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"Lale has been professional, reliable and very punctual. My daughter really enjoys her lessons and often the both them forget the time as they so engrossed in the lesson. My daughter has shown great improvement in her reading and confidence, which her teachers have commented on various occasions. Lale has been adaptable, changing her methods and resources as she has got to know my daughter."

Year 2 English and SEN Tuition

  • English as a Foreign Language

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

Trinity TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a foreign Language diploma)

Istituto dell’arte e restauro in Florence (Interior Architecture Diploma)

Hotel Management Les Roches in Switzerland (Degree)

Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland (A Levels)

Francis Holland School Regents Park, London (O Levels)

About Me

I specialise in creative English language teaching and support for children aged 2- 12. My method of teaching works very well for children diagnosed with dyslexia and I have and am teaching many children, mostly aged 4 to 8 with various forms of learning difficulties. I have 15 years of experience teaching young children.

I also run a company that offers teaching primary children English language through the performing arts which I incorporate into all my teaching. My method and experience include the following:

– Creative writing skills using a huge array of stories and scripts (and character puppets for younger children)

– Improving working memory using creative story comprehensions

– Expanding vocabulary

– Grammar

– Phonics!

– Public speaking

– Hand writing and improving cursive handwriting

– Fluency in reading out loud

I also offer a more traditional form of accuracy based English support to all ages and levels of learners of English language (adults included) as well as IELTS and business English.

Every single parent of the children I have taught have been delighted with how I am able to teach English creatively and make learning fun. Children look forward to my lessons. I teach with empathy, I am reliable, my enthusiasm for learning and expanding young minds is very clear and the greatest rewards for me are always witnessing individuals’ progress and achievements. I understand that we learn best when we are engaged with the teaching material and the delivery of it.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my tuition experience:

Boy age 12 who had never learned cursive handwriting. Over a period of 9 months, I got him up and running with success. Ongoing.

Boy age 5 struggling with cursive hand writing – we are making great progress! Ongoing.

Boy age 4 moved from Jeddah into reception and needing English language support as English is his second language. Ongoing.

Boy of 8 struggling with acute dyslexia – I have been teaching him for a year and a half and he now no longer has need for a special assistant at school. A lot of work on phonics, dictation, public speaking, grammar, spelling, silent letters……Ongoing.

Girl age 7 moved from Kazakhstan into UK school with next to no English – I sat with her in class most mornings for a term to support her and get her up to speed with the language and lessons

Girls aged 7 struggling with dyslexia – I taught her for 90 minutes a week for a year to get her up to speed successfully.

Pre-school English language support to 3 year old from Turkey using play to get him up and running and bilingual – 1 year and ongoing.

Age 2 and Pre-School Support

Working with 3 siblings, one is aged 2 and the others are twins going into Reception. I worked with them all individually to help them keep engaged with their learning. With the little one, I am worked to develop literacy and numeracy skills ahead of school entry assessments in a year’s time. The twins were starting school and so I worked through aspects of the Reception curriculum with them to make sure they started school in a strong position.

Age 3 Pre-School Support

– Support for N, who needs a particular boost with his literacy ahead of starting school in September. N can get distracted and often does not focus in lessons, I have been working to engage him through fun play activities, and by using tools such as puppets to make the learning more interactive and energetic.

Age 4 Nursery Support

–  V is at nursery, and struggling to keep up with his vocabulary. V can also find it difficult to concentrate. I have been working with him on a weekly basis to help V improve his stamina for learning ahead of his start at school in September.

Year 2 English and Maths (SEN – working memory)

– I worked for 10 months with a young girl in Year 2 who was struggling with his focus and working memory. She was receiving additional support in school, however our lessons together were to help reinforce new concepts and help her to develop her stamina for learning. S had lost confidence with her work, and was becoming unmotivated. Through fun activities and a supportive and positive and encouraging approach I saw S make huge progress with her learning, and she was always ready for her lessons with a smile on her face.

EFL – Ages 7 & 8

– Private tuition summer 2016 for a 7 and 8 year old with basic English (beginner). Incredible results in confidence, speaking in particular, pronunciation, listening and writing. The children were cousins. The 8 year old boy had virtually no speaking skills but beginner/lower intermediate writing and reading skills. The little girl had excellent understanding and listening skills, poor grammar and writing. She was frustrated that she was unable to put all her thoughts into words or writing. Both children through target vocabulary and grammar objectives inserted into the imaginative, interactive stories of Jazzitup Kids and the adventures of Jazzy the Juggler, relaxed the children, encouraging increasing communication day to day. I taught the children 3 hours a day and their progress was extraordinary and they looked forward to every lesson as the learning was fun.

EFL – Group Tuition

– Teaching groups of Italian school children between 10 and 18 (probably 12 in a class) beginner, intermediate and advanced to increase knowledge and capabilities; encouraged participation in the classroom through group exercises, assignments and creative projects. Created lesson plans for each topic while monitoring learning abilities in class; completed plans within class schedules and optimised learning outcomes.

– I set up and ran a summer camp all summer 2016 for kids from 7-15 years old in More House School. I oversaw every element of the groups and their stay with us. Some children were residential, most of them day students. I greeted and reported back to parents daily, sending them a photo diary and a daily report on their child’ progress, carried out the social media, made sure the tutors and children had everything they needed from learning materials to practical materials, project books etc. I catered to every child’s dietary needs and accompanied some groups on cultural excursions.

– Continuously for the past decade: I have carried out teacher training and lessons – small groups of young children for Jazzitup Kids, mainly in Rome but also in Malaysia. The main focus has been assessing individual child’s needs and areas requiring focus: fluency, accuracy, self-confidence, overcoming shyness, public speaking, teamwork, listening, pronunciation, body language, word and sentence stress…. and, of course, making English language learning fun and memorable with positive associations with the language.

– I worked for 5 years in a language school for adults teaching English for all levels, including the IELTS and business English.

Hobbies and Interests


Running (marathons)

Hot yoga


Client Testimonials

Testimonial from mother of a Year 2 student with working memory difficulties:

Lale has been professional, reliable and very punctual. My daughter really enjoys her lessons and often the both them forget the time as they so engrossed in the lesson. My daughter has shown great improvement in her reading and confidence, which her teachers have commented on various occasions. Lale has been adaptable, changing her methods and resources as she has got to know my daughter.

Testimonial from a mother of a student, aged 4:

“….Lale has made significant strides with X in a relatively short time. Lale uses a very interactive, imaginative learning style that effectively engages our son and keeps him focused for the entire lesson. She is highly creative and prepared, bringing with her handmade puppets, books, songs, and workbooks to entertain and teach my son. X looks forward to seeing Lale every week which is so important to us and shows that he is very much enjoying his time with her and not minding the learning. His story comprehension, number recognition, and phonics understanding are showing clear improvement week to week. Lale provides a lot of positive reinforcement to my son that is helping him feel more confident in his abilities. Lale confirms her lesson ahead of time each week, arrives on time, and is always highly professional. She clearly enjoys working with young children and is quite talented in doing so. We look forward to seeing our son make further progress as he continues his lessons in preparation for Reception next year….”

  • Mentor

  • SEN Specialist