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"Katie has always struggled with written expression, so we began working with Kylie as a general writing tutor. She improved rapidly and quickly, and ultimately found her voice in writing."

Mrs T, Essay Writing Tuition

  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • History of Art

  • Maths

  • SAT

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2019, PhD Art History, University of Manchester (Pending)

2017-2018, MA Aesthetics and Art Theory, Kington University (Distinction)

2008-2012, BA Religious Studies, Reed College Portland (3.7 GPA)

High School GED – 3.75 GPA

About Me

I have been working as a tutor since 2013. My subject specialisms are English, Maths, ACT/SAT Prep and Art History.

My background in the arts and arts education is the core of my approach as a tutor. Whilst living in New York City between 2012 and 2016, I helped a small arts charity initiate and design an educational programme, producing guides for teaching print and visual literacy. This experience inspires my methods of private tuition. In each of my lessons, I work on students’ close reading, attention, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. I plan my lessons with a teaching method called ‘Understanding by Design’, which identifies big ideas and connects these to concrete pieces of information through engaging learning activities. My aim is to teach students the tools they need not only to excel in the subject at hand, but also to excel as an independent learner in the long-term.

Having attended a US liberal arts college, I am also inspired by the broad humanities education I received in this setting. Having now transitioned to the UK higher education system for my MA and PhD, I am well aware that US college applications are challenging for students unfamiliar with the US system. When supporting British students in US college applications, I engage in an active dialogue to help them articulate their personal narrative and future goals in their college essays. I also have particular experience with SAT and ACT exams. I enjoy working with students holistically to help them succeed in the application process as a whole.

I approach private instruction as a relationship of mutual inquiry and mentorship. I enjoy developing friendly professional dialogues with students and their families, in order to understand their academic and personal goals. With each student, I develop a detailed yet flexible instruction plan that joins concrete knowledge with long-term learning strategies. I discuss these plans with the students and parents as appropriate, and track progress at the end of each lesson.

I am committed to enabling students to arrive at answers independently, leading them by asking questions that prompt and guide their thinking. My clients have remarked upon my patience and engaging instruction style. I consider my teaching successful only if it provides students with the confidence, positive habits of mind, and tools to thrive in all aspects of their studies.

Recent tuition

I have over 150 hours of tutoring experience and provide support to students from the age of 6 to Undergraduate level, including the 7+ and 11+ exams. Please find a selection of my recent tuition experience below.


7+ English and Maths

Aiden was a student at Arnold House Prep. Considering a move to a different school, his mother wanted to prepare him for the 7+ exam. I helped strengthen his maths and English skills through weekly lessons that used drawing and storytelling to engage his highly active imagination. His mother commented that our lessons significantly benefited his daily schoolwork in addition to test preparedness.

Grade 2 and Grade 5 literacy – American School of London

Having received my entire education in the US, it is always a pleasure to help students attending the American School of London. I have worked with numerous students ranging from 6 to 12 years of age at the ASL on maths and English, including most recently a girl in the 2nd grade who was struggling with literacy. The student was wonderfully keen to learn but found reading challenging and unrewarding. I worked closely with the student to build her phonetic recognition and sentence comprehension. Making the lessons enjoyable and instilling a sense of independence was my top priority, and I structured our lessons around games as well as books chosen by the student herself.

Prior to this role I worked with an ASL student in the 5th grade, who was challenged with reading comprehension and writing skills. With this student I engaged her interest in real-world scenarios by working with accessible news articles alongside her school curriculum. I emphasised writing by hand, rather than the computer, to build her attention and orthographic skills. I noticed steady and significant improvements with both of these students over the course of my work, reflected in improved marks and increased academic confidence.

Grade 5 Maths – American School of London

Laila was a highly active, confident student who struggled with focus and attention to detail. She was struggling in maths because she would not allow herself time to review her work. I worked closely with Laila to teach study skills alongside maths, using real-world scenarios such as baking to hold her focus. Laila continued to improve on tests throughout the year.

US College applications – personal statement and supplemental essays

Jeffery was applying to US universities. His academic record was inconsistent as he struggled to structure his work. I helped him develop a rigorous yet flexible applications plan and reviewed his progress twice weekly. Through intensive writing sessions, I helped him develop a strong personal statement. He received a place at the University of Southern California, his top choice.

US College applications – personal statement and supplemental essays

Caspar was applying to top-tier US universities. Whilst a strong student, he required a full scholarship. I worked with him closely to draft his personal statement, teaching writing mechanics alongside rhetorical skills; and coached him on his interview. After crafting a highly competitive application, he was offered a full scholarship to the Ivy-League school of Dartmouth College.

SAT tutoring – Reading, Maths, Writing, and Essay sections

Tola was applying to US universities as a football player. An attentive and responsible student, his main focus was sports and he required added motivation to succeed academically. After assessing his baseline, I crafted specialised lesson plans with homework and reinforced skills at each lesson. Tola raised his score by 150 points before achieving a 1250 on the test.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about Art and love touring new exhibitions at museums and galleries, preferably with friends who are keen to discuss the works! I am an equally avid reader of literature and enjoy watching films. With lots of energy, I stay active whenever possible and enjoy running, cycling and swimming.

Client Testimonials

2015: Essay writing

Katie has always struggled with written expression, so we began working with Kylie as a general writing tutor. She improved rapidly and quickly, and ultimately found her voice in writing.

2018: American School of London humanities and maths – 4th Grade

We loved very much your kind manners and teaching style, and are grateful for your support.


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