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"My son and Joanne have a great rapport, and due to her professional expertise, she prepares not only the varied content and topics to go over, but also shares invaluable tips on the art of sitting an exam."

13+ Exam Preparation

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Academic History

Open University, BA with Mandarin and French

Taipei Language Institute, CUI Mandarin

Saxon Court, TEFL

The University of London, BSc Hon, Diagnostic Radiography (2.1)

Plymouth College School, 3 x A-Levels (BBC)

Truro High School, 9 x GCSE (A-C)

About Me

My specialist subjects are Biology to A-Level, all three Sciences to GCSE, Maths to GCSE and entrance exams from 8+ to 16 +. I can teach all key subjects up to KS2 and am also experienced in tutoring students with English as an Additional Language and additional learning needs, such as Dyslexia. I make a point of understanding the person behind the challenge before diving straight into bombarding them with information. Each student is an individual and requires their own path to reach their goals. As a tutor I look at the most effective way of attaining these goals and bridging the gaps to success in the specific time frame. My classes guarantee preparedness, dynamism and stimulation. I utilise a variety of teaching methods, technologies and tangible examples to keep momentum and motivation in the classes.

Another key to my effective classes is the art of learning when they think they aren’t. I will incorporate research skills, free thinking and thinking outside of the box techniques throughout my sessions. I believe that my structured classes with a flexible approach are what sets me apart from many tutors.

I support my students as much as possible outside of class time. I will answer emails or any questions they may have that arise between the sessions. However, I do teach independent learning and will try to show learners how to research and utilise the web or books to answer their own questions. Having taught for 20 years, I am knowledgeable, resourceful, professional and timeous, I enjoy tutoring and am forever looking for new methods, resources and stay up to date with changes in curriculum and entrance requirements. Regarding my older learners at A level, I will always listen to their needs and often set them on the right course during the most pressured times in their lives so far. I teach them time management and show them how to strategise with studying and exam techniques.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a selection of my recent tuition experience.

Common Entrance

11+ and 13+

This student has Aspergers and is aiming for some highly academic schools. In class, he is always engaged and a source of joy. We work on his exam technique and are filling gaps in his education in preparation for the 11+ and 13+ examinations this year.

Harrow, Beijing to attend Westminster – CE 13 + Science

This student’s current school has moved him forward with Sciences, so he has lacked some basic theories, language, methodologies and, hence, confidence. He is extremely intelligent and is progressing nicely with his scientific knowledge. His mother requests a lot of past paper question papers. I disperse them with knowledge based sessions. In two months he has gone from a D to a B. (3 hours/week online). I also joined him in Beijing for six weeks to work with him intensively before his exams.

Eton 13+ Pretest

This student needed to become aufait with and master the Key Stage 2-3 Maths syllabus in four months. His knowledge was narrow. However, with my guidance and his commitment, we covered all of the topics and practised exam style questions. We focused on exam skills, specifically timing (which is integral in pretest examinations). We have dynamic classes with a variety of presentations, video demonstrations, games, live practice tests and past paper questions. He took time to trust me but we have worked well together and are making great headways. I supported him from a distance, while I was teaching in China in order to keep up his motivation and maintain a fluid progress towards his exams. He has recently secured a second stage interview and exam with Eton. As a result of his success, I am tutoring his 15-year-old brother IGCSE Maths.

14+ Kings Canterbury

This student needed acquainting with the English curriculum and teaching methodologies to take the Kings (ISEB 14+) entrance exam. We covered all aspects of the curriculum. Some of our lessons were face to face, some online. She has just completed her first term at Kings and is extremely settled. We have stayed in touch and met up in Beijing this year.


General Study Skills

This student is in year 9. He has dyscalculia. We have worked together to regain his confidence and learn some study skills to boost his examination performance in Maths. Focusing on his dyscalculia (particularly the difference between left and right) he has started to perform more competently. As a result, he is preparing well to begin his GCSE’s.

Foundation Level English and Maths

This student is in mainstream schooling. He has Asperger’s which affects his concentration. My tact has been to encourage simple thought processes that keep him on track and believing in himself. We meet weekly and I go over exam skills with him. We always focus on interpreting questions as timely and accurately as possible. We have spent several months of patiently skimming, scanning, and looking for evidence in written material and he is grasping the concept nicely now. He has been given an offer at Plymouth College of Arts. Tutoring with this student is a marathon and not a sprint and I feel being a consistent figure in his education is key to success.

GCSE Science & Humanities (Edexcel)

This student (Eastbourne College) is a truly engaging and bright person. He wanted to pre-study the GCSE Science syllabus before starting year 10 in September. I introduced the British Science syllabus to him and covered integral parts with higher level focus. He has achieved the top 3 in his class and is now having further tuition with me to excel in Humanities. He has needed some guidance and direction with regards self-studies, so our classes have a set structure of presentation, research and practice questions. I have showed him various websites to utilise and have guided him to become an independent scholar. I have encouraged active research for projects and areas that need further understanding. He plans to go to Brighton College for A levels, so we are also focusing on interview skills.

GCSE Combined Science (AQA)

This student (Devonport High School for Girls) went from a predicted CD to an actual AB. We had intensive Science tutoring with a goal to improve her predicted grades. She is a truly capable learner and simply needed direction and focus on her studies. Our classes were based on exam style questions and addressing areas of focus before moving on. As always, I used a range of multimedia, including our VR headgear to take a tour around the body as a red blood cell.


A-Level Biology (Edexcel)

This student (Charterhouse) improved from an E when we began working together, to a B in her final exams.

A-Level Biology (OCR)

This student (Liskeard community college) is now on an A grade, and has received an unconditional offer from Exeter University to study Biochemistry.

A-level Biology (AQA)

This student (Truro School) moved from a U to a C, which was a huge success for them!

Educational Assessment

I have experience of carrying out Educational Assessments, for students at Cheltenham Ladies College, Sevenoaks and Wellington College. This includes; 13 plus pre-test, UKISET and common entrance exam. As well as tutoring key subjects, I worked with the students on cultivating individual personalities to debut their strengths as well as interview skills.

Shanghai, China

I was sent to China to help an educational company to assess learners and to prepare for education in the UK. From 7+ to 13+; particularly, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, English, Maths and Science. Each learner had 4-8 hours tuition per week.

Hobbies and Interests

I have many outdoor based interests: canoeing, hiking, swimming, gym classes, camping, travel, the beach life (in Cornwall). I also love languages (I speak and can read Mandarin), cooking (international flavours), playing board games and I am learning the guitar.

Client Testimonials

“I truly consider us very lucky to have found Joanne as a 13 plus tutor for my son. She has a very lovely way about her that makes my son go to the computer and log into his lessons by himself. We have online Zoom lessons from South Africa, and are preparing for 13 plus exams for independent London day schools and boarding schools. She makes what is a very stressful process of preparing for exams into something very approachable, structured and tangible. My son and Joanne have a great rapport, and due to her professional expertise, she prepares not only the varied content and topics to go over, but also shares invaluable tips on the art of sitting an exam. I look forward to her working with my younger son as well, when the time comes for him to sit his 13 plus exams. I would very confidently refer Joanne to anyone looking for a 13 plus tutor”

13+ Exam Preparation

“It is a pleasure to have Jo as a tutor for both my sons – a 10 year old who is preparing for his exams into Senior School and a 16-year-old preparing for his GCSEs, whom she tutors in Maths and Chemistry. Jo is patient and considerate. It is a testament to Jo’s style and approach that both boys actually enjoy their sessions even though, for my 10 year old, they are at the end of a very long day at school; and for my 16 year old were during the Christmas Holidays! Both boys have progressed well under her tutorship, with my 10 year old recently passing his ISEB pre-test for both Eton and Charterhouse, and I would recommend her to anyone (and have).”

GCSE Science

“Joanne is my Biology tutor. Joanne is a lovely, gentle and kind woman and over a short amount of time I have built up a very good relationship with her, I see her as a friend as well as an academic professional. She is very understanding and communicating with her has never been a problem. As a Biology tutor, it is clear that Joanne has a passion for what she does as she’s very enthusiastic. before sessions with her, she prepares with care and is very organised. She has a very clear understanding in what she teaches and if I don’t understand something she repeats in different ways until its understood. I highly recommend Joanne to anyone as with her you will flourish, not only with your academics, but with the bond you will build up with her as well.”

A level Biology student


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