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Kieran B

"I would like to thank you for your immense help and guidance in my Oxford admissions, Kieran! I am very honoured to be your student, I really found our lessons to be incredibly useful and I have very much enjoyed them!"

Jasmine is a sixth form student based in Hong Kong

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Academic History

Christ Church, University of Oxford (September 2018-July 2021) BA History, Grade: First ClassFinal Honour School: 74 (dissertation); 74 (British history 1680-1830); 70 (Special Subject, gobbets); 67 (Further Subject); 66 (Special Subject, extended essay); 64 (Disciplines of History); 63 (General history)

Taunton School, Somerset, England (Graduated July 2017)
A Level: (Ranked top of year) History – A*, English Literature – A*, Fine Art – A*, Classics – A, Critical Thinking – A*
GCSE: 10 GCSEs A*-A including English Literature, Language and Mathematics

About Me

I teach in a principally academic style, focusing on learning the most pertinent information about the topic in question and engaging students to think imaginatively about the questions and material presented before them. I ask students questions about their opinions on the subject matter we are dealing with and will often ask for written work to be completed prior to tutorials, whether that is exam responses, essays, or detailed essay plans. These will usually form the basis for a discussion about the ideas and topics of inquiry during the tutorial.

My methodology is thus about getting the most intellectual potential out of the student and focusing on the textual material before us. I present them with the relevant knowledge they need to know for the exam they are preparing for and place a significant amount of emphasis on the student’s English prose, helping them to write with clarity and, if possible, with elegance. We will usually spend time deconstructing large phrases often used in exam titles or coursework, such as ‘kingship’, ‘democracy’, ‘social and cultural values’, and exploring various conceptual interpretations.

I engage them with scholarly literature and the opinions of academics and critics and seek to form a dialogue. I try to make lessons interesting with reference to my own experiences with tutors at Oxford and at school and encourage students to think broadly and use a variety of factual and theoretical material. This will make their essays rich and sophisticated. My methodology is thus academic in its focus and aims to make the subject fun and exciting.

Recent tuition

Please find a snapshot of my experience below.

11+ History Scholarship

Carlton is a preparatory school student whom I prepared for the scholarship examination at Tonbridge School. He struggled at first to structure the second part of the exam where students have to bring in their own historical knowledge to answer a broad thematic question. He learned to engage with the questions in a detailed way, writing several essays which increasingly improved in quality, the range of examples he deployed and the analysis which he could draw upon. He learned how to analyse five sources in a short period of time, including pictures and textual sources, and I have increasing confidence that he will be successful in his ambition.

A Level, English Literature.

Ibrahim was a preparatory school student whom I taught during my stint working overseas. He was a very academic boy whom I prepared for English Literature exams. We worked on past papers, broad themes in literature and poetry and even began working on literary criticism. We met multiple times during the week and he wrote several pieces of creative writing. I marked his work and we would usually discuss the many different approaches which one could take towards characterisation, narrative, description and the use of literary techniques. He went from strength to strength and obtained excellent results in his summer exams, advancing to the senior programme of his academically selective school.

Oxford Entrance Exam – HAT

Jasmine is a sixth form student in Hong Kong whom I have prepared for the History entrance examination at the University of Oxford. I worked with Jasmine over a seven-week period. She is bright and extremely able and I was delighted by the progress which she made, initially knowing nothing of the unique beast that is the HAT yet learning to produce some essays of truly outstanding quality. We worked on past papers, source extracts, deconstructing the terms of the questions and how to structure formal academic writing. Jasmine became increasingly more imaginative in her responses and learned how to structure her essays and paragraphs in a lucid and elegant manner. Her prose became increasingly more clear and concise and towards our final lessons, her analysis exhibited moments of originality and brilliancy. Jasmine was a pleasure to teach and I have absolutely no doubt that she will be successful in her application.

Undergraduate History

Harry is a first year undergraduate at a Russell Group university in the south east of England. He was initially uncertain about the strictures of academic writing and I have been working with him on essays on both medieval English and French intellectual history. We worked mostly on primary sources but also covered scholarly opinions and Henry learned how to unite both in his paragraphs. He grasped the need to structure his essays clearly and to pay close attention to the textual material before him. His passion for the subject has been a great help in making lessons rewarding and intellectually engaging.

Undergraduate History

Kanika is a first year undergraduate student at Kings College London whom I have prepared for her first pieces of History coursework. She was initially apprehensive about the rigours of higher education work, feeling that her university tutors had not clearly explained how to structure an essay. I helped her to understand some of the methodologies of academic writing and helped to make the subject matter, medieval Christianity and Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, a more accessible and understandable area of study. She has demonstrated exceptional academic ability and has been very engaging in our tutorials, working hard to grasp the complexities of the academic sources and scholarly articles, many of which can be particularly challenging, especially those written by the very best historians. We have had a number of fruitful discussions which have consolidated and advanced her understanding of challenging topics.

Hobbies and Interests 

Outside of tutoring, I maintain my interests in the arts, medieval and Renaissance history and literature, most recently reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace. I attend visual arts exhibitions, musical theatre performances and the opera. I am currently training for the Bar, and so am pursuing debating, mooting, and after dinner speaking on the side.

I play lawn tennis, Real Tennis and golf, and follow a number of sports, including rugby and cricket. I enjoy playing chess and follow the chess world closely. I also travel quite extensively, recently returning from a long trip around Albania and Montenegro. I have undertaken trips around France in previous years, including one funded by my college to research ecclesiastical architecture. I enjoy producing my own paintings and drawings and studying wine. I enjoy these activities as they provide a social buzz and the opportunity to engage my mind and body with others in fun pursuits.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to thank you for your immense help and guidance in my Oxford admissions, Kieran! I am very honoured to be your student, I really found our lessons to be incredibly useful and I have very much enjoyed them!”

Jasmine, a sixth form student based in Hong Kong.

“Kieran Bailey was employed at Aitchison College, Lahore during 2017 and 2018 on a Gap year. He proved to be outstanding in boarding, academic tutorials, and working with students and staff. I would re-employ him at the ‘drop of a hat.’ He is a reliable, articulate and dependable young man.”

Principal of Aitchison College, Pakistan.

Thank you for preparing me for my first submitted pieces of coursework, Kieran. Your lessons were extremely enjoyable and you helped me understand the medieval world in a way I never could have without your help! I was delighted with the marks my university tutors gave me!”

Kanika, a first year undergraduate studying History at King’s College London.

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