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"I have no hesitation in recommending Kate for tutoring of any student regardless of ability at both GCSE and A-level. Kate's experience of teaching on the front-line to all abilities, her depth of experience in marking exams, her outstanding knowledge of all the curriculum and her calm and unassuming nature make her a first-class tutor.”

Parent of Key Stage 3 and GCSE student

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Academic History

MA in Leadership in Education, Institute of Education at UCL, London: Pass

PGCE and QTS, Teach First and Canterbury Christ Church University: Good

B.A. Philosophy and English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin: 2:1 and Exhibition Scholarship

A-Levels: 3 As (English, History, Religious Studies), 1 B (French)

GCSEs: 4 A*s (English Language, French, Italian, Geography), 5 As (English Literature, Drama, Maths, Religious Studies, History), 1 B (Biology)

About Me

I build collaborative relationships with students and parents. Together we set goals for the student, review their progress and build confidence by ensuring they experience success. I like to learn about the interests and needs of students, so that I can create engaging, challenging and enjoyable lessons. The Head of English where I taught said of me: “She is an extremely creative teacher. She collects weird and wonderful props to use in the classroom to make her lessons active and engaging.”

The way I teach is underpinned by scientific research in psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience. As Deputy Head of English at my school, I led initiatives to implement findings from the cognitive science of memory in our teaching practices – first in the English department, and then across the whole school.

I am training to become a Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication (NVC.) I have trained students and teachers to use NVC to develop emotional intelligence and respectful relationships. I also taught parliamentary debating to students aged 11-18 and helped to run the school debate club. I embed the teaching of NVC and debating skills in everything I teach. These skills enable students to articulate themselves confidently when speaking and writing, and to be resilient in response to the challenges of school and exams.

Recent tuition

Generalist GCSE Residential Tuition

I tutored R in GCSE Maths (IGCSE Edexcel), Biology and Chemistry (Edexcel), English Language and English Literature (IGCSE Edexcel), Geography (AQA) and RS (OCR.) Before working together, the student achieved Grade 2s and 3s in her mock exams in English Literature, English Language, Maths, Science and Geography. I collaborated closely with her teachers, family and the agency to develop a customised, interest-led curriculum, and supported the student to adopt effective study habits for exam preparation. She went on to pass all of these subjects in her final GCSE exams.

GCSE English Language and English Literature and BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care

I tutored A in GCSE English Literature and Language (AQA.) We worked on these two subjects over a 5 year period. A was struggling with the transition to secondary school when I started tutoring her. She was in the bottom 10% nationally in terms of her KS2 results and her GCSE target was a Grade 2. We worked on developing vocabulary, reading habits, reading skills, writing to argue and describe, exam techniques, analysing writer’s use of language and structure, writing GCSE English Literature essays and tools for managing stress. This year she sat her GCSEs and she achieved a Grade 6 in both English Language & English Literature (and was 4 marks away from a Grade 7 in English Literature.) As a result, she was able to enter the sixth form of her choice, and was accepted to do the A-Levels she wished to study. I have since tutored her BTEC Level 3 Health and Social Care, after she achieved a ‘pass’ grade in her January exam. She achieved a ‘merit’ in her summer exams, and her teachers have predicted her to achieve a ‘distinction’ grade by the end of Year 13.

GCSE English Language and English Literature

I tutored E in GCSE English Literature and Language (AQA.) We worked on these two subjects over a 2 year period. E was a high-achieving student who felt tuition would be useful as there were topics which she struggled to consistently achieve top marks for. We worked on revision strategies, essay writing skills and exam technique. She achieve Grade 9 for both English Literature and English Language. More recently, I have supported E with writing philosophy essays, as she has been entering Philosophy essay competitions. She has just won her place to study at Cambridge University, after achieving 3 A*s at A Level.

GCSE English Literature and Language

I tutored S in GCSE English Literature and Language (AQA.) We worked on these two subjects over a 6 month period. S was predicted a Grade 2. Her two main problem areas were clarity in her analysis and descriptive writing and grammatical accuracy. We had weekly sessions where I tutored her in extended writing and exam practice, and I marked her writing with her so that she could see where she needed to improve and modelled how she could redraft her work. I also mentored her on revision techniques. She achieved a Grade 5.

A Level Religious Studies

I tutored B in A Level Religious Studies (OCR.) B was consistently achieving ‘C’ and ‘B’ grades before working together. We worked on writing essays that had a deep knowledge of the relevant subject matter, concise expression and a coherent argument. We wrote essays together, and I provided him with essay feedback that he used to redraft his work. In our sessions, we used Socratic questioning to explore topics in depth and to help him to explore what he thought about the arguments of the philosophers and theologians on his course. He achieved an improvement of two grades in his essays during our time working together this year. 

A-Level English Literature

I tutored A in A-Level English Literature (AQA.) We worked on this subject together over 9 months. A was consistently achieving a ‘C’ grade in her exams, and her predicted grade was a ‘B’. The main challenge for A was ensuring her essays and arguments were thorough, logical, precise, and fully coherent. We worked together on redrafting her essays to ensure they had these features, and discussed how she could develop them. I showed her model answers, which we analysed together, and I supported her to create a tailored revision plan in the months running her to her exams. She achieved an A*.

A-Level English Literature (AQA)

N and I worked together over 9 months. N was consistently achieving ‘C’ or ‘B’ grades in her exams. She was predicted to achieve an ‘A’ grade. The main challenge for N was having a sufficiently accurate, detailed and thorough knowledge of the set texts she was studying. As well as this, she needed to develop the clarity and simplicity in her written expression. I tutored her on essay writing style, highlighting to her where her expression needed more clarity and precision, and we worked together on redrafting her essays. After marking essays she wrote in her own time and pointing out inaccuracies or where she used textual evidence that was not supportive of her argument, I worked with her to devise independent study plans to revise, re-read and deepen her knowledge of the set texts. I modelled how I would approach using the set texts to write essays. In the final months before her exams, I worked with her on interpreting unseen prose and unseen poetry. She achieved an A*.

For six years, as a sixth-form tutor, I guided sixth-form students through the university application process – including Oxbridge, the Oxford University ELAT (English Literature Admissions Test) and writing personal statements.

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies are writing poetry, drama and performance, hiking and singing. Writing poetry is a wonderful way to be creative and it also enhances my understanding of the writer’s craft, which in turns enables me to teach with more understanding of the writing process. I love beautiful landscapes, exploring new places, and the satisfying exercise from hiking. I enjoy singing because of the learning and growth involved in becoming a better singer, and also from the community that singing with others brings.

I have written and performed in numerous theatre productions. I co-directed my take on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ for the Dublin Shakespeare festival and have performed several times at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Dublin. More recently, I performed in the audio play, ‘The Hour of Fortune’, written by Isadora Epstein. This was shown at the National Gallery in Dublin in 2021. I enjoy the creativity, challenge and fun of performance. 

I have also enjoyed working as a Curriculum Editor for the Our Aim Foundation since June 2022. The curriculum is a course on Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication. It is currently being trialled in high schools in Florida. The charity intends to make the course available to all high schools in the USA, and to UK secondary schools.


“Kate tutored my daughter for over 2 years to provide her with support on her GCSE journey. Kate was an outstanding tutor with a detailed and intimate knowledge of the curriculum for English language & English literature. She was able to provide her invaluable experience of having taught in a state school setting to all abilities and this was crucial in supporting our daughter.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kate for tutoring of any student regardless of ability at both GCSE and A-level. Kate’s experience of teaching on the front-line to all abilities, her depth of experience in marking exams, her outstanding knowledge of all the curriculum and her calm and unassuming nature make her a first-class tutor.”

Parent of Key Stage 3 and GCSE student

“It was some of the best feedback I’ve ever received from a family! She said that you have been an absolute delight to work with, and that she has hugely improved in her studies. Even her teachers have commented on how well she’s doing! She said that you have gone absolutely above and beyond to support her, and you have set her up so well for success.” 

Head of Private Tuition, Tutoring Agency

“Thank you so much for everything. I’m so happy you helped me so much, and I don’t think I could have done it without you.”

GCSE Residential Tuition Student

“Thank you so much – you were absolutely amazing and she passed because of your incredible help and hard work, kindness and patience.”

Parent of GCSE Residential Tuition Student

“You have been a great help with personal statements and you have always supported us and spread your kindness.”

Personal statement student

“Dear Kate, words seem inadequate to express my gratitude for all the encouragement, support and kindness you have shown E over these past few months. E and I both know that she could never have come this far without you.”

Parent of Oxford University applicant (interview preparation and ELAT)

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