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"Izaak's breadth of knowledge is impressive, but what truly makes him stand out as a tutor is his ability to tailor discussions to the individual interests and questions of students."

Undergraduate, English Literature

  • English Literature

  • Undergraduate Level

Academic History

I read English Literature at the University of Sheffield, where I received a first-class degree. I then completed a master’s in English Literature at the University of Cambridge on a Cambridge Trust Scholarship, followed by a PhD in English Literature, also at the University of Cambridge, as a Centenary Award Scholar.

I attended Bilborough College, Nottingham, where I received the following A-Levels: English Literature (A*); English Language (A*); Photography (A*); Philosophy (B).

I obtained the following GCSEs from Michael House School, a Steiner Waldorf School based in Derbyshire, England: English Literature (A); English Language (A); German (A); Sciences (B); Maths (B); Drama (B).

About Me

Coming from a family of teachers, I have always had a great appreciation for the role and impact that education can have in transforming people’s lives. Having worked as a College Tutor at the University of Cambridge for the past three years, I have developed a broad skill set which allows me to adapt my teaching style to suit students of different backgrounds and abilities. As a PhD researcher in English Literature, I draw on my track record of academic excellence and expertise to help foster students’ natural interest in their subjects, whilst also providing directive, results-driven guidance and advice that enables them to succeed in their given field. I work closely with students to ensure that their individual needs are met, developing termly educational programmes that are uniquely designed to help students hone their skills in accordance with their abilities. To support this, I offer regular written and verbal feedback, and produce reports assessing students’ progress and highlighting areas for development. Driven by a firm belief in the importance of a holistic education, I not only work to improve students grades and attainment but also to nurture their passion for their subject—a fact that is reflected in the recent successes of my students, who have gone on to pursue prestigious master’s degrees and win academic awards at their universities. By encouraging students to develop their own interests, I aim to foster a lifelong curiosity for learning whilst also instilling a sense of creativity, integrity, and drive that will continue to empower them after the completion of their studies.

Recent tuition

Below is a snapshot of my recent tuition:

1st Year Undergraduate Student, University of Sheffield

I provided wide-ranging academic support and holistic mentoring to an international student during their first year in the U.K. Together, we looked at developing their academic skillset, working to improve their essay planning, as well as their writing and communication. Additionally, I provided advice and guidance regarding topics such as which extracurricular activities they would be best placed to pursue in line with their academic interests and ambitions.

2nd Year Undergraduate Student, University of Cambridge

I tutored this student for a dissertation project, helping them to develop and execute their project over a six-month period. Despite the student being a high achiever, I identified a number of opportunities for development, particularly regarding their approach to time management and essay planning. By helping them address these areas, I not only ensured that the dissertation was completed in good time but also that the student was equipped with the knowledge and skillset to receive a first-class award.

2nd Year Undergraduate Student, U.C. Davis

As a tutor on the University of Cambridge’s Summer School Programme, I worked with a student who had come to Cambridge from U.C. Davis to write a dissertation. Over the course of the intensive summer programme, we worked to together to develop a research dissertation that ultimately went on to receive a first-class prize. The following year, this student got in touch to inform me that they had chosen to write their final year undergraduate dissertation on the same topic and had won their university’s first place prize for a thesis in the Arts and Humanities; they are now considering coming to the UK for a postgraduate degree.

3rd Year Undergraduate Student, University of Cambridge

I tutored this student towards their American literature exam, helping them hone in on their initial interests whilst nuancing their thinking by exploring a broader range of authors and topics. They ultimately graduated with a first in the exam, and have since gone on to pursue a prestigious master’s degree focusing primarily on one of the writers we worked on together.

3rd Year Undergraduate Student, University of Cambridge

I tutored this student in the run up to their final year literature exam. Despite possessing sound knowledge of the subject, this student often struggled to translate their thoughts into an essay format. I worked with them to improve their academic writing skills and style of argument, setting clear essay briefs and providing extensive feedback on their mock exams. Ultimately, this student received a first-class degree, before going on to pursue a prestigious master’s degree.

3rd Year Undergraduate Student, University of Cambridge

I worked with this student over the course of six months in preparation for their final year exams. Given that the student had a number of special educational needs, I worked closely with both them and the director of studies to create a suitable and encouraging academic environment that would equip them to succeed. I found that presenting the student with a clear development programme and discussing the structure of our sessions ahead of time enabled them to feel confident about their progress and embark on their own process of academic exploration. They are currently waiting on the results of their exam, but have told me that they were incredibly happy with how it went.

Master’s Student, University of Cambridge

I provided academic guidance and support to a student studying towards a master’s degree, helping them to deepen their understanding of their chosen topic whilst also encouraging them to develop their thinking by looking at a number of other relevant authors and contexts. This student ultimately graduated with a distinction.


I have a deep-seated passion for all things theatre and performance. After starring in my school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, aged 14, I went on to play the role of Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing and Marius in Les Misérables in a number of local and college productions. Despite no longer acting, I still thoroughly enjoy going to theatre and am always on the lookout for new and exciting plays; recently, I have begun writing theatre reviews for online publications. I also enjoy attending poetry readings, art exhibitions, and the cinema, and going for long walks with my miniature Schnauzer, Oskar. Lastly, I’m fond of cooking and love making dishes from around the world.


“Izaak’s breadth of knowledge is impressive, but what truly makes him stand out as a tutor is his ability to tailor discussions to the individual interests and questions of students. I came in with general questions about a topic of interest; he provided expert guidance and created a comfortable environment for academic exploration. Izaak’s feedback is clear, relevant, and challenges students to critically evaluate their arguments.”

Undergraduate Summer School Student in Literature

“Izaak tutored me for my American literature module and I’m grateful for all his support. It was my favourite exam to revise for and I really enjoyed everything we worked on. His guidance was so helpful in grounding my interests and thoughts. I genuinely loved working on the materials Izaak suggested and can’t thank him enough for his rigorous markings and suggestions. All than that would have been more than enough, but to top it off, with Izaak’s support, I got a first.”

3rd Year Undergraduate Student in Literature

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