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"Imran is an excellent tutor for Maths with my daughter. He is organised, enthusiastic, and understood how to best move her to the next level. She is delighted with her progress."

Parent of an 11+ Maths student

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Academic History

2014-2017, UCL: BSc Mathematics (2.1)

2012-2014, Havering 6th Form College: A-Levels A* (Maths, Further Maths & Physics)

2007-2011, Brampton Manor Academy: GCSEs (A/A*s)

About Me

I have been working as a private tutor since 2012. I am a Maths specialist. My biggest strength is my subject knowledge. I have been very enthusiastic about learning Maths since secondary school, this was also the case throughout University where I specialised in Pure Mathematics, and still remains true today. I am extremely passionate about disseminating the knowledge of Maths to young and enthusiastic minds in a way that engages them. This means that my lessons are well-structured, comprehensive and properly thought out from start to finish.

I emphasise both conceptual understanding as well as procedural fluency because both of these elements are required for students to attain mastery in each topic. By making students practise the style of questioning, commonly tested by exam boards, students improve in their speed, confidence and accuracy. By explaining the underlying logic of concepts in ways that resonate with students, I provide them with a deeper-level of understanding which will enable them to answer the difficult multi-layered exam questions, designed to distinguish the exceptional students from the average ones. In order to achieve this, I employ a variety of pedagogical tools, such as teaching at a pace appropriate to each individual student and building upon students’ previous knowledge. I also ensure that students make progress by creating colour-coded spreadsheets based on their practice exam paper performances which enables me to identify areas of weakness, track their working grades, and adapt my teaching accordingly.

Recent tuition

I tutor students from a range of academic levels from Key Stage 3 to A-Level. I have built over 150 hours of tutoring experience. Please see some examples of my most recent tutoring experience below.

11+ Maths, Year 7

I tutored this student to help her gain entry into Putney High Girls School. Her father was very pleased with the result. We made a lot of progress together which was helped by lots of enthusiasm.

Key Stage 3 Maths (Edexcel)

I worked with small groups of students to develop their Maths skills. I would meet with the students every week, providing intensive support for three months in total. During this time, I was tasked with stretching and challenging the students. We used higher tier textbooks to push them beyond the Maths they had learned in the classroom. The students developed strong core knowledge and were able to show progress against their baseline performance.

GCSE Maths (Edexcel)

I worked with this student weekly over the course of an academic year. He needed support to ‘catch up’ his knowledge and ensure he was on track to achieve his predicted grade. During our sessions we would complete difference activities to reinforce and extend his knowledge. He became much more competent with Maths and was able to achieve higher grades. His final result was a Grade 5 which was excellent progress.

A-Level Maths (Edexcel)

I supported this student weekly during the academic year to ensure final exam success. In the lessons we did focused and targeted exam practice. Covering all topics and working to fill in any gaps in knowledge. She lacked confidence and self-belief. Practising exam techniques and study skills really helped her. She achieved an A grade in the final exams and went on to study at Imperial.

A-Level Maths (Edexcel)

This student really struggled at school. He did not enjoy being in the classroom. We covered all topics, reinforcing knowledge and gap filling where necessary. I used many different resources to help him engage with Maths which led to exam practice and consolidation of knowledge. During our sessions him developed a real interest for the subject and his confidence grew steadily.

A-Level Maths (AQA)

I worked with this student for an academic year, meeting for weekly tutoring sessions. Our main focus was maintenance of knowledge and skills to ensure he was staying on target to achieve his predicted grade. We completed many reinforcement activities to ensure he had strong subject knowledge. We also looked at strategies to manage his workload and be more organised. He achieve a grade A in his A-Level Maths and went on to study at Queen Mary’s University.

IB Maths

I taught this student IB Maths at Standard Level. She struggled with synthesising different topics when a question covered multiple topics, and with retaining information. I did a lot of exam question practice with her to help her answer multi-step and cross-topic questions. To help with retention, I set her homework to reinforce the learning from our sessions. She received good results in her final exams.

IB Maths

I tutored this student IB Maths at Higher Level. He was a good student but struggled with understanding the applied mathematics side of the course. To help with this, I used a lot of real-life examples to illustrate the content. We started out with simplified models and increased in complexity until he reached the required standard for our exams. He ended up receiving top grades in his IB.

Hobbies and Interests

One of my hobbies is exercising in the gym because I like to stay fit and active. I also find this a very refreshing part of my schedule which benefits my mental health. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends because I believe that human relationships are essential to having a good quality of life. This typically takes the form of parties, eating out at restaurants, playing board games and playing video games.

 Client Testimonials

“Imran tutored me for A-level Maths. He has an exceptional gift for teaching and was able to answer every question I asked him. I would even go as far as saying that he was better than my actual teacher at school and he is probably the sole reason I was able to achieve such a high grade. Highly recommend him!”

A-Level Maths student

“Imran is an excellent tutor for Maths with my daughter. He is organised, enthusiastic, and understood how to best move her to the next level. She is delighted with her progress.”

Parent of 11+ Maths student

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