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“Thank-you for teaching me for the past two years! You made me enjoy Maths even more that I had before. You’re truly a great teacher”

Student Y, GCSE Maths Tuition

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  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

University of Oxford: Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Distinction).

University of Cambridge: Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Charles Fox Prize.

University of Oxford: MSc Computation.

University of Nottingham: BSc Mathematics and Computing (2.1).

Manshead Upper School:

A-Levels (A-C), GCSE (A-C)

About Me

My subject specialism is Maths, I can offer tuition in this subject from pre-school age (4yrs) through to A-Level. I have been working as a private tutors since 1992 alongside my career as a teacher. I have worked with approximately 40 students in a 1-to-1 setting, holding over 150hrs of tutoring experience.

I am very familiar with the difficulties and misconceptions which students may experience. I have extensive experience in question writing and task development and have substantial experience working with exam boards. This enables me to tailor and adapt mathematical problems to each student’s evolving and individual needs through a process of ongoing dialogue.

My results across the age and ability range have been consistently outstanding. My teaching has been rated outstanding year-on-year including by both other senior colleagues in school as well as by Ofsted.

Students find me approachable, committed, motivating and inspiring. I instil confidence in students that they can achieve and many go on to fulfil that self-belief.

As a tutor, I quickly work out a student’s level of understanding of key principles and diagnose any misconceptions and difficulties that he or she may have. I work with each student to build up their level of understanding and confidence of key concepts and how they link together. In preparing students for examinations, I look carefully at the syllabus as well as the style of questions that have been set in the past. I then look not only at past papers with the student but use my experience in exam question writing to construct and tutor the student in many combinations of questions that could be asked. Students find this extremely helpful because it equips them for questions which draw on a blend of concepts in a new way and many similar questions have turned up on their final examination papers.

I constantly work with the level of understanding that a student presents. My approach is centred on dialogue between myself and the student. I see it as my role to find the best approaches to help each student to succeed.

Recent tuition

Please find a selection of the students I have worked with below.

13+ Common Entrance, Maths

Regular lessons helped Malcolm to become more confident and independent in applying key skills. I used techniques which I had devised which used diagrams and templates to help Malcolm to understand and apply key concepts. We often made up and swapped examples with each other which Richard found motivating. Successful entrance into Magdalen College School. Awarded the Lloyd Cup for Maths at New College School. Approx. 20hrs support.

Year 6, Maths

Lacking in confidence and missing school due to an accident (broken leg). Samuel broke his leg and could not go to school for weeks. For much of this time he had to stay with grandparents because his parents worked during the day. I devised a study programme for Samuel in Maths. I used telephone support when he was at his grandparents to check progress and to move his understanding forward. I set daily exercises which were followed up regularly. Samuel came top of the class at New College School (for the first time) in the Maths test which followed his absence. I support Samuel for 4 weeks.

Year 4, Maths

I recently began teaching Horatio who was lacking in confidence in Maths. At times he was misunderstood at school. I have used a variety of methods which I have developed myself. Horatio finds the practical resources engaging. He has been able to interact with me using language, writing, diagrams or manipulating resources.  We always use the approach which helps Horatio the most at the time. He had a double lesson today and he was so pleased with what he had learned that he explained it to his Dad and younger sister after the lesson!

GCSE, Maths

Chloe was one of my first students. When I first taught Chloe, she would often say that she found mathematical ideas too much to take on board in one go. I then spent a year working on Maths from first principles so that I could break every idea down further if needed. I gave Chloe additional lessons in order that I could have sufficient time to work with her. I encouraged her that if we could break everything down, we would get there in the end, even if we took small steps. At the end of the year, Chloe gained a Grade B (from a predicted E grade). I worked with Chloe for 3-4hrs per week over the course of 1 year.

GCSE, Maths (AQA)

Tim had missed lessons in Autumn 2010 due to commitments in drama. This was his key interest and he went to drama school when he left us. He lacked confidence in Maths, had a great deal to catch up and had his resit of the Module 3 exam looming. I worked in partnership with another teacher to help him to catch up outside of lessons and also gave him additional individual attention during the lessons he could attend. Tim achieved a grade A in his Module 3 exam.

A-Level, Maths (AQA)

Taught Core 3 and Core 4 and supported with resits in Core 1 and Core 2. I noticed that Ryan worked well with revision cards and used these with him in order to improve his revision skills. Very regular feedback and monitoring was used to hone Ryan’s skills and exam technique. Ryan’s grade went from D to A*.

Hobbies and Interests 

I love visiting art galleries and museums. I also enjoy finding images from different cultures in places that we visit. This has inspired me to include geometric images and templates in my teaching and in many tasks that I have written for publication.

Client Testimonials

“Thank-you for teaching me for the past two years! You made me enjoy Maths even more that I had before. You’re truly a great teacher”

Student, GCSE Maths

“I don’t think I could have had a more enthusiastic teacher, thank-you for your help”

Student, GCSE Maths

“I think your determination and passion for the subect is inspirational and more teachers should take a page out of your book. Thank you for believing in me”

Student, GCSE Maths


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