance. While our lessons were conducted online, Ludovico was still able to explain in a simple and concise manner principles that I had struggled with, providing me with relevant examples and exercises. Our lessons were conducted from September 2020 to February 2021, and I was routinely supplied with homework and exams well suited to my theoretical knowledge. Despite my difficulty in understanding certain topics, Ludovico always encouraged me with passion and patience and through his guidance, I was able to pass my mathematics course with an 83% mark.”

Professor at Imperial College London

“Teaching clearly drives Ludo – we spent many hours brainstorming how student experiences could be improved, a topic that he is passionate about. Ludo impressed me throughout with his knowledge of physics, his commitment to broadening his education, his strong work ethic and his drive to share his education with others.”

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