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Jenny HE

"B-- is very happy about being accepted [at music college] ... Hopefully, you will still find time to continue the great work/support you've been giving him up until he goes in September. He thoroughly enjoys his time with you and benefits enormously in many ways".

Home schooling Tuition

  • Ancient Greek

  • Ancient History

  • Classical Civilisation

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • French

  • Latin

  • Religious Studies

Academic History

2008-2011 University of Wales (Lampeter) Post-doctoral diploma in Religious Studies

1988-1994 University of Wales (Bangor) PhD Ancient Greek

1983-1985 London School of Theology MA distinction

1969-1973 University of London, BA Hons II i, French with English

1967-1969 Middlesbrough High School A Level: French General Studies English Latin ; AS level: French

1962-1967 Middlesbrough High School GCE O level: English Language, English Literature, Maths, French, Latin, German, History, Geography, Music, Physics, Chemistry

About Me

My main subjects are Classical languages and civilisation (Greek and Latin) and I also teach English, French and Religious Studies. As well as 45 years teaching, I have worked as an external examiner for French GCSE/A’/IB exams; and as a PhD supervisor/examiner for religious studies and ancient Greek. As a private tutor, I have helped to prepare students for public examinations and university entrance including Oxbridge.

I am a highly organised person, with excellent communication skills, and I always bring creativity and a sense of humour to whatever I do. I instinctively seek to communicate my positive and optimistic outlook to the students I teach. My primary aim is to allow the student to experience learning as an enjoyable and rewarding activity. I organise the lessons in a way that fosters the active participation of the student at each stage, through exploring, questioning, carrying out tasks, solving challenges. I am committed to encouraging students to discover and develop their individual strengths, and to use those to compensate for any weaknesses and develop confidence in their abilities.

I have particular experience supporting students with learning differences (e.g. dyslexia, autism, ADHD) As pupils discover the highest levels of which they are capable, I expect them to strive to work to those and I support them as they grow in self-awareness and self-acceptance, by identifying any obstacles that hold them back and how to overcome them.

Recent tuition

I have taught in a variety of types of schools, state and independent, throughout my teaching career, as well as lecturing at universities in the UK and other countries. I have served as an external examiner for IB and UK exam boards, especially in French, and am familiar with the syllabuses of the various boards for the subjects I teach. At university, I regularly supervise post-graduate students and am active as both an internal and external PhD examiner. I have experience of working with students who have learning differences, notably dyslexia and autism. I have also tutored over 50 students online, through the use of Zoom.

I love to share my passion for languages and civilisations and to explore them together with literature. As a published author of research in the field of humanities, I enjoy writing and am inspired by the writing of others to communicate effectively and creatively.

A selection of my private tuition in recent years has been:

Year 9 Latin

After three years of Latin, the student was feeling very confused because of the non-grammar-based approach adopted by the course his school were using. We went back over the basics until he was more confident and passed the end of year exam with a mark in line with his ability.

Latin, Greek and French to GCSE

A student who finds language learning easy but was falling behind in his school grades through not being sufficiently challenged. His marks improved once he discovered how to explore the workings of each language at a greater depth and to make connections between them.

GCSE French

Entering into Year 11, this student had had no formal secondary education at all. He worked hard and with enthusiasm, and within 9 months of working together he achieved a B grade in both Literature and Language, and gained entry into a sixth form college.

Classical Civilisation GCSE/A’ level

Having studied Latin with me to GCSE, a home-schooled student with learning difficulties wanted to study classical civilisation at university. We constructed a schedule of lessons adapted to his particular needs and after passing his GCSE subjects with top marks, he has just been accepted for a university BA course in classics.

Religious Studies/philosophy to A’ Level

After working for exams with my support since primary school, it was a pleasure to give extra help to this able student as he struggled with some aspects of the syllabus that were foreign to his own culture/religion.

Ancient History A’ level

The student was feeling confused and demotivated, but we were able to bring clarity to the requirements of the syllabus/exam and organise his study in such a way that he enjoyed the subject much more and felt more confident.

A’ level English Literature

The student had lessons with me for two years to complement school teaching, and achieved a grade A in her final exams. More importantly, she went from hating poetry to loving it!

BA final year in Religious Studies

The student had fallen behind because of illness and was further struggling with getting back on track because of being on the autism spectrum. We worked together to identify the problems and find workable solutions. She was able to get all her essays and dissertation completed in time and to achieve the high grades that she deserved.

MA English Literature

As the mature student had not written essays for many years, we focused on developing analytical and writing skills, which enabled him to achieve a distinction.

Hobbies and Interests

Alongside my teaching of ancient and modern languages and humanities, I have been enthusiastically engaged in research on ancient manuscripts. I have a PhD and a post-doctoral diploma and have published widely. I am often invited to teach abroad and to speak at international conferences. I enjoy spending time in musical activities (piano playing, singing), gardening and hill-walking.

Client Testimonials

“B– is very happy about being accepted [at music college] … Hopefully, you will still find time to continue the great work/support you’ve been giving him up until he goes in September. He thoroughly enjoys his time with you and benefits enormously in many ways ”

Mother of home-schooled student

“You were a perfect match for my son, who is enjoying working with you and gaining in confidence.”

Mother of a university student

“I hope you are still teaching when we have children as we would love them to have lessons with you.”

Mature student

  • Qualified Teacher