“I sought Kathryn’s expertise when my son’s maths scores dropped below those of his peers, and when he started coming home telling me he hated maths. Kathryn gave him lessons for 6 months, finding creative ways to keep him engaged and learning. It was not an easy task, and Kathryn gave 100% towards making sure he improved his scores. By the end of their lessons he was back up to the level of his peers and was actually enjoying maths for the first time!”

Mrs A, Year 2 Maths Tuition

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Academic History

2009-2010 London School of Economics, MSc in Social Policy. Honours: High Merit, Loch Exhibition Prize recipient, Distinction for original research dissertation.

2002-2006 University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), BA (Hons) in Psychology and Politics with a concentration in French. Honours: 3.9/4.0 GPA, Phi Beta Kappa Honours Society, Comprehensive Honours (highest degree awarded in Social Science), Dean’s List (all 8 semesters), published in Undergraduate Journal of Political Science.

2005 l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence, France (study abroad)

2004 l’Université Laval, Québec, Canada (study abroad)

1998-2002 Prairie Ridge High School (USA). Subjects: English, Calculus, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, French, Politics, Sociology. Honours: 4.2/4.4 GPA, High Honour Roll (all 4 years), graduated in top 1% of class.

About Me

My specialisms are English and Maths, with a particular emphasis on improving students’ study skills, exam skills and organisational strategies. I have also received specialist training in working with individuals with learning disabilities, and have hundreds of hours of experience supporting individuals with Special Educational Needs.

I am a hands-on tutor and I firmly believe that learning is best retained when students are actively engaged in the lessons and are having fun. Increasing my students’ enjoyment of their lessons increases their interest in the subject matter, which improves their confidence and their performance. With training in developmental psychology and over 10 years’ experience working directly with children, I am highly skilled at developing bespoke lessons to suit my students’ needs. I individually tailor my lessons to meet the needs, goals and interests of each student, and I encourage student feedback and proactive engagement in designing the learning process.

The key to my success as a tutor is understanding and appealing to the motivations of each individual student. This requires patience, perception, and a real passion for working with children and young adults. I am extremely dedicated to my students, and I put a tremendous amount of work into ensuring my students are challenged, engaged and prepared to reach their learning objectives.

Recent tuition

I am a full-time professional tutor with over five years of teaching experience. I have successfully worked with students from around the world and across a wide range of skill levels. Below is a selection of case studies that highlights some of my recent work.

Literacy & numeracy, 5-year-old

Chloe’s parents sought my assistance in helping secure her place at Eton’s Vale School. As a non-native English speaker, Chloe’s spelling and reading levels were below national standards, which also negatively impacted her performance in Maths. Working intensively over a period of 6 weeks, I helped Chloe improve her English fluency, including reading, writing, spelling and speaking, bringing both her literacy and numeracy skills up to the level of her peers.

Literacy & numeracy, 6-year-old

I worked with Hamid for a period of 6 months to improve his numeracy and literacy so he could retain his place at a top North London independent school. As an outgoing and intelligent young boy, Hamid employed a variety of distraction techniques to mask his low confidence in Maths and English. By building on Hamid’s strengths and slowly increasing the difficultly of our lessons in a fun and interactive way, I was able to help Hamid increase both his performance and his confidence, enabling him to maintain his place at school.

Dyslexia, 8-year-old (numeracy & literacy)

Sabrina struggled with confidence in the classroom and was shy asking for help when she needed it. Having never received any specialised support for her dyslexia, Sabrina and her parents struggled to identify learning strategies that allowed Sabrina to properly engage with her schoolwork. I worked with Sabrina and her parents to develop study techniques that enabled Sabrina to build on her natural curiosity for learning in a safe and familiar setting. This bolstered Sabrina’s confidence and increased her participation at school, improving her performance and minimising the need for outside tutoring.

Dyslexia, 12-year-old (English, Maths, study skills)

I was called in to help Marcus with his English and Maths, but also to work with him generally across all subjects to help improve his concentration and focus. Marcus was an incredibly outgoing boy, and he often used humour and distraction techniques to mask the fact that he struggled to keep up in the classroom, especially with reading and writing. By experimenting with auditory and kinaesthetic approaches, I was able to develop a personalised method that both held Marcus’s interest and helped him improve his scores and participation at school.

GCSE English, Maths & motivational coaching, 13-year-old

Nick was a naturally very intelligent boy who performed very poorly at school. The youngest of 4 children, his older siblings excelled at academics while Nick focused on computers, often to the detriment of his studies. The key to helping Nick improve at school was to show him that, in spite of his test scores, he was very bright, and that he could improve his grades by working hard at them. By setting small, manageable academic goals and designing lesson plans that built on his non-academic skills, I was able to help Nick move from a D to a B in English and Maths.

GCSE Maths, 15-year-old

Natalie was an exceptional student who requested a tutor so she could move from an A to an A* in maths. We worked intensively on exam taking techniques and practice exams, with Natalie doing full practice exams in between each of our sessions. Natalie secured her A* after just a few weeks of us working together.

GCSE English, Math & organisational skills, 15-year-old

Nathaniel was an exceptionally hard-working GCSE student who struggled with organisation and staying on top of his workload. Although extremely bright and dedicated, his endless studying did not improve his test scores in English or Maths. In addition to working through the syllabus together, we worked intensively on personal organisation, note taking, memorisation techniques, and designing a study schedule. After several months of weekly sessions, Nathaniel progressed in Maths from a C to an A, and in English from a D to a B. This enabled him to gain entrance to a competitive sixth form college, where he is now studying for A-Levels.

Undergraduate support:

Janine, 21

Janine sought a tutor a month before her university dissertation was due. She had worked hard on researching the subject matter but struggled to understand how to turn her notes and research into a strong, argumentative essay. She was most concerned about not completing it on time, as she was unsure how to begin the seemingly overwhelming task of structuring and writing a 10,000 word dissertation. I worked with Janine on breaking down the task into smaller, manageable pieces and helped motivate her by setting short-term, time-limited goals. This included designing a timetable to give her days structure and ensure she was working effectively. After a month of working together, Janine was proud of the result and submitted her dissertation on time. Her dissertation received a distinction.

Sahan, 25

Sahan was studying for his MA in Religious Studies at the Institute of Education when he engaged me as a tutor. It was four months before his dissertation was due and he wanted assistance with brainstorming ideas, research design, data collection and analysis, and the structuring and writing of his 10,000 word dissertation. Sahan and I worked together every week throughout this period, designing a four-month plan for his work to ensure he would complete his original research with enough time left for analysis, write-up and revision. He completed his dissertation in time, enabling him to complete his MA course, and because of his dedicated forward-planning had enough time to enjoy a summer holiday before submission!

Natalya, 20

Natalya and I started working together two months before her university dissertation was due. Natalya had a difficult time organising her ideas and struggled to discern what information was and was not relevant to her argument. Although Natalya was a strong student at a UK university, English was not her first language and the process of writing was therefore especially difficult for her. Natalya and I worked together several times a week, first mapping out her ideas and organising the research she had done. We then set about formulating a strong central argument, from which we designed the dissertation structure. After a few additional lessons on writing and motivational tips, Natalya wrote prolifically and did not struggle to produce her 10,000 dissertation, for which she received a distinction.

Hobbies and Interests

 When I am not teaching I am a student of Mandarin Chinese, yoga, dance, guitar and Tai Chi. I am very physically active and enjoy a variety of sports, including tennis, football, sailing, skiing, running, swimming and hiking. I am passionate about languages and international travel; I speak English (native), French (advanced), Mandarin Chinese (elementary). I love the arts and regularly visit London’s many art, dance and drama venues.

Client Testimonials

“I sought Kathryn’s expertise when my son’s maths scores dropped below those of his peers, and when he started coming home telling me he hated maths. Kathryn gave him lessons for 6 months, finding creative ways to keep him engaged and learning. It was not an easy task, and Kathryn gave 100% towards making sure he improved his scores. By the end of their lessons he was back up to the level of his peers and was actually enjoying maths for the first time!” (Mother of 6-year-old pupil)

“Kathryn has worked closely with our family for over 2 years, supporting several of our children with their English, Maths, study and exam-taking skills. She is by far their favourite tutor; our children actually argue about who gets more time with her! She is a natural teacher and clearly loves her work. We couldn’t be more grateful for the energy and dedication she’s shown our children and our family.” (Parent of 9, 12, 14 and 16-year-old pupils)

“Kathryn is everything you would hope for in a tutor: she is personable, dedicated, compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. Kathryn’s approach to tutoring is dynamic and personalised, and she’s brilliant at tapping into students’ motivations to learn. She made the lessons with my daughter fun and engaging, which better enabled my daughter to understand and retain the material. Most of all, she increased my daughter’s confidence, which helped her perform better across all of her subjects.” (Parent of 16-year-old pupil)

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without Kathryn. She has given me so much confidence.” (19-year-old client)

“Kathryn helped me get back into full-time education. She taught me the English and maths material needed for my entrance exams, always acting with patience and kindness, never once making me feel uncomfortable. I had been so scared of getting a tutor, so embarrassed that I needed help. I couldn’t have asked for a more trusting and kind person to teach me.” (21-year-old pupil)


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