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'We are very grateful to Hugh for all his help over the last 8 months - he is an outstanding tutor and Chad's (our son) progress has been remarkable'

Carlo, Art Tuition

  • 11+

  • 13 +

  • 7+/8+

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Fine Art

  • Maths

  • Senior School Entrance

Academic History

2014-2016 – MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. (1:1 for part-one)

2007-2010 – BFA in Fine Art at Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford (New College). (2:1).

2002-2007 – Canford School, Dorset.

A Levels: Fine Art (A), English (A), History (A)

AS Levels: Fine Art (A), English (A), History (A), Latin (A)

GCSEs: Fine Art (A*), English (A*), History (A*), Latin (A*), Geography (A*), French (A*), Mathematics (A), Religious Studies (A), Chemistry (A), Biology (A).

About Me

I specialise in preparation for 7+, 8+, 11+ and 13+ (including English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning). I also teach English and Fine Art to Undergraduate level. I can also tutor GCSE History and Geography and help prepare student for Oxbridge.

I strongly believe that an outstanding teacher can completely transform the process of learning. I write this from personal experience, where as a pupil, I experienced both the exceptionally good and the outstandingly poor.

In my capacity as a teacher and tutor, I feel a strong social responsibility towards my students. Having taught across a wide range of ages and abilities, I am aware that each individual pupil has different requirements. Consequently, I feel it is important to build close working relationships in order to identify specific strengths and weaknesses. Through reinforcing basic building blocks, I simultaneously search to introduce my students to new material, with the aim of stretching and inspiring them. While I am conscious of the value of exam preparation and the need to fulfill required assessment objectives, I feel learning should be an exciting creative experience.

I enjoy teaching because I find this excitement is often mutual. I frequently feel myself learning from my students, while they in turn learn from me.

Recent tuition

Below is a selection of tutees with whom I have worked over the past 5 years:

Pre-School – Adam – taught pre-school sessions of 2hrs, working on basic learning activities.

4+ – Lucinda – Passed 4+ exam emphasising active learning, learning to write name, letter formation, phonics, shapes, and number recognition.

4+ – Martha – Passed 4+ exam for entrance to Felsted School (Essex). Working on all aspects of the 4+ including active learning, basic writing and letter formation exercises.

Pre-School and Reception – Dylan and Tia – Teaching Tia at Reception level and Dylan at Pre-School level. Co-tutoring liaising with another SLT tutor.

Year 2 – Led one-off after-school art workshop with five year 2 students in Tisbury, Wilts.

Year 2 – Sarune  – drawing and painting tuition for Year 2

7+ – Shane – Passed 7+ for entrance to Highgate School. This involved focusing on Maths, English, Verbal and non-verbal reasoning through a range of resources to keep the sessions fun and engaging.

7+ – Ahmed – Working with Ahmed on all aspects of the KCS Wimbledon 7+ entrance preparations including Maths, English, Verbal and non-verbal reasoning as well as helping him with his listening skills by creating my own resources. Ahmed passed his 7+ for entrance to KCS Wimbledon

7+ – Alessandro  – Preparing Alessandro for his 7+ to KCS Wimbledon for an intense period of working in December and January. This involved working on the last minute aspects of exam preparation including practising a lot of past papers and highlighting certain areas for last minute improvement.

7+ – Allegra  – Allegra passed her 7+ for entrance to Chigwell School. We primarily worked on her Maths, English, Verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills to cover all aspects of her 7+ exam.

11+ – Alex –  Alex passed his 11+ to Dauntsey’s after working with him for a short period of time, focusing on past papers.

11+ Daniel R– Working on his English, Maths and Reasoning skills enabling him to pass his 11+.

13+ Tom – Helped prepare Tom for his 13+ pre-tests to KCS Wimbledon, City, Reid’s, Haberdashers, Hampton, St Pauls’s, and St Johns.

Cultural Studies – Smilla – a series of classes introducing student to aspects of film, art, design, music, and cultural history.

Year 9 – Henry –Fine Art tuition with regular weekly sessions.

GCSE Fine Art – James – Achieved ‘A*’ Grade in Fine Art, improving from predicted ‘C’ Grade. Arrived with scrappy sketchbooks and feeling somewhat insecure about studying the subject. Required extensive encouragement and intensive lessons which uncovered strong interest in photography. This became focus of portfolio and filtered back into draftsmanship and a renewed interest in painting.

GCSE History – Samuel  – Worked with Samuel on several aspects of his GCSE History exam which resulted in him obtaining an A grad

GCSE Fine Art – Daniel – Achieved ‘B’ Grade in Fine Art, improving from predicted ‘C’ Grade. Began studying after problems with illness which continued during the course of the year. Sought to encourage observational drawing and interest in Surrealism – especially work of Giorgio de Chirico – and Futurism.

GCSE Fine Art – Asil – Working with Asil to develop his portfolio. Asil was new to UK school system and while strong academically, struggled with Fine Art. Focus upon confidence and technical ability, while refining his sketchbooks in line with examiners marks schemes.

GCSE English – Lucy – Working towards Lucy’s final GCSE exams and helped her to obtain an A*.

GCSE English – Sara – Sara needed some help with several aspects of her GCSE English. We worked together and resulted her improving her predicted grade to obtain a B overall.

A Level English and Photography – Mahali  – Achieved a ‘C’ Grade in English. Worked closely with set texts studying ‘The Bloody Chamber’, ‘The White Devil’, and ‘Hamlet’. Achieved a ‘C’ Grade in Photography. Came to me for help with 6 weeks before A-Level exams. Was underprepared and lacked interest. Sought to build confidence and worked through exam marks scheme. Worked on essay technique and in photography generated a large body of work in a short space of time.

Oxbridge Applications – Cecilia  – Worked on Interview technique and Entrance Preparation, achieving a place to study English at St John’s College, Cambridge, UK. Carried out mock interviews, practicing possible questions or angles of enquiry. Especially built knowledge of 20th century Fiction and 18th Century poetry. Closely focused on A-Level Shakespeare text as point of comparison and expansion.

A Level Fine Art – James – Achieved ‘A*’ Grade in Fine Art from predicted ‘C’ Grade. Confidence and desire to experiment with different materials and techniques.

AS Fine Art – Harrishan –  Achieved a ’B’ Grade in Fine Art, improving from predicted ‘C’ Grade. Lacked focus and commitment, but with weekly lessons began to become more interested and engaged. Searched to connect work to pop-culture and his own personal interests.

AS Level Fine Art – Helen – Achieved ‘A’ Grade in Fine Art improving from predicted ‘B’ Grade. Began teaching in early December 2009 after relatively unproductive first term of school study. Encouraged greater focus, searching to build confidence and highlight personal relevance of subject matter. Worked across a range of mediums.

A Level Fine Art -Saffron – Saffron achieved a ’B’ Grade in Fine Art, improving from a predicted ‘E’ Grade. Struggled initially with drawing and painting technique but with time grew in confidence and ability. Worked towards a series of small installations structured around the idealisation of childhood

A Level Fine Art Jemima  – Jemima was retaking her A-Level. After some hard work she obtained a high-A/A*grade in all modules taught.

Interior Design – Allegra – Helped Allegra with her portfolio preparation and assistance with application to Interior Design courses.

Fine Art – Paola – Adult Learner, Fine Art/Illustration/Design) Worked on improving painting technique and drawing skills, building a portfolio for successful application to London School of Communication. Built confidence and technique.

A Level Fine Art – Andrew – Andrew achieved an ‘A’ Grade and successful application to study on Art Foundation course at Wimbledon College of Art. Worked on portfolio in a range of mediums – film, painting, photography, sculpture.

Undergraduate Art History – Mavis – Working with Mavis on Art History of 20th and 21st century – weekly lessons with slideshow presentations.

Undergraduate Art History – Song  – Art History of 20th and 21st century and assistance with personal statement, artist statement, and Undergraduate dissertation.

Undergraduate Art History – Keke – Dissertation on The Role of Craft in Contemporary art – assistance with structure, title, research, and footnotes/citations.

Adult Learner Art – Pina  – Weekly drawing lessons with Pina.

Adult Learner Art – Efrat – Drawing and painting lessons with Efrat.

Adult Learner Art – Ben -Interested in improving oil and acrylic painting technique and methods. Worked on different mediums, building colour and tone to create form. Introduced to work of different artists. Worked to build confidence with mark-making and gesture.

Fine Art – Marco – Carried out series of over 250 measurements using a digital calliper in order to map human body and relative dimensions for sculpture to be constructed by sculptor in Spain.

Adult Learner with disabilities, Fine Art and Animation/Drawing – Alicia –Worked to produce a series of drawings, improving observational skills and drawing techniques. Working towards a series of simple animations, creating different caricatures. Built confidence and expanded drawing methods and range of visual expressions.

Hobbies and Interests 

In addition to teaching, I work as an artist, making paintings, sculptures and short films. I have exhibited in public and private galleries in both the UK and Europe. I am currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2014-2016).

I also love reading (particularly contemporary American fiction and the writing of J.M. Coetzee) and I also write short stories. I also enjoy walking, playing sports (long-distance running, football, cricket), and I work as a volunteer for the British Ornithological Trust monitoring bird species.

Client Testimonials

‘Best tutor ever!’ – Henry (Student), 2015

‘We are very grateful to Hugh for all his help over the last 8 months – he is an outstanding tutor and Chad’s (our son) progress has been remarkable’ – Carlo, 2015

‘Hugh really helped Andrew progress and he has made great steps in his drawing ability since beginning sessions’ – James, 2014

‘Very happy with our daughter’s results and Hugh’s tutoring. He is kind, well organised and helped her structure her ideas.’ – Charlotte, 2013

‘Kind, patient and reliable tutor.’ – Adam, 2013

‘You were a fantastic help. Thank you!’ – Helen, 2011 

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