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"Leena tutored my daughter A Level Biology, and we couldn't be more thankful for the results."

Parent of A Level Biology Student

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Academic History

MBBS Student – Imperial College London Current Cancer Research PhD Student- Imperial College London/Institute of Cancer Research/Cancer Research UK

BSc Medical Sciences (Endocrinology) – Imperial College London – First Class Honours

A Levels (Kendrick Grammar School): A in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Geography

GCSEs (Kendrick Grammar School): A* in Mathematics (x2), English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, RE, French, German and Textiles

About Me

As a tutor, I am fun and engaging; I understand the need to make lessons as enjoyable as they are informative, and this is something that I believe, in part, explains the high success rate of my students. A skill which makes me unique as a tutor is the ability to adapt my teaching skills to suit the needs of each individual. I work with my students to identify specific areas which require more focus and involve my students in the process of identification of problems, resolution of issues and consolidation of new skills and techniques learnt. I believe that this not only aids them in the short-term, but provides long-term skills which they can take into their future to ensure independent success. For many students, exam technique is a particular issue and something that prevents them from obtaining higher grades. Therefore, I always place a particular focus on regular testing and exam practice to build on these vital skills. I lead with a positive attitude and work to not only educate but also to build confidence and a love for learning. I have vast experience working with SEN students (dyslexia, ADHD); through patience, perseverance and understanding, many of my students have been able to unlock their true potential.

I have several years of experience as a 7+, 11+ and 13+ tutor, with my students gaining entry into schools including Latymer, Eton, Kendrick and Reading. One of my specialities as a tutor is working with students from any age group to prepare them for entrance to Medical school. I cover UCAS applications (including personal statements), UCAT and BMAT examinations and interview prep. I have helped numerous students to successfully get into Imperial College London, Oxford, Queen Marys, UCL and Kings College London.

Alongside my roles as a tutor, I have worked as a mentor and creative educator to young children, from the ages of 3 to 10 years of age. Being a bubbly and young tutor makes me well suited to working with children in this age range, and it is something which I enjoy and find extremely rewarding.

Recent tuition

11+ Maths, English, Reasoning and Study Support

I worked with two siblings (aged 3 and 9). For the youngest child, the parents wanted a role model figure who would help to instil a love for learning and build on basic Maths and English skills to prepare them for pre-school. I used fun and innovative techniques, including both visual (e.g. cartoons), artistic (e.g. drawings) and physical (e.g. building blocks) activities to keep the younger child captivated and to stimulate their mind. With the older child, we focussed on 11+ work preparing them for entry to St Paul’s. The student struggled particularly with Maths so we worked first to cover all the necessary skills and once she was confident in this, we moved to more advanced work, implementing exam practise and techniques into each session. Alongside preparation for the ISEB pre-test and English/Maths exams, we focussed on preparing her for the interview. This was new to the student and something which she found nerve-racking as she wasn’t sure how to approach it. I used a fun approach to help build her confidence while teaching her the necessary skills. I am pleased to say that she got a place at the school following the two years of tuition together.

11 + Maths, English and Reasoning

I worked with a student for his Eton Common Entrance examination. Being well-versed in Eton exams having had several previous students, I was well-prepared to help him succeed in these exams. We focussed on preparation for the ISEB Pre-Test as well as English, Maths and Reasoning work to prepare for the Eton List Test. We also worked through interview preparation, including mock interviews where I provided him with feedback. He successfully joined Eton at the end of our year of tuition.

11+ Maths, English and Reasoning, CAT

I tutored a student for her Cognitive Abilities Test. She gained entry to Rivers Academy in West London, which was the top choice of her parents. We began tuition for the exam in year 5 and she sat the exam in year 6. We worked on all four sections of the examination, preparing her for the verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning sections. One major area of concern for the student was that she found it difficult to focus during revision, and this meant that she was achieving average scores and unable to reach to top tier grades (120+). Through fun, open and engaging sessions we were able to find some techniques that were suited to her and helped her to stay focussed in sessions. I set regular homework and ensured that exam practice was top priority in every session, as this is something which helps students to reach the higher grades. I think the key to her success was ensuring that sessions were just as fun as they were informative. She went on to score 121 and was put into the high ability band for that year.

13 + Maths, English, History and Geography

I tutored this student for one year. He required help with 13+ examinations, and I supported him with Maths, English, History and Geography. He had ADHD and therefore retention was a major issue for him. We divided sessions into short study periods with regular breaks, repetition, and frequent testing. He was able to successfully get into his school of choice (Kings College School).

GCSE Maths, English and Science

I helped a student who attended Brampton College with GCSE Maths, English and Science for two years, followed by A-level Biology for one year. Exam boards included OCR, Edexcel, Cambridge and AQA. She excelled in her GCSEs despite having ADHD, which meant she lacked a lot of confidence. She has gone on to be predicted AAA at A-level, with hopes of studying psychology at university.

GCSE Mentoring, SEN

I helped this student with exam techniques and study skills. He had ADHD which meant that scheduling work was extremely difficult. He required help with executive functions, mainly planning, scheduling and motivational support. He was in year 9 and eager to build on these skills before his GCSE exams. We spent our time together learning techniques he could implement to help with his executive functions and we developed a list of things that worked well for him. His parents expressed how much the sessions helped him and he went on to achieve 8s and 9s in his GCSE exams.

GCSE Geography

I tutored this student geography GCSE (AQA) for one year. He did not enjoy geography at school and, as a result, did not show much interest in doing well. I managed to find fun and innovative ways to help him learn and he picked it up very quickly. His grades went from 5 to 8 in the first six months of tuition and he achieved a 9 in his final exams.

IGCSE Religious Studies, SEN

I tutored a student RE GCSE (Cambridge IGCSE). He suffered from ADHD, autism and Tourette’s, which made performing well in exam conditions very difficult. We worked together to build on his confidence, especially in exam conditions, and we focussed on exam techniques over the two year tuition period. We particularly focussed on knowledge retention and answering essay questions as these were the areas they struggled most with. By the end, he had improved his grade from a 5 to 8 and was extremely happy with this progress.

IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

I tutored a student (Reading Boys’ Grammar) in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Edexcel IGCSE). We worked on these subjects over a two year period. He was a high-achieving student who felt tuition would be useful as he struggled to get 9s in his science examinations. His main problem area was translating his knowledge into an answer during exams, so I mentored him in exam techniques and taught him how to obtain maximal marks in exams. He achieved 9s across all of his subjects.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, my favourite hobbies are horse riding and playing tennis. I feel that having a good work/life balance is essential to success, especially playing sports that I enjoy as this allows me to de-stress. I am also very passionate about science and I take any opportunity to attend conferences or lectures about new and interesting topics in different fields. I spent the last year as a vaccinator for COVID-19 and this was something that I greatly enjoyed. I love working with new individuals and meeting people from all walks of life.


“Leena helped my son with English and Maths for the 11+. M– really needed some extra support to gain entry into our chosen school, Reading Boys’. He particularly struggled with English. Leena helped him for 1.5 years and she was great. Always flexible, attentive and made sure that she was always marking the work he completed quickly. M– particularly liked Leena as he said she was fun compared to previous tutors he had. He really looked forward to their weekly sessions and he is now progressing well at secondary school.”

Parent of 11+ Maths and English Student

“Leena tutored my daughter E– A Level Biology for the last year, and we couldn’t be more thankful with the results. E– is extremely shy and has always struggled with Biology as a subject. She was predicted an E in Biology which meant that she would not be able to attend University for her chosen subject. Leena somehow managed to get through to E– and teach her in a way that she understood (which took us all by surprise!). Retention has always been E–‘s issue, but Leena would set her flashcards and exam questions to do each week, which meant that E– was always consolidating the work they did together in sessions. E– really opened up to Leena and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, even asking to increase the frequency of sessions as she found it so useful! E–‘s teacher noticed the progress she made as her grades shot up almost immediately. Leena kept us involved and updated the whole way through which was great. We highly recommend Leena as she is passionate about what she does and it shows through her commitment as a tutor.”

Parent of A Level Biology Student

“Leena mentored me for entry to Imperial College London. We began working together once I decided that I wanted to apply to medical school. Leena gave me advice on things that would make me stand out and helped me to organise work experience and shadowing opportunities. We then began working on UCAT and BMAT preparation alongside my personal statement. Leena was really useful as she first took me through how to write a personal statement and set out a list of things to include and the general structure. Once I completed my first draft, she provided in-depth responses, and I was able to improve upon my initial draft. For UCAT and BMAT, I would’ve been lost without her! Since I was doing both exams, I started preparation early (as recommended by Leena). Each week, we worked through the different sections, and Leena set me weekly papers to complete. Having someone there to guide me and set deadlines was really useful as I find that I procrastinate a lot in my own time. I managed to do really well in both my BMAT and UCAT. Leena also helped me prepare for all of my interviews – I applied to Imperial, UCL, Birmingham and Cardiff. She took me through the individual interview process for each university and helped me to create fact sheets that would help me in my interviews. We did some practice interviews together which I found really useful. Overall, she was a very fun and patient tutor.”

Student applying to Imperial College London

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