“I am so pleased that I found Harry for tutoring before my GCSE Exams! Harry taught me how to improve my grammar for French and my confidence shot up. I went from an E in my mocks to a B for my actual exam. His teaching style was very engaging and really easy to understand. He was very understanding and great at clarifying things when I didn’t understand them."

GCSE French Tuition

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Academic History

Oct 2014-Jul 2018, University of Oxford. BA Modern Languages (2:1 with Distinction in Oral Examinations).

October 2016-June 2017, École Jacques Lecoq Paris. 1 Year Acting Intensive.

Sep 2010-Jul 2014, Hockerill Anglo-European College. International Baccalaureate, 41/45 Points (top grade in English Literature Extended Essay).

Additional training:

‘Tutoring Children with Autism’.

Facilitator: Karen Tulloch, Senior Lecturer, St Mary’s University

‘Planning and Organisation Workshop’, Disability Centre Oxford.

About Me

Hello! My name is Harry and I have been tutoring since 2013, offering support in English Literature & Language, French, Spanish and Greek. I have native fluency in four languages and come from a multicultural background, which I believe lends itself to an open-minded, confident approach to tutees from all walks of life.  I pride myself on the amount of thought, care and effort I put into each tutoring session. I am a passionate and optimistic person and believe strongly that education has the ability to transform individuals; it is part of the reason why I enjoy teaching so much!

There is an important distinction in my mind between getting ‘extra help’ from a classroom teacher and having 1-to-1 sessions with a private tutor. The beauty of private tutoring is that a student’s needs, wants and learning style are considered with full and undivided attention. This is why I consider it important not to go about tutoring in a parrot-like fashion. Every student is unique and has a learning style that is specific to them; I always make sure I adapt to the distinct needs of each student and teach in a way that feels lively and spontaneous. In the earlier stages of my sessions, I identify the student’s learning style. I will carefully come up with a general structure that will be followed rigorously (though I do make sure sessions are fun and creative!).

In 2016, I completed my teaching placement in both a primary (niveau collège) and secondary school (niveau lycée) in Paris, where I worked with a wide range of children of all age groups.  I found it very rewarding working with  children with specific learning difficulties and have continued to do so through tutoring. I have also tutored students struggling with mental health issues and I’m always willing to offer pastoral support and guidance to parents and students alike in my capacity as a tutor. My creative interests as an actor, having trained at Jacque Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris, makes me a particularly versatile tutor and this is important when teaching children with SpLDs or special educational needs. I frequently work with the British Council School in Madrid, delivering DiE workshops on the English literature and Drama curriculum. Whether a student requires a dynamic, creative learning environment or a highly logical, step-by-step and compartmentalised approach, I consciously tailor my lesson plan to each student as an individual.  I recently attended a training course on tutoring children with autism; this was facilitated by St Mary’s University Senior Lecturer Karren Tulloch. I also have experience supporting individuals with dyspraxia and dyslexia. I teach all ages and I  especially love working with undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I would consider myself a focused, empathetic and very passionate tutor, qualities which were inspired in me by some of the best teachers and educators I have had the privilege of being taught by. I believe in the value of unlocking students’ potential, and this becomes my priority from the very first tutoring session. Aside from tutoring, I am a performer so my rigorous tutoring approach is always combined with creativity and vigour.

Recent tuition

Key Stage 1 English (Home Tutoring)

I have been tutoring Kaley for the last two years during her summer vacation and have seen considerable progress in her reading and speaking ability. Tutoring her only once a week, our main area of focus is improving her ability to convey ideas using standard English both in written and spoken form. This has included working extensively on her vocabulary and her ability to comprehend different registers and punctuation in the literary narratives we have come across in our reading sessions. Often I would ask her to replicate what she had learnt through our reading sessions in writing, enabling her to ‘test out’ and reinforce different structures previously learnt in our sessions.

Key Stage 2 English (Home Tutoring & Online Tutoring)

Summer 2018 was  the third consecutive year that I tutored Paul as part of a short-term summer tutoring assignment. In August 2017, I completed over 70 hours with this student and the outcome was immediately promising. Attending the British School of Moscow, Paul has always been very bright and has been top of his class in his subjects at school with the exception of English for the last two years! From our very first tutoring session, it was obvious to me that he had bags of potential in English that had not been tapped into, resulting in his performance faltering significantly. I devised a very rigorous but simultaneously creative crash course to improve his reading and writing for the Key Stage 2 exam in one month. He made exceptional progress in his reading ability and use of vocabulary and very good progress in his understanding of complex syntax and punctuation. He is now top of his class in English.

Key Stage 2 English (Home Tutoring)

I have been tutoring Poppy for the last three years working on building her confidence in her ability for the Key Stage 2 English syllabus and I am very pleased with the wonderful progress she has made so far. Though she does not seem to have a recognisable learning difficulty, she often exhibited difficulties in her writing that are reminiscent of some cases of dyslexia. For instance, she occasionally confused letters ‘d’ and ‘b. She has since not only ironed any peculiarities in her writing but has also developed a very sophisticated understanding of punctuation and a much more coherent writing style.

11+ Common Entrance Exam – English (Home Tutoring)

I have been working very closely with Sasha for the last two years in order to ensure a competitive performance in his 11+ exams in several years to come. Since this student’s native languages are Russian and Greek, his parents felt it was appropriate for him to start at an early age initially by using the ESOL Cambridge Exams curriculum to attain a standard whereby he can later begin working on

11+ exam material for entry into top prep schools in the UK. I have worked very closely and assiduously with this student, sometimes tutoring him up to 4 times a week, and it has been nothing but a pleasure seeing the level of progress he has made over the course of two years. Though this student is still very young, it is undoubtable that he has an ever increasing interest in academia and has benefited from the close attention he has been paid throughout our tutoring sessions.

13+ Common Entrance Exam and SEN support – English

Emmanuel was a young Year 8 student attending a British school in Abu Dhabi who needed help building his confidence and ability in Spanish. Emmanuel’s knowledge of Spanish was faltering considerably and his enthusiasm for the subject often suffered as a result. I worked with Emmanuel for 4 months and was very attentive to his areas of weakness. He had considerable difficulties with concentration (which I flagged up with his mum) and needed extra support in absorbing and retaining information. Hence, I ensured that the lessons were structured in a way that allowed us to reap the benefits: repetition and positive reinforcement became key tools in making sure Emmanuel could overcome his concentration difficulty. It was overwhelmingly important for me to use new, creative and engaging ways to captivate his interest and get him to understand areas of his curriculum that were often challenging and complex in class for him (especially the tenses in Spanish!). His mum and I were both extremely pleased with his progress, renewed confidence and his final progression from grade C to A in his speaking exam!

GCSE Spanish (Online Tutoring)

As well as tutoring Alex for his upcoming Spanish exams, it was important to support him with his organisation and to encourage a mindful and positive attitude around his work, considering the timecrunch we were working under.    He needed help developing all four core skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading) on a time crunch ahead of the GCSE AQA Spanish examinations. On top of this, Alex needed help prepping for the controlled assessment, which needed to be planned urgently. Despite the narrow time frame, it became my priority to ensure Alex was absolutely ‘crystal clear’ on the grammar topics covered in class, before I decided to teach more challenging grammatical aspects of Spanish that hadn’t been covered thoroughly, especially the use of the subjunctive (typically required for the A/A* grade). Though rigorous and structured,  we combined these sessions with a lot of creativity. Alex particularly  enjoyed activities that involved listening to Spanish music to master the use of the subjunctive. Alex achieved a final A* in his examinations and is now studying Spanish at A level!

GCSE Edexcel Spanish (Home Tutoring)

Daniel had been struggling in Spanish after a mock examination, in which he failed to secure a grade C/ 4. He urgently needed help improving his written Spanish to achieve two grades higher in the final exam. Although we covered all areas of Spanish (speaking, listening, writing, reading) I deemed it appropriate to focus on getting his level of written Spanish to a high level as the internal written assignment component has now been removed from the Edexcel syllabus and candidates are examined externally.  Daniel felt he had exhaustively covered the ‘School’ topics (Theme 3) in class as well as ‘Local Area, Holiday and Travel’  (Theme 4) and wanted to focus much more on some of the trickier themes, including International and global dimension (Theme 5) and Identity and Culture (Theme 1). Daniel’s ambitions to become an engineer meant he was much more interested in Science and Maths, so I tailored the grammar sessions his interests.  I tutored Daniel for the academic year, two hours a week, and I was recently happy to hear he still uses his language skills for travel.

French KS3 (Online)

Currently in Year 8, I had been tutoring Poppy for three years for English before she decided to take French at school. I have have enjoyed watching Poppy flourish into a very dedicated and creative student. Poppy has only been studying French for several months, having switched over from German, so I have had to catch her up on basic grammar for her high-achieving class set. We have looked at articles (le/la, un/une, quelque/quelques, aucun/aucune), adjectives, the passé composé as well as the two different versions of the future tense in French that seemed to trouble her. We are currently working on the present tense which is deceptively difficult for beginners (especially the irregular verbs!) and is often overlooked in school. This was certainly the case for Poppy and I believe she has benefited greatly from having a tutor.  I have also noticed an improvement in her organisational skills, confidence and independence in the three years that I have been tutoring Poppy. Poppy is currently top of her class in French and has expressed interest in studying French at GCSE and potentially A level!

GCSE French (Home Tutoring)

Ciara was very eager to do well in her French GCSE but felt, in her own words, very “disheartened” after a recent mock examination. As we were limited for time, I tutored Ciara for two hours a week for two months leading up to her exams and made sure I focused predominantly on what was most crucial. While our sessions were highly focused, I encouraged Ciara to draw upon her knowledge of Portuguese (which she had learnt from her bilingual mother) especially for complex grammar topics like the subjunctive to speed up the learning process. I helped her achieve 3 grades above what she received in her mock examinations and she was very pleased with the outcome and it gave her confidence in her ability.

GCSE French (OCR)

Fae was finding it very hard to motivate herself for French and needed someone who can, in her mother’s words, “break it down into simple steps”. I tutored Fae throughout the year and helped her achieve a grade A in her GCSE French overall, bringing her speaking up after mocks from an E to a B and helping her secure an A* in her controlled assessment! Her grade is an outstanding achievement given Fae’s difficulty in the beginning. I have kept in contact with Fae’s mum and she is doing very well  in her A levels!

Key Stage 3 French

Grace attends at an International-British school in Belgium and we have been weekly sessions on a daily basis. Grace’s strengths and weaknesses are the reserve to her brother Oli (see below). She is a logical and meticulous learner and her knowledge of grammar was of a good standard. However, Grace wasn’t very confident in her speaking ability in French and this has been something her and I have worked quite hard on since the start of the year. Not only is she developing conversational fluency in French but her accent has improved a great deal!

GCSE & B1 level French

I tutor Oli (Grace’s brother!) on a weekly basis – he is an enthusiastic and engaged student in French and is very attentive throughout our sessions. In his most recent mock exam he scored an average of 95% . He is extremely attentive in lessons and and  over the last 6 months his French has become very grammatically accurate.  I have been tutoring him since the start of the 2018-2019 academic year to ensure some of the foundations of French grammar have been laid for his upcoming GCSE exam.

A-Level French (Online Tutoring)

I tutored Valeria who had been attending an independent school in the Madrid in the run-up to her A level French Oral exam. We worked on identifying the main areas of weakness to allow her to successfully break out of the C/B bracket that she had been continually falling under and obtain her desired grade which was an A. While this student clearly had flair for the subject and a passion for other languages too, her grammatical accuracy and accent were at a significantly lower level than her potential and, therefore, required a lot of practice. A very urgent area we worked on is the use of the subjunctive – a common challenge for advanced learners of French. While this student had a vague understanding of this grammatical mode, by the end of the tutoring sessions she had developed a more precise understanding.

IB French SL (Online Tutoring)

Nick attended Sevenoaks School and requested tutoring in the middle of his preparations for his final French Standard exam. Though clearly a very talented linguist, we needed to make sure we strengthened his accuracy of French grammar. All of the tutoring sessions, included those covering more sophisticated grammar, took place solely in French, which meant we could cover an impressive range of cultural topics for his written exams while also exposing him to spoken French throughout. Since we were working on a time crunch, this allowed us to kill two birds with one stone! We went through all of the different writing formats (letter, speech, diary entry etc.) that are required for the final Paper 1 Standard French exam and used this as a springboard to explore tricky grammar and (very useful!) phrases that would allow him to reach the top grade. Nick achieved a very high grade in his final examination and a 6 overall in French and is now studying Philosophy at University College London.

OIB French/English (French lycée)

I have been tutoring Matthieu since the start of the 2018-2019 academic year on a weekly basis. Matthieu attends a French lycée in London and being a bilingual British-French student, I have tailored our tutoring sessions to his specific linguistic profile. Our tutoring covers a range of topics from crash courses in English/French literary movements,  French 20th century poetry and both French and English avant-garde theatre (Beckett, Stoppard, Ionesco). We have been studying core literary texts and ironing out lapses in his expression. To improve his level of academic English, we have been using the Cambridge Proficiency Masterclass C2 book series.  I always encourage Matthieu to use his own voice in his writing and be more confident in his ideas. His  increased confidence is promising!

IB HL French Literature Coursework

An IB student required help with the work-in-translation component of the HL Literature course. His essay focused on Rostand’s ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ looking at the tragicomic aspects of the work.

BA French/English at University of Leeds

Fred-  BA French/English student at University of Leeds

I have been meeting with Fred  sporadically since December 2018  to prepare him before particular exams. A very bright student of literature, Fred’s analytical ability is of a very high standard; this was made obvious both from his insightful contributions and from his most recent piece of (seamlessly written!) coursework. Fred did, however, mention that the general feedback of his lecturers is that he needs to explore the ‘bigger picture’ more and weave an understanding of broader context into his analysis. Fred lacked background knowledge on Modernism and we, therefore, spent the first few sessions trying to make sense of the (thorny) movement that is Modernism and learn about key figures and ideas. We explored key contributions and/or manifestos of Marinetti, Walter Benjamin, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot and Freud. He got a high 2.1 in his  most recent exams!

IB Theory of Knowledge (Online Tutoring)

I came up with a very thorough plan for Kate in preparation for the TOK presentation component of the IB course, which examined the relationship between belief systems, ideology and time. It was a very fascinating topic but was admittedly suffering from a haphazardly planned structure, therefore preventing the her from gaining clarity in her thoughts. I also made it my focus to help the student refine her use of language, which, due to the nature of a presentation, often felt a bit colloquial and ‘chit chatty’. By the end of our 3-rounds feedback process, her TOK presentation was very coherent and she felt much more confident.

A level Spanish (Edexcel)

I worked with Lizzie online during her revision period offering an intensive exams-orientated approach to grammar: we went through an A level grammar checklist and covered the more  advanced grammar in depth. As I was aware she struggled with  Subjuntivo and Imperfecto de Subjuntivo in class, I dedicated a few sessions to teaching this in a fun, engaging and  accessible way.

A level  Spanish and MLAT preparation

I worked closely with this student helping them with their Oxbridge  application and we focused on  developing  tools to grapple with the translation aspect of the MLAT for  Spanish. A particular tool which helped was memorising  a host of adverbs and adjectives  to enhance a translation when she was unsure on the exact equivalent  of a word.

A level Spanish (AQA)
I worked with Stella consistently   to help her with her speaking and writing skills for her upcoming A-level exams  She was really  dedicated to revision. She enjoyed learning grammar through interactive music sessions.

A level Spanish/ first year of undergrad

This student was a natural linguist but struggled with the more in depth grammar. I worked with her to help  bridge the gap  between A level Spanish and 1st Year of BA Spanish as they had previously been educated in a lycée outside of the UK and therefore hadn’t covered what the grammar of their   A level counterparts.

IB Spanish SL (Home Tutoring)

I tutored Tayo who was attending an independent specialist school in the IB for a short period of time leading up to her final Spanish Standard level examinations. Tayo was extremely worried when she approached me that she would not be able to get her desired grade (5), which would consequently prevent her from taking up her place to study Medicine at University. Working on a tight time limit, we worked on her paper 1 skills- arguably one of the most challenging aspects of the IB Standard course to prepare for in a short time frame! I helped her develop a ‘shortcut approach’ to look for clues in the paper 1 reading passages: for instance, identifying common linguistic structures in the texts that would allow her to do well even when she does not understand the passage entirely. Working on her paper 2 skills was a seamless process and seemed to favour her logical, efficient nature. Having studied IB Spanish myself, I feel Tayo benefited from my own personal tips and my encouraging her to ‘own’ her written expression by memorising versatile phrases. She exceeded her own potential by attaining a grade 6 and has gone on to study Medicine at a top Russel group university!

IB Spanish SL (Online Tutoring)

Neal and I worked together for a total of two months before the end of his school term. We worked closely on both his written and spoken expression in Spanish and I was very glad to see him make excellent progress within a short space of time. Aside from the practical needs addressed, I also worked with the student to broaden his knowledge of the cultural topics that are of popular appeal in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. We dedicated half the amount of time of our hourly tutorial session on speaking alone, as I felt this was an area of relative weakness for the student, while the rest of the session centred on core grammar and writing technique specifically for the written component of the I.B. syllabus. I was very impressed with his responsiveness and maturity which led us to look at material that went beyond the requirements of the standard curriculum, verging on Higher Level grade 7 standard such as in our exploration of nuances of various writing styles, complex grammar and connecting phrases.

IB Spanish SL (Home Tutoring)

This was a one-off tutoring session in the run-up to the student’s IB Spanish Standard exams. Unfortunately, this student’s revision schedule had been severely disrupted due to an emotionally challenging incident that had occurred a few weeks prior to their contact with me. It was therefore essential that I devised a carefully thought-out plan that would reaffirm the student’s level of confidence rather than cause her extra emotional anxiety. I was very conscious of striking a balance between being supportive while also providing a heavily compact, efficient and constructive session on the imperfect subjunctive which she was struggling to get her head round.

IB Extended Essay English HL

This was an intensive short-term assignment: I was approached by a student who required extensive proofreading and editing for his Extended Essay in English, looking at how political discourse is shaped by technology; despite working on a serious time crunch, we managed to make significant adjustments and boost the student’s grade. Firstly, we spoke about practical ways the student could better structure the main body in the given time. Additionally, I went through the student’s essay with a fine-tooth comb, proofreading, editing and polishing everything.

IB English Language & Literature HL

I have thoroughly enjoyed tutoring Edouard who is currently in Year 13 at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. We are focusing on improving  his academic writing skills through developing much stronger sense of formality. Aside from this, we are also working on developing an ‘analytical toolbox’ for his analysis of key texts, especially Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. In addition, we are working on key paper 1 skills, looking at the best way to approach the comparative analysis.

IB English Literature SL & Mentoring  (Home Tutoring)

I started tutoring Liam, currently in Y13 at Oakham School, during his half term break in October. Though, undoubtedly, a very capable student, Liam was confused with the SL English Literature curriculum and did not have a strong sense of what was expected of him in Paper 1/ Paper 2/ Written Assignment. Liam’s Higher Level subjects in the IB lie within the sciences (Physics, Biology, Economics) and lacked confidence in his interpretations of literature and felt his analytical tools required for the IB English exams had not advanced beyond GCSE level. For Paper 1, we have covered both prose and poetry unseen passages and delved into the conventions of each form. Though Liam is aware of the versatility and spontaneity required when planning  guided literary analyses, I have strongly encouraged him to take a much more structured approach (structure being an area of weakness for him) and have done this through encouraging him to go into the exams with a specific ‘toolbox’ to utilise. Though Liam has tutors for each subject during the half term, he will be having weekly sessions with me throughout in order to ensure a smooth transition to exams to pre-empt last-minute panics and essay crises ahead of deadlines.

Oxbridge Applications (Residential Placement)

I was the designated Group Tutorial Leader for an intensive 3-day course prepping students with their application to  the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. As well as helping students with interview etiquette, articulating their thoughts, answering typically very challenging questions and broadening their knowledge of their subject, we also helped with soft skills like boosting communication and demonstrating a positive, confident attitude to the interviewers.

Anna – BA English Literature at King’s College London

I helped Anna with her English literature summative essays as well as her Dissertation. Our first sessions focused on improving her writing style and developing key tools for literary analysis and literary theory evaluation  (which I always love teaching students!). However, towards the end of the academic year, we focused much more on proofreading, editing and polishing her coursework. A very passionate student, Anna was always willing to go beyond the curriculum and took to all of my secondary reading  suggestions, including  reading  up on Baudelaire’s  exploration  of, and association  with, Romanticism for her Wordsworth essay. We also looked at John Keats, Virginia Woolf and Samuel Beckett in great detail.

Elliot – BA French and Spanish (University of Oxford).

Elliot has always loved languages but felt very overwhelmed with the intense literary study required of Oxford students; Elliot’s lack of background in literature meant we had to lay the groundwork before advancing to more complex sessions on literature. Having studied the same degree as Elliot at Oxford, I felt very eager to help him. We met twice a week alternating between online sessions and quiet coffee shops, building his confidence in his writing ability. We worked on developing a ‘toolbox’ of concepts to apply this to his study of literary. Some of the ideas explored included: Talking about orality and form in the romancero viejo ballads; looking at the effects of meter and rhyme in 16th and 17th writers, focusing on Quevedo in particular; looking at narrative voice in Cervantes’ works (reliable/manipulative narrators/ circular narratives/ use of personal pronouns/ gendered writing); we also looked at concept of ‘ser’ and ‘parcel’ in Cervantes’ works and how this becomes his pièce de résistance, paving the way for great other Spanish writers. For French, we focused on understanding the romanticism of Baudelaire’s poetics especially in ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’ and ‘Le Spleen de Paris’, George Sand’s ‘Indiana’ and Proust’s ‘À La Recherche Du Temps Perdu’ Additionally, Elliot also asked me to help him with his Written Portfolio, focusing on post-colonial literary theory.

Jeremy- BA Geography summative essays (University of Exeter).

I helped Jeremy with his anthropological study of French post-colonial discourse in spoken word poetry, focusing on the ways in which grammatical concepts are subverted. This was a short-term assignment but it was very productive for Jeremy.

Alex- BA French and Drama (University of Sussex).

I helped Alex throughout her degree at Sussex, offering intensive tuition in French as well as helping with planning for her Drama summative essays, proofreading and editing on the frequent. We had a particularly groundbreaking sessions in our exploration of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in which Alex felt she finally understood the role of the meter in Shakespeare. In ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, we focused on the Shakespeare employs the iambic pentameter, also known as ‘blank verse’, to contribute to the diction of main characters.

Nicholas – BA Classical Studies BA (King’s College London) with modules in Spanish language

The main focus of my tutoring sessions with Nicholas was his Dissertation, although I also worked on three other summative assignments and on his Spanish modules. For his Dissertation, we focused extensively on the topic of classical reception from Aeschylus to modern playwrights, in which Nicholas achieved a First. We also explored key anthropological concepts to help nourish his Dissertation research.

Clement – LLM student applying for course at London School of Economics

Clement is a French LLM student who needed help with his second postgraduate application for a course in Criminal Justice Policy (MSc) at the London School of Economics. We worked very hard on gaining awareness of the course’s features and writing a competitive application. I have stayed in close contact with Clement and look forward to seeing him become the successful lawyer he aspires to be!

Hobbies and Interests

Theatre, performing, Taewkondo, film, photogaphy, reading and cooking.

Client Testimonials

“I am so pleased that I found Harry for tutoring before my GCSE Exams! Harry taught me how to improve my grammar for French and my confidence shot up. I went from an E in my mocks to a B for my actual exam. His teaching style was very engaging and really easy to understand. He was very understanding and great at clarifying things when I didn’t understand them.”

GCSE French Student

“You put so much enthusiasm into every lesson. Poppy really loves them”

KS3 French

“Harry provides brilliant advice and support to my daughter in these tutorials. We are so lucky to have the benefit of his knowledge. Most importantly, my daughter thoroughly enjoys being taught by Harry. He is incredibly dedicated and clearly passionate about tutoring.”

Oxbridge Applications

“Throughout having lessons with him, my confidence in the subject has improved and I wish I had started the lessons earlier in the year to have benefited much more from it. Even though there was little time to fit as many lessons in, Harry compromised his time to be able to help me. Although his Spanish capabilities have far exceeded what I am required to do, he was still able to explain concepts well. To cap it all, he had very good knowledge of the course!”

IB Spanish Student

“Harry has only just started tutoring my daughter, and already we are seeing an improvement in her Spanish skills and university application. His sessions are productive, positive and enjoyable – he is clearly very passionate about tutoring and providing students with the best support possible.”

A level Spanish

“Harry really helped me advance in French and helped prepared me for the French exam supplementary to my course. He was very encouraging and helped boost my confidence. He pushed me to reach my full potential, offering constructive criticism to really help me improve. Not only that, he was such a caring tutor. It wasn’t just a job to him. If I ever had any extra questions I knew I could always turn to him. I would fully recommend Harry as a tutor”

A level French

” Harry worked for us in the summer months from July 1 to August 29, 2016-2018. Prior to him, the hotel had offered several English tutors. But they did not have a good rapport with my children. Harry from the first minute found an approach for my boys, he was able to interest them and they would always look forward to it. They would even run to the reception every day to wait for his arrival. They spent the whole day together. They gladly read books, taught songs, put on performances. They also had time for active games, they swam and played, and went shopping together. During his time in our family, Harry showed himself to be highly cultured, responsible, punctual and a creative person. He managed to raise the level of language ability and taught them not to be afraid to speak English! I would very much like Harry to come to Russia and continue to teach my children. But with our schedule between two separate schools (attending middle school and music school), at the moment, this is not possible. We wholeheartedly recommend Harry as a professional teacher”

Language Tutor-Governor work for a Russian family

  • Mentor

  • Multidisciplinary

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