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"Finding Inga as a tutor to support the 2nd year of GSCEs and the first year of A-levels was an amazing help to re-establish my daughter's confidence!"

Parent of GCSE & A Level Chemistry student

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  • Chemistry

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Academic History

University of Oxford, DPhil in Bioengineering, Ongoing

Imperial College London, MEng Materials Science and Engineering, First Class Honours (2018-2022)

EB (EEBIV Laken, Brussels): Chemistry (94%), Mathematics, higher level (98%), Physics (87%), Economics (98%), English (88 %), French (79%), Geographie (taught in French), (84%), Histoire (taught in French), (86%), Philosophy (91%), Physical Education (89%), Overall: 88.28%

About Me

Growing up in America, Asia, and Europe has exposed me to a wide range of educational systems. From middle school IB (International Baccalaureate) in Mumbai, to EB (European Baccalaureate) in Belgium, I have extensive experience adapting to new systems and making it work. This mindset – that anything is possible – is one I bring to tutoring classes. Aware of the diverse means of learning, my approach to tutoring is the student’s approach. Offering long-term support in all STEM subjects (Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics), I encourage critical thinking and will help you build confidence in answering questions. Finding the best way to grow interest in a subject is key to becoming a life-long learner. Together, we will focus on developing a growth mindset and achieving your academic goals. Techniques: SMART goal setting, Anki Flashcards, Practice tests.

Recent tuition

GCSE Maths

Time management and exam stress were the main challenges faced by this student. I worked with him for six months to help him study Maths more effectively. Finding new ways to approach problems and allocating specific time periods to tasks allowed him to improve grades from C to A.

A Level Chemistry

Entering the UK schooling system from abroad, this student sought to catch up on topics not covered previously. We built from first principles and were able to cover core knowledge smoothly and rapidly expanded into more complex topics. Learning about the subject helped enhance her understanding and improve her grade from B- to A. At the end of the first year she transitioned to a private girls school; I continued tutoring A Level Chemistry for one more year.

A Level Chemistry

This student struggled to stay focused, and found it hard to retain knowledge in STEM subjects. Introducing her to new ways of working with exciting online flashcard apps (the Instagram of learning) helped her with memorisation for Chemistry A Level. Over the course of one year this combined approach of using technology with more traditional learning styles helped her regain interest in Chemistry and raise her grades from B- to A*.

A Level Physics

In her last year of A-levels, this student sought to improve her grades in Physics for entry into an Engineering degree at a top UK University. By setting SMART goals and providing mentorship in the application process, she was able to exceed her academic goals and she gained acceptance into her first choice MEng Design Engineering course. Helping build this student’s confidence in Physics has been an exciting journey and rewarding experience.

IB Chemistry

Moving abroad to India, this student sought support with the transition to IB Chemistry. In the first few months the focus lay on filling gaps from topics not covered in the previous European syllabus. After these classes he readily integrated with the system; after a full year of tutoring he was confident enough to 100% go for it in his last year of IB. He went on to study Biochemistry in the US.

Hobbies and Interests

My interests range from developing novel biomaterials (the subject of my PhD), to thinking about networks and sharing the creative aspects of science. In my spare time I enjoy visiting art galleries, spending time in nature, being active (hiking, horseriding, swimming), and discovering new cultures.


“At the start of the year my workload in maths seemed to grow… exponentially. However, once I started working with Inga she gave me some tips on managing my time and focusing on the core concepts. Being able to apply these skills proved invaluable in exam settings, especially for answering wordy maths problems.”

GCSE Maths student

“As a student, Inga encouraged me to set goals and helped me to achieve these by tailoring each lesson towards making progress. I really enjoyed the way she would break down complex topics to make them more understandable, often by showing me an interesting practical example. She would always take the time to make sure I fully understood what I was learning and it was nice to feel comfortable to ask any questions whenever I felt stuck.”

A Level Physics student

“Having just moved to the UK and into a new schooling system, A– struggled with Chemistry. Finding Inga as a tutor to support the 2nd year of GSCE’s and the first year of A-levels was an amazing help to re-establish my daughter’s confidence! Transitioning from in-person to online sessions due to the pandemic, we truly appreciated the flexibility in learning, and can recommend her support to anyone in similar international transitions.”

Parent of GCSE/A Level Chemistry student

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