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"Liam has been tutoring our son for nearly a year now and we are very happy with his progress. He always enjoys the sessions, works hard and focuses for the full hour. Liam is very patient; he gently encourages answers and is always very positive. He identifies areas both in Maths and English which our son needs help with, plans the lessons and explains everything clearly. I would not hesitate to recommend him."

Year 6 English and Maths Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2009-2012   University of Oxford, Worcester College.

BA English Literature and Language; 2.1.

2001-2009   The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School


English Literature and Language (A); Classical Civilisation (A); Politics (A).


History (A).


English Literature (A*); English Language (A*); French (A*); Science Double Award (A*A*); Religious Education (A*); Physical Education (A*); History (A); Mathematics (A); Statistics (A); ICT Double Award (AA).

 About Me

I specialise in English Literature and Language from students as young as five years old, right up to A-level. However, I place equal focus on preparing students for the 7+ and 11+ examinations for many top London schools. I teach students of every age, my youngest student being five and my eldest, nineteen. Having worked as a tutor for over three years, I have gained a wealth of experience in how to get the best out of students, both in a personal and academic way.

I believe the key to tutoring is offering a personal and imaginative approach to the student, whilst being pragmatic and adapting to their changing needs. I adopt a patient process, exploring areas which need developing in a nurturing manner. I find that, often, technique is the biggest hurdle to be overcome in order to progress, rather than knowledge of specific subject areas. My work as an actor and drama practitioner has aided me in engaging students and finding my way around individual student problems.

Recent Tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:


Millie, English Literature and Language, A-level – A: Having not achieved the grades she needed to take up her university place, Millie had taken a year out to prepare for her retakes. I started work with her around a month and a half before her English examination. I quickly found that she would benefit from a focus on examination technique, as well as developing her analytical approach to quotations. As a result, she improved her grade from a B to an A and was able to take up her place.

Rosie, English Literature and Language, A-level, A*: Rosie was a keen and imaginative thinker from the moment I first started working with her. The joy with tutoring her, was being able to push her to her full potential. We did a large amount of work on examination technique, as well as developing her coursework pieces. By the end, she was producing mature and considered pieces of work, with an impressive depth of analysis and acute observations, that stood her in excellent stead for her time at university.


Nessie, English Literature and Language, GCSE, A*A*: I spent two days working with Nessie in the immediate lead up to her exams. She was clearly an intelligent and inquisitive student but had achieved a D and an E in her mock exams because of her inability to structure her answers and develop them in detail. Over two-full days, we worked intensively to instill that understanding of how to approach the questions, structure her answers, and analyse to the required degree. She responded well to this approach and the high level answers that she had been able to offer verbally, were now being transferred onto the page. To me, the fact that she walked away with a double A*, demonstrates the importance of working on exam technique and structuring.

Tanushri, English Literature and Language, GCSE, A*A*: Tanushri was one of my longest running students, having spent about three years working with her on a weekly basis. This expanse of time meant that we were able to develop the fundamental techniques from an early point. Overall this made the process a lot easier- I found that, as her exams approached, there was no need to increase the number of sessions or change my approach. She went in confidently and achieved the double A*A* which her hard work deserved.

Edoardo, English Literature and Language, GCSE, A*A*: Edo was a new challenge for me. He was an exceptionally intelligent and hard working young man, probably the hardest working student I have worked with. However, I found that, at times, this came slightly at the expense of an imaginative approach to his work. Elements of it were too scientific in manner, and therefore we worked together in breaking down some of that rigidity and bringing a greater sense of freedom and creativity to his work.

Emily, English Literature and Language, GCSE, BC: When I started work with Emily she was not currently at school, as she was suffering from Anxiety and had developed a phobia of school. A keen athlete, she was desperate to get the two Cs necessary to pass. Over the course of a year, with a carefully designed approach to each of the modules, I saw Emily’s confidence and ability blossom. Focusing on technique and carefully easing her into the demands of each paper, she was able to fulfill her potential and more. A few months before her exams, I said to her that I believed she could get a B. She dismissed it entirely and laughed it off, but sure enough she walked away with exactly the grade she deserved.

Daniel, English Literature and Language, GCSE, A*A*: Daniel was a very capable student from when I started with him, but occasionally needed coaxing out of his shell. We honed his approach to coursework and exams, ensuring he had the technique to back up his natural aptitude. He felt confident going into his exams and achieved the top grades he was capable of.


Bayley, 11+ Hampton: I worked with Bayley for a year. He was another student with a lot of skill but occasionally lacked the technique to do his work justice. In particular, his spelling needed work and so we focused on his understanding of the rules of spelling and his ability with it. As a result, he got into Hampton.

Tom, 11+ St. Benedict’s: Tom was a very able student who was let down in a big way by rushing his answers, not reading the questions carefully and not showing his working out in his mathematics. Therefore, my sole focus was on slowing him down and doing every question carefully. Bad habits can be hard to unlearn, particularly if there isn’t long before an exam, but with repetition and positive reinforcement, he tidied it up and was offered a place at St. Benedict’s.

Katerina, 11+ St. Paul’s Girls School: Katerina is a prodigiously talented student, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last year. She is just coming up to taking her 11+ exams and is applying to St. Paul’s Girls School. Therefore, we have been working on familiarising her with the demands of the exam. The paper itself is a challenging one with problems which require thinking outside of the box and it has been great to see Katerina push herself. It has also given me a good familiarity with the paper.

Maisie, 11+ St. Benedict’s: Maisie was a delightful student, who had been at a slightly less academic primary school. She had made the decision herself that she wanted to apply to St. Benedict’s and so her mum had obliged but didn’t expect her to get in. She was lacking certain skills early on but due to her diligence and focus, she came on leaps and bounds and ended up taking up an offer at St. Benedict’s.


Barnaby, 8+ St Paul’s Juniors: Barnaby was one of the first students I worked with, and I was asked by the family to focus purely on comprehension and composition, which they deemed to be his weakness. He was an intelligent boy but suffered from a lack of focus. He would often try and distract from doing work. This was useful as I developed approaches to keep him engaged through a mixture of positive reinforcement, creative learning methods, and firmness. Despite not being offered a place at St Paul’s Juniors, he did achieve 80% in the English aspect of his entrance examination.

Ruben, 7+ King’s College School: I am currently working with Ruben who is preparing to take the entrance exam for KCS. His mother does not want him to know, and therefore stress about the fact, that he is preparing for an exam. Therefore, I have been preparing him in the necessary skills whilst avoiding actually discussing the paper with him. I have been able to improve his examination technique and timing awareness, as well as the quality and accuracy of work he is producing. At the same time we have a lot of fun in the lessons. I am confident he is going to do well when he takes the paper next month.


Sasha, General work, 6 years old: Over the summer I spent three weeks working with Sasha for an hour and half every week day. He has Russian and Ukrainian parents and lives in Italy, attending an American school so, unsurprisingly, his understanding of English was less good. This was an excellent challenge as, due to the age of the boy and the length/amount of sessions, I had to work hard to keep him engaged with a varied lesson plan and visual approach to learning. He showed great improvement, remaining good-humoured and focused at all times.

Alexander, 11+ and English, Year 8: I have worked with Alexander for around three years, developing his English, whilst also preparing him for various tests and exams along the way. He attends a French school and is bilingual, so the ongoing focus with him has been ensuring that he maintains the level of his English and has a good understanding of spelling and grammar. He has helped me to hone my approach to working with foreign students, for whom English isn’t necessarily their only or main language.

David, moving to British education system, 8 years old: David was living in Johannesburg when I spent a couple of weeks preparing him for transferring over to the British system. On this residential placement in South Africa, we worked for a minimum of four hours a day, helping him get up to speed. As students don’t begin school in South Africa until a couple of years after their British counterparts, I found that David was behind in some of the more basic skills required of him. However, with a clear scheme of work, and his hard work and imaginative ambition, he made impressive improvements in his work. As a result, he was successful in taking entrance exams and getting into four of the five schools he applied to in London.

Hobbies and Interests

I have been working as a professional actor for the past three years. I have been lucky enough to do everything from a children’s theatre tour, to a new BBC comedy and, most recently, I performed on the National Theatre River Stage. It also gave me the opportunity to train in acrobatics with a professional stuntman for six months.

I am an avid reader and also do a fair amount of writing in my spare time, from plays to short stories. I also spent last year working as personal assistant to Jane MacQuitty, The Times Wine Critic.

I am a keen sportsman, particularly a footballer, having played for Brentford Football Club at youth level. I also enjoy rugby, cricket, athletics, and skiing.

I have worked as a part-time drama practitioner for both a youth theatre company and my old school.

Client Testimonials

“Liam was recommended to me by a school and worked with my daughter for a year. I found him punctual, reliable and patient. He took time to discuss our aims and was perceptive when assessing our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses. He was able to pitch work at an appropriate level with a well thought out scheme and made it enjoyable with a reward system. His input increased our daughter’s confidence and enhanced her talents. I have no hesitation in recommending Liam as a tutor.” (Ivy, 5)

“Liam has been tutoring our son for nearly a year now and we are very happy with his progress.  He always enjoys the sessions, works hard and focuses for the full hour.  Liam is very patient; he gently encourages answers and is always very positive.  He identifies areas both in Maths and English which our son needs help with, plans the lessons and explains everything clearly.  I would not hesitate to recommend him.” (Finley, 11)

“Liam has worked with our son for several years now, focusing primarily on his reading, writing and vocabulary in English. This was intended to complement his mostly French-language education and the results have been both measurable and consistent. He is always top of his class in English, recognized by his teachers both for his verbal dexterity and his ability to write well-structured texts with a rich variety of language. It is clear to us that Liam has played an absolutely key role in this development.” (Alexander, 12)

“Liam has been brilliant with both my daughters- he has helped greatly with their understanding of English and raised their performance in school. Preparation for GCSEs was spot on! A delightful and encouraging tutor who I highly recommend.” (Emily, 16, and Daisy, 13)

“I heard about Liam through word of mouth and this was great because having a one-to-one tutor would let me understand in my own time, which would be particularly useful because my dyslexia slows down and confuses my understanding process. Liam was patient and clear which made sense of the mark scheme for me and there was a routine from the start. He had a really clear way of getting across exactly what the examiner wanted.

I enjoyed writing the process so much it convinced me to read straight English Literature at university instead of a joint honour school.

I would recommend Liam to any GCSE/A Level English student.” (Millie, 18)

“I attribute my A-level English A* to Liam! He inspires ideas out of you even when you are completely blank. The sessions never felt dull or intimidating as Liam is so friendly and encouraging. If only he was still here to help me at uni!” (Rosie, 18)


  • Entrance Exam Specialist

  • Fully Vetted