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"Laura is a fantastic tutor who has been dedicated to my children's education from day one. Not only is she a fantastic and supportive tutor, but my kids love spending time with her and look forward to their sessions with her!"

Key Stage 2 English Tuition

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  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

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Academic History

2009 – 2013: Yale University BA in Film Studies (First)

2006 – 2008: Highsted Grammar School, Sittingbourne A Levels in English Literature (A), Theatre Studies (A), ICT (A), Mathematics (B), General Studies (A)

2004 – 2006: Highsted Grammar School, Sittingbourne GCSEs in English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), Mathematics (A*),  Statistics (A*), Biology (A*), Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), French (A*), Geography (A*), Drama (A), ICT (A), Religious Studies (A), Design Technology (A)

About Me

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to tutoring. Your child is unique and has specific needs and interests. As such, I aim to form a personal connection with your child to help him or her feel confident to succeed and enjoy learning. Working with children is something I thoroughly enjoy and sharing my excitement for learning with children is always a real pleasure. My specialist subjects are English and transfer exams. I also teach mathematics, Spanish and sciences.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Pre-school level mathematics and spelling with Max and Marvin – I worked with twin brothers Max and Marvin to improve their numeracy and spelling abilities. We worked on identifying and then spelling simple words and we played mathematical games to improve the boys’ interest in learning mathematics.

Pre-school level English and maths with Amelia – I worked with Amelia when she was two and a half years old. In order to prepare her for the  rigour of independent schools in London, I supported Amelia weekly teaching her basic letter and number recognition as well as simple spelling games. Amelia really enjoyed our sessions.

Primary level mathematics and English with Mark – I worked weekly with Mark to assist him in the completion of his mathematics and English homework. I taught Mark skills to improve the accuracy of his work and also taught him some more advanced mathematical techniques due to his interest in the subject.

Primary English and mathematics tuition with Caylie – I worked with Caylie four times a week to bolster her reading, writing, spelling, mental maths and times table abilities. My main focus was on boosting Caylie’s confidence and enjoyment of learning by setting creative tasks and playing fun educational games with her. I saw her confidence and performance at school improve dramatically over the course of the year.

Primary English with Joey – In an effort to stretch Joey’s academic ability I work with him weekly to improve his comprehension and creative writing skills.

Homework support with Thalia and Antonio – I worked weekly with siblings Thalia and Antonio to support them as they completed their homework. I assisted them in completing maths, English, science, Spanish, geography and history homework. The siblings’ enjoyment of learning and their respective performances in school improved as a result of the time spent tutoring them.

7+ Exams with Charles – I worked with seven year old Charles, a student with ADHD, to teach him the component parts of composition and story telling. Each week we learnt about a new element of story telling and by the end of our time together Charles was able to independently write his own stories with cohesive introductions, middle sections and conclusions.

8+ Exams with Sebastian – I worked with Sebastian during the Christmas holidays and into the New Year to prepare him for his 8+ exams to Colet Court and Westminster. Since working together, his in-class performance has improved with him gaining 90% on his composition work and he has been called for interview at his preferred schools since completing the 8+ examinations.

11+ Exams with Jeta – I worked with Jeta to improve her English scores ahead of her 11+ scholarship exams. Since working together Jeta can now finish her practice exams within the required time (something she struggled with before our work together) and significantly developed her ability to engage with and analyse a text. After working with Jeta on her 11+, her family asked me to continue working with her to prepare her for her SATs tests later in the year.

General homework help and 11+ preparation with Lorenzo – I worked with 9 year old Lorenzo to improve his handwriting and comprehension skills and to provide him with a head start on his 11+ exams. Lorenzo’s performance in school and confidence in his work improved immeasurably following our work together and this was noted by all of his teachers. Due to this, our lessons increased to multiple times per week to ensure that this improvement continued. I am happy to report that Lorenzo secured a place at Latymer following his 11+ exams.

11+ preparation with Tesa – I worked with Tesa in the run up to her 11+ exams, assisting with English, maths and reasoning support. She went on to do extremely well in her assessments, and is now happily attending Godolphin & Latymer

11+ preparation for Theo – focused 11+ support for Theo as he worked towards his exams. I am pleased to report that he gained a place at Brighton College.

St. Paul’s deferred entry preparation with Freddie – I worked with Freddie to prepare him in English and Creative Writing for his St Paul’s deferred entry 11+ exam. I am pleased to say that Freddie was admitted to St Paul’s in early 2018.

Eton pre-tests and 13+ support with Jonah – I worked with Jonah to support him and improve his mathematics skills ahead of his Eton pre-tests in 2017. He has subsequently been offered a place at Eton and invited to take the 13+ exams. I am continuing to work with Jonah, supporting him in English and mathematics ahead of his 13+ exams in 2019.

Year 6 English with Connor – I worked with a home school a student with Aspergers and ADHD stay on track with the English curriculum. I taught him all elements of the English Year 6 curriculum including comprehension, grammar and creative writing.

13+ Exams with Tobey – I helped Tobey to improve his grades in Science ahead of his Common Entrance exam to Whitgift School. By finding new teaching techniques that worked for Tobey, I was able to solidify his understanding of many scientific principles and rules.

St Paul’s Transfer Examinations with Liam – I worked with Liam five times a week over the course of an academic year to prepare him for his St Paul’s School Transfer Examinations. We worked on all of his subject areas (English, mathematics, sciences, French, Latin, geography, history, theology & philosophy) to improve his coursework over the academic year, and I taught him effective study and revision skills during the final preparation stages for his examinations. Liam was accepted to St Paul’s School – scoring very highly on all of his exams – and he is very much enjoying his time at the school.

GCSE Mentoring and Study Skills for Louis (all subjects) –  I supported Louis for 6 months ahead of his final GCSE exams. Louis has ADD and dyspraxia, and had become very de-motivated and disillusioned by his work. Together we worked to help him move through his work and revision, to help him gain momentum ahead of the summer. Ultimately Louis did well enough in his exams to secure a place at the BRIT school for sixth form, which he was thrilled about. He ended up passing 9 GCSE’s, having been working below the pass mark in almost all subjects before we began our lessons together.

iGCSE Study Skills (all subjects) with Nora – I work with Nora to support her as she approaches her GCSE examinations. I help her organise her revision, provide additional explanation and examples across her subjects and ensure that she is on track to obtain top grades in all of her examinations.

University level essay preparation with Rachel – I worked with Rachel, an adult learner, to improve her essay writing skills. I taught her methods of structuring essays and identifying key evidence within reference texts to aid in the completion of her coursework. As a result of our time together, Rachel’s grades improved and she gained confidence in her abilities.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a keen screenwriter and movie goer. I write regularly for pleasure and aim to see as many films and television shows as possible. I also enjoy working out and hiking.

Client Testimonials

Laura is a fantastic tutor who has been dedicated to my children’s education from day one. Not only is she a fantastic and supportive tutor, but my kids love spending time with her and look forward to their sessions with her! – Stacey (mother of Liam and Caylie)

Sebastian passed with the highest marks it seems, he has been called back to all schools for interviews, which we are finalising this week.

As Colet Court interviews the parents, we took the chance to ask about Sebastian’s exams and you will be delighted to hear Composition he got a B (above average they said) and in Comprehension he got 103% (as they awarded extra points to the top grades), I was impressed. Thanks very much for that.  -Mrs Z

Laura home educated our son Connor in English between January and October 2016 when he was in year 6 moving into year 7. Connor has Asperger Syndrome and ADHD and was being home schooled during this time whilst awaiting a place at a new school. Laura came to our house every week for a three hour session with the remit of ensuring my son’s English education remained on track and enabling a smooth transition back into school.

Laura is an excellent tutor with an ability to explain concepts in a calm, clear but creative and inspiring way. She has a down to earth and supportive approach and I was very impressed by the genuine relationship she built up with my son. As a result of this, the sessions became fun as well as productive and he genuinely looked forward to them. She was always punctual, reliable and extremely conscientious, preparing detailed lesson plans which covered the entire year 6 curriculum and included creative writing, grammar and comprehension.  She structured each lesson well to both keep my son engaged and maximise his learning and even managed to tailor many topics to match his interests.

It was a pleasure to have Laura tutoring my son and I would certainly recommend her as a teacher without hesitation. – Mrs C



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