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"Julie has been an excellent tutor for our daughter who is studying French A Level. She is well prepared and understands what the specific exam board requires. She can cover both grammar and literature. "

Mr A, A Level French Tuition

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Academic History

2009-2010 University of Wales Institute Cardiff PGCE in MFL. Completed two teaching placements in secondary schools where I taught French up to KS5, as well as Spanish to SEN classes, tutored a form and taught PSE.

2007-2008 Université Rennes 2 (France) Master’s degree in EFL (First Class Honors). Specializing in linguistic, didactic and the creation of  multimedia teaching aids and distance course for university students. Research on foreign languages acquisition processes. Completed a 6-month teaching placement at university where I taught science students and set up online courses to reinforce and complement face to face learning. Dissertation on the creation, setting up and management of e-learning modules with focus on identification, classification and analysis of the expression of modality in the cohort’s copies.

2003-2006 Université Rennes 2 / Mater Dei Institute of Education Dublin, BA in English. Erasmus exchange in the third year. Studied  Anglo-American history and literature, linguistics, didactics, phonetics, translation.

2003 Lycée Ile de France (Rennes, France) Scientific Baccalauréat. Studied all subjects with mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology as majors. Lower Second class honours.

2000 Collège La Tour d’Auvergne (Rennes, France), GCSEs: French (B), Maths (A), English (A), Biology (B), Physics-chemistry (B), PE (A), Art (C), Music (B), D&T (B), Spanish (B).

About Me

Passionate about languages I graduated with a Master’s degree in English linguistic and didactic in 2008 (First Class Honors) and completed a PGCE in Modern Languages in 2010. I have tutored and taught ever since I was a student; first English in France and then French to KS3, KS4 and KS5 and GCSE English when I came to the UK. Having learnt English, Spanish and Gaelic,  I understand well the challenges involved when learning a language such as grammar or gender rules which can be particularly complex in French.

As a tutor I am aware of the feeling of isolation home schooled children may experience or the difficulties when students feel disconnected from school or disillusioned because they are failing in a subject. I understand that the various learning experiences and backgrounds students have mean that a different approach to mainstream education is often needed.  Having taught in a mainstream school for more than five years and worked as a supply learning support assistant when I first arrived in the UK I know the school system well, I taught children from various backgrounds and with an extensive range of abilities. I have come across various situations where students needed extra support at times with specific aspects of the language, lacked confidence with their oral skills or simply struggled with exam techniques. I particularly enjoy tutoring as I can give my full attention to my students and I find it very rewarding to see how students quickly progress, sometimes by several grades. I strive to use a range of strategies and approaches to suit my students’ particular needs and learning styles and design tailored materials with short-term, achievable and measurable targets to boost their confidence.

I always ensure that there is a safe and positive learning environment in which the students can grow in confidence and feel at ease to ask questions when they need clarification. To me, learning is not just about academic subjects but also about developing as well rounded and happy individuals and thinking critically to be prepared for adulthood and the world of work. Being able to formulate, structure and justify one’s argument is key to success in life.

Given the time constraints students generally face I tend to focus thoroughly on methodology and exam techniques to prepare them to answer exam questions effectively, structure essays and use key phrases, tackle listening recordings or translation techniques.  Learning language structures and patterns allows students to use the language with various topics and equips them with the necessary tools to communicate effectively in a range of situations. While I strive to focus on examinations, I also design my tuitions so that students can relate to real life and have fun while learning.

Being an examiner for several years I am familiar with examination requirements and know what examiners want to see in a copy or hear in orals. I have an excellent record of exam results, with many students achieving top grades and continuing French at A Level and university.

Recent tuition

Please find a selection of my recent tuition experience below.

French Pre school/Reception:

Christina (Reception, the Harrodian) and Eleny (4 years old) are Greek, their dad has spoken to them in French since birth but they always reply in English or Greek, despite understanding everything their dad tells them. I’m working on improving Christina’s confidence in French and more generally on consolidating what is done in school but in French with a focus on developing her imagination as it is a skill her school highlighted as a weakness. We have been working on making up stories and characteristics of tales for example. The focus with the youngest girl is more on learning vocabulary and building sentences. The girls have considerably progressed over the first term as they start speaking French with their parents and even got along with people and kids on a recent trip to Luxembourg.

French 13+ Common Entrance:

Jack (Westminster Cathedral) is taking his 13+ examinations this year and applied to Eton College where he got a conditional offer. We are working on polishing Jack’s oral and written skills and developing his ideas fully to make his expression more sophisticated and fluent. Jack knows a wide range of vocabulary and grammar rules very well but struggles to apply all his knowledge in oral or writing. We are also working on preparing his answers for the oral questions and more generally on getting confident with the exam format.

French A Level:

Alissa (Putney High School), taking A Level French. The focus is on grammar and translation practice, essay writing skills (structuring, developing, illustrating and evaluating ideas to reach the top band criteria and achieve A* in her examination. We work on how to be more perceptive and on using more sophisticated vocabulary and essay phrases and including complex grammatical and verb structures in her writing.

(Alissa achieved an A in French with full marks for the essays.)

Pre school/Reception:

Anna is 5 years old and attends The Harrodian School. The family lived in Monaco, moved to London two years ago and want her to keep up with her oral skills in French. I started tutoring Anna when she was 3 years old to prepare her for school. Activities include role plays such as shopping for food or clothes, stories and songs, playing different games which involve speaking in French. The aim is also to support Anna in line with what she is learning in Reception and her learning difficulties. Anna struggles to express her ideas clearly and make full sentences, to process information and instructions and to concentrate on a task.

French KS2:

Raiya is in year 5 at Bute House and has a keen interest in French. She often travels to French speaking countries and wishes to become more fluent orally. The tuitions cover the basics in terms of vocabulary and grammar concepts at KS2 with a focus on practical situations such as ordering food and drinks, buying clothes or asking for directions in town as well as everyday conversations.

French KS3/13+ Common Entrance:

Zak is in year 7 at Eaton House the Manor and I started tutoring him in year 6 when he missed a lot because of attending many school interviews over the spring term to prepare him for 11+ and end of year examinations in French. Zak mostly needs help with his writing, particularly accents and spelling as well as verb conjugations and tenses. The family have a house in Morocco and Zak is also keen to improve his oral skills to be more fluent and get on more with other children while on holidays so we regularly practise role plays and activities encouraging spontaneous language. We are now starting to work on 13+ Common Entrance examination formats.

French KS2/ 11+ Common Entrance:

Tutoring a group of 3 boys (Caldicott prep school) in year 6 preparing the 11+ CE examination. The boys have different experiences and abilities in French. The focus is on vocabulary and grammar needed for 11+.

French 13+ Common Entrance:

Tutoring a year 8 boy applying to King’s. The focus is on his oral skills, we are working on structuring his answers to the oral questions and on improving his grammar and accuracy.

French 13+ CE and GCSE:

Tutoring a year 8 boy applying to Harrow, focus on the oral entry examination: developing ideas, structuring answers, including various tenses, adverbs, opinions, etc. to make sentences more sophisticated, improving pronunciation. His sister is in year 11 and we mostl work on her oral skills during the tuitions and completing past papers as a homework. Focus on exam techniques.

French GCSE:

I tutored a GCSE student who achieved A* in GCSE. We worked on all aspects of the course but particularly the speaking component during the tuitions. Katrina quickly improved her confidence and built an extensive range of vocabulary and sophisticated structures to improve her expression.

French A Level:

Robbie, preparation for A2 oral exam, help with drafting his exposé on Au Revoir Les Enfants, focus on content and evaluative approach and including useful phrases and sophisticated structures and vocabulary. Discussion of all aspects of the film studied. Exam practice for the structured discussion.

French A Level (AS and A2 Online sessions):

Pia, home schooled A Level student who lives in Berlin (Skype tuitions). Pia started AS French in January and progressed so well that we decided to enter her for A2 French, Given the short timescale until the exam I devised an intensive programme of study which includes a timetable with specific self study periods for grammar, vocabulary, translation, cultural topics research and exam practice to complement our Skype sessions and ensure she gets the structure or frame she would in a school environment. I teach her four hours a week, each focusing on a specific aspect of the curriculum. The weekly emails with her parents, monthly progress reports and homework record sheet put in place contribute to ensure that she is always on track and fulfills her full potential.

French Beginner (online):

Will, introduction to the French language for the purpose of practical communication and travelling abroad. Focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills,  grammar, vocabulary.

French Beginners, GCSE and A Level:

Lecturer and coordinator of French department in an FE college for five years. Teaching French up to A Level, including an intensive course where students took both AS and A2 in an academic year.

English, GCSE and Functional Skills:

Lecturer and coordinator of GCSE English within the Faculty of Academic Studies in an FE college (large provision of more than 500 students (re)taking GCSE English each year) for five years. Teaching GCSE and FS English, planning the curriculum and devising department’s schemes of work, managing agency teachers,  assessing students to place them at the right level, administrative tasks such as entering students for exams, setting up controlled assessment sittings, moderating staff marking, analysing results to inform teaching strategies.

UCAS Application:

Claire, drafting and structuring personal statement, preparation to Oxford entry test for French course, conducted mock interview in preparation to entrance examination, invigilated written entry language test

English KS4:

Marie, expanding knowledge of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Focus on grammar, tenses and pronunciation. Help with completing homework and boosting confidence for oral presentations and written tests in English.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a keen interest for travelling and discovering other cultures. I particularly enjoy cooking and gastronomy. I recently joined a choir and am learning to read music, a whole new language to me.

Client Testimonials

Julie is a fantastic teacher who is very patient and encouraging. She puts time into setting and marking homework as well as preparing the lesson around your specific requirements. (Will)

Julie has been an excellent tutor for our daughter who is studying French A Level. She is well prepared and understands what the specific exam board requires. She can cover both grammar and literature. (Alissa’s father)

Julie is an excellent French teacher and I am very pleased with her approach towards my year 6 and year 3 children. She has found fun ways to teach them what they have learnt in school without just lists of vocabulary or verbs. They have started speaking French at the weekends after only a few lessons. I highly recommend Julie and I have tried 3 previous French tutors. (Zak’s mother)

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