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James J

"James is a great tutor. My son has found his sessions very useful and supportive, I have every confidence that James will help my son get the grade in maths he needs."

Parent of GCSE Maths student

  • Chemistry

  • GCSE

  • Interview Preparation

  • Maths

  • Physics

Academic History

PGCE with QTS (Secondary), University of Buckingham: Pending (current)

Integrated Master’s in Chemistry, University of Oxford, MChem (Oxon): 2.ii

A Levels: Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Maths (A)

GCSEs: A*: Chemistry (A*), Physics (A*), Maths (A*), ICT (A*), Biology (A*), French (A*), English Literature (A), English Language (A), RS (A), History (A)

About Me

As I tutor a STEM subject, past paper practice is key. Depending on the ability of the student, I will model how to do certain questions, then let them practise while giving them feedback. For strong students, I will verbally ask extension questions beyond the syllabus, for weaker students I will implement scaffolding to enable them to access the material. If it becomes apparent they do not have the baseline knowledge to answer the questions, then I will model even more questions and increase the amount of scaffolding given, or perhaps stop the questions entirely and start to make notes with them.

Recent tuition

Chemistry, Biology, and Physics GCSE

I worked with S in the build up to his GCSEs. We worked through multiple past papers over a two week span, for two hours a day, and it culminated in S getting his desired grades.

GCSE Maths

I currently tutor H (Royal Alexandra and Albert School) in GCSE Maths. I see H for one hour a week and we work through past paper questions. It has been great seeing H’s confidence and mathematical ability increase as we have progressed through the syllabus, primarily doing past paper questions.

Oxford Chemistry interview and personal statement preparation

I tutored I through a volunteering service that matched students from disadvantaged state schools with students at the University for personal statement and interview preparations. We worked together for one hour a week for two months. I was successful in her application and is currently reading Chemistry at Oxford.

Oxford Chemistry interview preparation

I have tutored multiple people for Oxford Chemistry Interview preparation, including JG (St Thomas More Catholic School). With JG we went through many different common interview questions, as well as some first year material so JG could practise his ability to use his A-Level knowledge and apply it to undergraduate material. This consisted of two one hour sessions a couple days before JG’s interview. Despite roughly 20-25% of interviewees receiving an offer, I am pleased to say my success rate hovers around 70%.

Cambridge Natsci Interview preparation

I tutored M and B (City of London Freemens) for their Cambridge Natsci interviews, focussing solely on Chemistry. We went through similar materials that I use for my Oxford interview preparations. Both M and B did one hour of interview preparation with me.

Hobbies and Interests

My main interests and hobbies, in no particular order are, chemistry – mostly short documentaries/videos on Youtube, as I find the entire subject really interesting and love learning obscure and niche facts about it, as well as finding demonstrations to do in my classes. Ancient history as I find it fascinating how different societies have evolved. Gym and fitness as I am a key believer in a healthy life style. American football and rugby as I am a competitive person and played a lot of sports growing up.


“James is a great tutor. My son has found his sessions very useful and supportive, I have every confidence that James will help my son get the grade in maths he needs.”

Parent of Maths GCSE student

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