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“Lauren has been an amazing mentor and friend. She has helped me gain confidence when it came to interview preparation and she has also enabled me to feel confident about my potential. Every week, our meetings leave me with a smile on my face, because I am always assured that Lauren has prepared me enough to do my best. Since our first session, Lauren has been welcoming, accepting and relatable, and she will always go out of her way to make sure that we are going at a pace I am comfortable with. “

Tyanna, Oxbridge Application Tuition

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  • History

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2018-2019, University of Cambridge, MPhil History of Political Thought and Intellectual History (Distinction)

2015-2018, University of Oxford, BA History and Politics (1st)

2013-2015, Hills Road Sixth Form, History (A*), English Literature (A*), Latin (A*), AS Mathematics (A), AS Government and Politics (A).

About Me

I have been tutoring since 2017, and specialise in History and Politics tuition up to A level. I also support with Oxbridge applications and Latin.

My first aim when tutoring is to make sure that students develop the essential skills needed to succeed in the humanities. For the essay based subjects I teach (History and Politics) these include the ability to:

-Argue cogently, deploying evidence where necessary;

– Use the correct grammar and punctuation, and demonstrate a broad vocabulary;
– Structure essays sensibly and effectively so as to gain top marks.

One-to-one tuition enables me to ensure that each and every one of my students has developed these skills and therefore has to tools to excel in their examinations.

My second aim is to ensure that students have a firm grasp of their curriculum. For GCSE and A-Level students, I use a traffic-light system to allow students to rank each section of their exam specification based on how confident they feel about their knowledge of the area. This enables me to target time towards those topics they feel require more attention. To cover the curriculum in my lessons, I prepare short summaries for the relevant topic, interactive exercises and sample example questions.

My third and final aim is to make sure students have all the resources and skills necessary to revise their subjects effectively. Of course, this will involve completing revision exercises with them in lessons and reviewing their progress at regular intervals. However, it will also involve teaching students how to use online resources to help them with learning, how to plan their time effectively and how to remain calm and in control during exam season.

I bring to tutoring a wealth of experience and interest in both History and Politics. I recently completed a postgraduate degree at St. John’s College, Cambridge, where I studied for the MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History. I was previously an undergraduate at University College, Oxford, where I read History and Politics. In my final year, I gained a first-class degree and my marks ranked me top of my year. My undergraduate thesis won two prizes – including the university-wide award for the best thesis in American History.

To enable my students to succeed, I have found it necessary to adopt a very flexible approach to my tutoring. I constantly redesign my lesson plans, based on my progress with students and their feedback to me. I also make sure to prepare my students properly before handling past paper questions and setting mock exams. This enables me to build, rather than knock, their confidence. Further, when we begin practising exam technique, I offer to mark multiple exam practices and provide extremely detailed feedback. As a result, my students feel well-prepared, and relaxed, by the time their examinations approach.

I have also found it important to be imaginative with the exercises I prepare for my students. Sometimes I am assisting them with a subject they do not, at least initially, consider their favourite. In such cases, it is necessary to design interactive exercises to convey the curriculum in a way which is exciting and engaging. In my experience, this proves to be one of the most rewarding aspects of tutoring. Most recently, I have been able to help one of my students, who aspires to study Mathematics at university, develop a parallel interest in and love for History.

Recent Tuition

I have over 100 hours of tutoring experience, from GCSE up to Oxbridge Applications. Please find a snapshot of my tuition experience below.

GCSE Latin (OCR)

Henry was taking his Latin GCSE a year early, and was struggling with difficult parts of grammar and his set texts. I provided him with an intensive programme of tutoring during his Easter holidays. Together, we began to demystify the unseen translations by breaking them down into sizeable chunks. I also taught him how to approach the set texts using the skills he had already developed in English Literature, but had not thought to use in this context. Henry, who studies at Uppingham School, went on to achieve an A* in his GCSE.

A Level History (CIE)

Jacob aspires to study Mathematics at University and so aside from History he studied double Mathematics and Physics. Due to his focus being primarily on these very different subjects, he was struggling with the volume of factual knowledge and the exam technique involved in History A Level. Over the course of 5 months, we have covered each area of his curriculum in some detail and discussed the techniques required for each of his exams. Last month, I travelled to his home in South Africa to provide an intensive fortnight of exam practice and essay feedback. He will sit his paper in late October, at Somerset College, and I have every confidence he will achieve his aim of an A.

UCAS Application for History and Politics, University of Oxford

As part of my voluntary role as a mentor for Access Oxbridge, I have been supporting Tyanna through her application to Oxford. The first draft of her personal statement was full of interesting ideas, but lacked the clarity of expression required for successful application to Oxford. I helped her to make substantial alterations in order to convey her ideas more cogently and persuasively. The final draft was an impressive piece of writing and a very competitive personal statement.

UCAS Application for History and Politics, University of Oxford

I have been assisting Khanom with her application to Oxford. The first draft of her personal statement, while full of potential, explored too many areas in too little depth. I helped her to select a few of the most promising areas, and develop these much more fully. This involved suggesting relevant articles and helping her identify interesting connections. The final draft she submitted to UCAS was an incredibly well assembled piece of writing, which will provide her with a very strong chance of securing an interview.

GCSE, mentoring for History at Oxford

Lawrence aspires to study History at university and would like to apply to Oxford University. I am in the process of delivering a bespoke programme of mentoring to help him prepare. Each week I send Lawrence interesting historical research articles on topics which interest him. We then discuss these in an Oxford-style tutorial session. This process rapidly develops Lawrence’s critical thinking skills, and his ability to communicate complicated thoughts cogently and persuasively. I have also been briefing Lawrence on the differences between History at school and History at university. My aim is to encourage him to think of History not merely as one of his GCSE subjects but as an academic discipline, with its own unique historical development and various distinct sub-fields.

ISEB Common Pre-Test

During October half-term, I provided Harris will a tailored 12-hour programme of tuition to help him prepare to sit the Common Pre-Test in January. We covered all 4 aspects of the test (English, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics). I explained to Harris the various types of questions Harris would encounter and we practiced each until I was satisfied he knew how to select the correct answer. I quickly recognised that English was the area where Harris’ performance was weakest and so devoted extra time to this. We practiced vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and grammar through a series of interactive exercises. I also collated a set of resources (websites, workbooks and extra practice tests) to ensure Harris could continue to develop his English skills in his own time. We also discussed important aspects of exam technique together, such as time management and how to make ‘educated guesses’ on especially tricky questions. I will be providing further intensive support over Christmas, and am confident Harris will excel in his exams in January.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of tutoring, I play both field hockey and women’s rugby. Competing in these sports provides an important release from studying, as well as many social activities.

I also enjoy using my tutoring expertise in a voluntary capacity. I am part of the new initiative, Access Oxbridge, designed to improve opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply and gain admittance to Oxford and Cambridge. I am currently guiding two upper sixth students through the various stages of the Oxford application for History and Politics. Although this role is challenging at times, it is extremely satisfying to witness the progress of my mentees.

Client Testimonials

“Lauren helped me with my Latin prior to the GCSE examination. With her tutoring, I was able to finally come to terms with much of the grammar (including all the clauses, verbs, nouns and adjectives), and I picked up invaluable techniques to apply to learning the 2 set texts, as well as all the vocab.

I think what made Lauren such a good tutor was the fact that she always listened attentively and explained things succinctly, in a format that I could easily understand and that did not make me feel as if I was being patronised.

By the time I got back to school I felt far more prepared and confident than I had done before Easter, and that was undoubtedly thanks to Lauren’s teaching. She taught me to understand how questions should be answered i.e. what were the key points to make in an answer. She not only helped me to achieve the top grade, but I found the skills and lessons she passed on to me very helpful in preparing for the rest of the GCSEs I took the following year.

I took my Latin GCSE a year early and gained an A*. I’m now in L6th and am studying Latin A Level and again Lauren has been very helpful with guidance on choosing Universities.

Overall, I think Lauren’s experience, personality, patience, listening ability and attentiveness made her a superb tutor and one that I was very grateful to have.”

Henry, GCSE Latin tuition

“Lauren has been an amazing mentor and friend. She has helped me gain confidence when it came to interview preparation and she has also enabled me to feel confident about my potential. Every week, our meetings leave me with a smile on my face, because I am always assured that Lauren has prepared me enough to do my best. Since our first session, Lauren has been welcoming, accepting and relatable, and she will always go out of her way to make sure that we are going at a pace I am comfortable with. “

Tyanna, Oxbridge Mentoring


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