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"Jane has been a wonderful tutor guiding my son through his 11 plus exam preparations. She is is always kind and will listen attentively to your child's needs and is fully prepared for every session with lots of various different materials to make the sessions exciting and varied. I would recommend her to any child who requires help and guidance through their exams."

Mrs Nathan, 11+ Tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • A Level

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • GCSE

  • History

  • Maths

  • Philosophy

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

Sept 2014- June 2015  University of Law School, Moorgate. Commendation – Legal Practice Course

Sept 2010 – June 2011 BPP Law School Graduate Diploma in Law

Sept 2007- June 2010 University of London, Heythrop College, Philosophy : BA (Hons) 2:1

Sept 2005-June 2007 Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

A-Levels: Religious Education A, History A, English Literature A

Sept 2000- June 2005 Sacred Heart High school, Hammersmith

GCSE’s:  5A*s 3As 5Bs

About Me

I am a friendly and personable graduate who always strives to help my students achieve their full potential. I give homework to reinforce learning and interact with my students during the week if necessary to give them the extra motivation to success. I am a recent graduate who can empathise with the level of dedication that it takes to succeed; on the other hand, I am also a trainee solicitor so I push my students to help them to understand that you have to work to in order to achieve your full potential. I work with children across a wide range of abilities, so whether your child needs help motivating themselves to lean in a particular subject or whether they require help for scholarships into schools such as St. Pauls, Guilford Grammar or Hamptons, I would be happy to help.

I have stayed in contact with many of my students and I am able to quickly build rapport with my students in order to help them feel comfortable enough to ask for help without hesitation.

Recent tuition

Below is a sample of my most recent experience.

Lady Eleanor Holles

– Taranpreet (Aged 4 ½) over the course of 6 months I was able to help a very astute 4 year old gain confidence in maths and English. She was initially quite reserved but over the course of the first few lesson I was able to build her confidence in Maths and English.

Surbiton High

– Jasmine (Aged 5) Jasmine was an extremely outspoken 5 year old and her spoken English was relatively good, however her story writing and sentence structure were fairly average. As parents were time poor, I was constantly teaching Jasmine over the holiday period to reinforce concepts in both English and Maths.

7+ Preparation (Maths and English)

At 7+ I have successfully worked with and placed students at St. Paul’s Juniors, Lady Eleanor Holles and Surbiton. I thoroughly enjoy working with children at such a young age to build their confidence and to help give them grounding in basic maths and English through interactive but systematic sessions.

Reception/Year 1 English (7+ preparation) – I am currently working with T, who has now just started Year 1. He struggles with his reading and writing, and so we are working to gently keep his levels and confidence improving. The family suspect he may have dyslexia, and he struggles in particular to blend his phonics sounds. The family are looking towards the 7+ exams for KCS next year, and want to make sure that he is working at the right levels.

11+ (Maths and English)

– Archie (Aged 9) I a tutored a 9 year old in Maths and English for 1 year who has dyslexia and did not like attending school. During our time together Archie made great progress, and his mum praised the work that I did with him.

– Lysander (Aged 10) (Scholarship St Paul’s – I tutored this bright boy over the course of 18 months in order to stretch and prepare for the pre tests and the scholarship exam. With a range of material aimed at the 13+ and a number of past papers we were able to successfully gain a place at St. Paul’s

– Ishan (Aged 9) – I tutored Ishan over the course of 8 months, I successfully improved his vocabulary, worked on grammar and punctuation as well as structuring his comprehension questions and answers effectively in order to improve his overall English level. Ishan was successful in securing a place at The Royal Grammar School, Guildford.


– I tutored extensively with a student ahead of their 13+ exams for The Royal Grammar School, Guildford. We worked on boosting vocabulary and exam technique. We went over a lot of past papers and questions together, making sure that the student felt fully confident ahead of the exams.

History GCSE (Skype lessons and face to face lessons)

– Ankit and Saahill (twins aged 16) interesting dynamic working with two very different teenagers. Ankit was very conscientious and extremely anxious about achieving an A* whilst Saahill took a very laid back approach. Working through each syllabus in painstaking detail over the course of four months as well as going through past papers and creating mind maps

Ankit American West OCR/ medical studies – A*

Saahil British Depth Studies – A

English all levels

– Ankit (Aged 16) English A Level – successfully navigated through sets texts and the anthology over the course of 4 months as well as looking through past paper questions. Ankit was constantly hitting and was beginning to become frustrated about the marking process, by helping improve on his critical evaluation we were successfully able to achieve an A* during the exam.

– Olivia (Aged 13) I am teaching a year 8 girl English; she recently achieved a 7C level in her end of year assessment.

– Laura (Aged 17) AQA I taught Laura for 8 months during her A Level course and was able to guide her through her anthology and set texts using a range of materials and also helping to structure essays in a clear and sophisticated manner; I was able to guide her to appropriate critics to fulfill exam criteria and she was able to achieve an A.

– Eric (iGCSE Edexcel) working with Eric on revision plans for essays on of Mice & Men, Anthology A as well as English Language techniques. Working through model essays as well as timing techniques.

– Phil (OCR) English Language and Literature to improve his ability to determine what makes writing effective, the criteria of purpose and audience and the difference between writing texts to comment and those to inform. Set texts studied Romeo and Juliet, OCR Poetry Anthology A View from the Bridge, an Inspector Calls, Of Mice and Men, Lord of the Flies, Pride and Prejudice.

Philosophy experienced in OCR, AQA and Edexcel examining board syllabuses

– Monica (Aged 17) (AS and A Level Philosophy and Ethics) I am most recently tutoring a student in A level Philosophy for the Edexcel Board, I tutored her through AS Level. She was initially predicted a D/C but together we were able to achieve a grade of B. I am currently tutoring Monica with the hope of maintaining a high B and hopefully getting an A at A Level. I have noticed a marked improvement in the structure of essays, her ability to discern philosophical and ethical arguments and her ability to understand sophisticated critical comments.

– (SEN) I spent a year providing English mentoring support at the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School for students with additional learning needs, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and Asperger’s,


– Katie (Aged 20) (LPC/Law) I am also tutoring a law graduate through the LPC. She recently has achieved three commendations in her mocks for the core modules.

Hobbies and Interests 

I love reading and enjoy nothing more than being curled up in bed with my dogs and a good book. When I am not reading I prefer thrill seeking in the guise of scuba diving; I have been to Egypt, Tanzania and I have even wreck dived in England. I enjoy studying languages and I am currently learning Arabic.

Client Testimonials

Steve in Twickenham “Oscar was offered a 10+ at Hampton – he’s thrilled as are we, so thank you once again for everything you did for him”

Georgina Calvert-Lee  “Lysander was successfully in his scholarship attempt for St Paul’s in Hammersmith at 11+ level”

Mrs Nathan  – I tutored her son who successfully gained a place at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford.

“Jane has been a wonderful tutor guiding my son through his 11 plus exam preparations.

She is is always kind and will listen attentively to your child’s needs and is fully prepared for every session with lots of various different materials to make the sessions exciting and varied.

I would recommend her to any child who requires help and guidance through their exams.”

Mrs Macfarlane – I tutored Jack for two years who had confidence issues with regards to Maths and English, he was able to move from a Level 4C to 5A in Maths and from a 4B to a 5A during the years that I tutored him

Jane Larbi tutored our 10 year old son for several terms to give him extra support alongside his school work. Jane identified his weaknesses and used interesting strategies to help him improve the quality of his work and his application to it. She is approachable and kind and encouraged him at all times. She identified subjects that are of interest to him when working on particular writing strategies to further develop his skills and keep his attention. Our son progressed well and increased in confidence whilst studying with Jane.

Mrs Chaudhry – I have been tutoring her daughter for the last 18 months from AS level to A Level –  she was predicted a C but she was able to gain a high B in both her ethics and philosophy papers

Jane has been tutoring my daughter for around eighteen months in preparation for her Philosophy A level. Over this time, Jane has demonstrated qualities of dedication, reliability and enthusiasm for teaching my daughter every week and I have seen my daughter’s confidence in the subject flourish as a result of this. It is evident that Jane has a genuine passion for teaching as my daughter always comes away fully engrossed by the topic discussed from the lesson and is patient in temperament. I would recommend Jane with high accolade.

Mrs Simmonds- I tutored her daughter in the lead up to her 11+ exams for the Surrey Consortium, she successfully gain a place at Wallington Girls

‘It is my pleasure to give Jane this reference,  she taught my daughter  1 hour every Saturday morning for 8 months as we wanted her to have extra lessons and tuition in Maths and English to help with her 11 plus exam.

Anastasia looked forward to her lessons as Jane has very good way of teaching and getting the best out of the 1 hour lesson, setting lots of homework and research for her to do between visits.

I would highly recommend Jane she is a natural teacher and has the ability to get the best out of her students, always punctual happy and prepared.’


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