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“I am so pleased that I found Harry for tutoring before my GCSE exams! Harry taught me how to improve my grammar for French and my confidence shot up. I went from an E in my mocks to a B for my actual exam. His teaching style was very engaging and really easy to understand. He was very understanding and great at clarifying things when I didn’t understand them."

GCSE French Tuition

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Academic History

University of Oxford. BA Modern Languages (2:1 with Distinction in Oral Examinations)

Trinity College London (Oxford School of Drama), Postgraduate Diploma in Acting

École Jacques Lecoq Paris. 1 Year Acting Intensive.

Hockerill Anglo-European College. International Baccalaureate, 41/45 Points (Top grade in English Literature Extended Essay)

About Me

Hello! My name is Harry and I have been tutoring since 2013, offering support in English Literature & Language, French, Spanish and Greek. I have native fluency in four languages and come from a multicultural background, which I believe lends itself to an open-minded, confident approach to tutees from all walks of life.  I pride myself on the amount of thought, care and effort I put into each tutoring session. I am a passionate and optimistic person and believe strongly that education has the ability to transform individuals; it is part of the reason why I enjoy teaching so much!

There is an important distinction in my mind between getting ‘extra help’ from a classroom teacher and having 1-to-1 sessions with a private tutor. The beauty of private tutoring is that a student’s needs, wants and learning style are considered with full and undivided attention. This is why I consider it important not to go about tutoring in a parrot-like fashion. Every student is unique and has a learning style that is specific to them; I always make sure I adapt to the distinct needs of each student and teach in a way that feels lively and spontaneous. In the earlier stages of my sessions, I identify the student’s learning style. I will carefully come up with a general structure that will be followed rigorously (though I do make sure sessions are fun and creative!).

In 2016, I completed my teaching placement in both a primary (niveau collège) and secondary school (niveau lycée) in Paris, where I worked with a wide range of children of all age groups.  I found it very rewarding working with  children with specific learning difficulties and have continued to do so through tutoring. I have also tutored students struggling with mental health issues and I’m always willing to offer pastoral support and guidance to parents and students alike in my capacity as a tutor. My creative interests as an actor, having trained at Jacque Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris, makes me a particularly versatile tutor and this is important when teaching children with SpLDs or special educational needs. I frequently work with the British Council School in Madrid, delivering DiE workshops on the English literature and Drama curriculum. Whether a student requires a dynamic, creative learning environment or a highly logical, step-by-step and compartmentalised approach, I consciously tailor my lesson plan to each student as an individual.  I recently attended a training course on tutoring children with autism; this was facilitated by St Mary’s University Senior Lecturer Karren Tulloch. I also have experience supporting individuals with dyspraxia and dyslexia. I teach all ages and I especially love working with undergraduate and postgraduate students.

I would consider myself a focused, empathetic and very passionate tutor, qualities which were inspired in me by some of the best teachers and educators I have had the privilege of being taught by. I believe in the value of unlocking students’ potential, and this becomes my priority from the very first tutoring session. Aside from tutoring, I am a performer so my rigorous tutoring approach is always combined with creativity and vigour.

Recent tuition

Key Stage 2 English

I have been tutoring this student for the last three years, working on building her confidence in her ability for the Key Stage 2 English syllabus and I am very pleased with the wonderful progress she has made so far. Though she does not seem to have a recognisable learning difficulty, she often exhibited difficulties in her writing that are reminiscent of some cases of dyslexia. For instance, she occasionally confused letters ‘d’ and ‘b. She has since not only ironed any peculiarities in her writing but has also developed a very sophisticated understanding of punctuation and a much more coherent writing style.

11+ Common Entrance Exam – English

I have been working very closely with this student for the last two years in order to ensure a competitive performance in his 11+ exams in several years to come. Since this student’s native languages are Russian and Greek, his parents felt it was appropriate for him to start at an early age initially by using the ESOL Cambridge Exams curriculum to attain a standard whereby he can later begin working on.

13+ Common Entrance Exam and SEN support – English

This young Year 8 student was attending a British school in Abu Dhabi. He needed help building his confidence and ability in Spanish. His knowledge of Spanish was faltering considerably and his enthusiasm for the subject often suffered as a result. I worked with him for four months and was attentive to his areas of weakness. He had considerable difficulties with concentration (which I flagged up with his mum) and needed extra support in absorbing and retaining information. Hence, I ensured that the lessons were structured in a way that allowed us to reap the benefits: repetition and positive reinforcement became key tools in making sure he could overcome his concentration difficulty. It was overwhelmingly important for me to use new, creative and engaging ways to captivate his interest and get him to understand areas of his curriculum that were often challenging and complex in class for him (especially the tenses in Spanish!). His mum and I were both extremely pleased with his progress, renewed confidence and his final progression from grade C to A in his speaking exam.

13+ Common Entrance Exams – French and English

I coached this student for a number of 13+ CE exams to gain entry into top Independent schools. We worked both on English and French papers. For French, we focused on the passé composé, propositional verbs and using modal verbs in Speaking to boost his fluency. For English, we focused on analysing narrative tone and producing bright, sparky creative writing tasks. We also did vocab drills. He worked his socks off and got into the school of his choice!

Year 9 English

I offered regular, intensive tuition sessions to a student over the lockdown period in English. As he had been taken out of school due to his ADHD, we developed strategies to make sure his tuition was as effective and engaging as possible (giving him regular breaks and getting him an immersive headset worked wonders!). We read Michael Monpurgo’s ‘War Horse’ and looked at non-fiction texts.

Residential Tutoring Placement, Monaco – GCSE English, French, RE, Maths, Biology & History

This Russian student attends a UK boarding school but is based in Monaco during the school holidays. I had been helping him online throughout the year with his GCSE but I flew out to Monaco to help with his GCSE exam revision. This student, by his own admission, struggles with motivation and focus. We devised a strict revision schedule with regular breaks and rewards (giving him time to play video games in his break practically doubled his motivation!). We did five hours of intensive tuition every day throughout the Easter break. I set several practice papers daily and we managed to improve his grades in all subjects, including GCSE English which he particularly struggled with.

GCSE Spanish (online)

As well as tutoring this student for his upcoming Spanish exams, it was important to support him with his organisation and to encourage a mindful and positive attitude around his work, considering the short timeframe we had. Despite this, it became my priority to ensure he was absolutely ‘crystal clear’ on the grammar topics covered in class, before I decided to teach more challenging grammatical aspects of Spanish that hadn’t been covered thoroughly, especially the use of the subjunctive (typically required for the A/A* grade). Though rigorous and structured, we combined these sessions with a lot of creativity. He particularly enjoyed activities that involved listening to Spanish music to master the use of the subjunctive. This student achieved a final A* in his examinations and is now studying Spanish at A level!

GCSE French (OCR)

This student was finding it very hard to motivate herself for French and needed someone who can, in her mother’s words, “break it down into simple steps”. I tutored her throughout the year and helped her achieve a grade A in her GCSE French overall, bringing her speaking up after mocks from an E to a B and helping her secure an A* in her controlled assessment. Her grade is an outstanding achievement given her difficulty in the beginning. I have kept in contact with her mum and she is doing very well in her A levels!

GCSE and DELF (B1/B2) level French

I have been tutoring this student on a weekly basis for the last three years – he is an enthusiastic, engaged student of French. After tutoring him for GCSE, in which he scored a top mark (90-100%), I am now preparing him for the B2 DELF exam. He will sit this alongside his International Baccalaureate.

A Level English Literature (Cambridge PRE-U)

This student, hoping to read English at university, had lost confidence in her ability and wanted help with her upcoming mock and later official exams. We focused on exam technique and essay structure, revising ‘Othello’, ‘The Birthday Party’ and ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ for Paper 2 (Drama) and Paper 4 (Independent Project) and Milton’s Paradise Lose and Sylvia Plath for Paper 1; Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’.

A Level French (online)

I tutored this student who had been attending an independent school in the Madrid in the run-up to her A level French Oral exam. We worked on identifying the main areas of weakness to allow her to successfully break out of the C/B bracket that she had been continually falling under and obtain her desired grade which was an A. While this student clearly had flair for the subject and a passion for other languages too, her grammatical accuracy and accent were at a significantly lower level than her potential, and therefore required a lot of practice. A very urgent area we worked on was the use of the subjunctive – a common challenge for advanced learners of French. While this student had a vague understanding of this grammatical mode, by the end of the tutoring sessions she had developed a more precise understanding.

A level Spanish and MLAT preparation

I worked closely with this student helping them with their Oxbridge application and we focused on developing tools to grapple with the translation aspect of the MLAT for Spanish. A particular tool which helped was memorising a host of adverbs and adjectives to enhance a translation when she was unsure on the exact equivalent of a word.

IB French SL (online)

This student attended Sevenoaks School and requested tutoring in the middle of his preparations for his final French Standard exam. Though clearly a talented linguist, we needed to make sure we strengthened his accuracy of French grammar. All the tutoring sessions, included those covering more sophisticated grammar, took place solely in French, which meant we could cover an impressive range of cultural topics for his written exams while also exposing him to spoken French throughout. Since we were short on time, this allowed us to kill two birds with one stone! We went through all of the different writing formats (letter, speech, diary entry etc.) that are required for the final Paper 1 Standard French exam and used this as a springboard to explore tricky grammar (and useful!) phrases that would allow him to reach the top grade. He achieved a very high grade in his final examination and a 6 overall in French and is now studying Philosophy at University College London.

IB Spanish SL (online)

I worked with this student for a total of two months before the end of his school term. We worked closely on both his written and spoken expression in Spanish and he made excellent progress. We also aimed to broaden his knowledge of the cultural topics that are popular in the International Baccalaureate curriculum. He applied many of the top-mark tips we discussed in his exams such as imperfect subjunctives, impersonal expressions, and did very well.

IB English Language & Literature HL

I have thoroughly enjoyed tutoring a student who is currently in Year 13 at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. We are focusing on improving his academic writing skills through developing much stronger sense of formality. Aside from this, we are also working on developing an ‘analytical toolbox’ for his analysis of key texts, especially Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. In addition, we are working on key paper 1 skills, looking at the best way to approach the comparative analysis.

IB Theory of Knowledge (online)

I came up with a very thorough plan for a student in preparation for the TOK presentation component of the IB course, which examined the relationship between belief systems, ideology and time. It was a fascinating topic but was admittedly suffering from a haphazardly planned structure, therefore preventing the her from gaining clarity in her thoughts. I also made it my focus to help the student refine her use of language, which, due to the nature of a presentation, often felt a bit colloquial and ‘chit chatty’. By the end of our three rounds feedback process, her TOK presentation was coherent and she felt much more confident.

Oxbridge Applications (Residential Placement)

I was the designated Group Tutorial Leader for an intensive three day course prepping students with their application to the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. As well as helping students with interview etiquette, articulating their thoughts, answering typically very challenging questions and broadening their knowledge of their subject, I also helped with soft skills like boosting communication and demonstrating a positive, confident attitude to the interviewers.

BA French/English at University of Leeds

A very bright student of literature, this undergraduate’s analytical ability is of a very high standard; this was made obvious both from his insightful contributions and from his most recent piece of (seamlessly written!) coursework. He did, however, mention that the general feedback of his lecturers is that he needs to explore the ‘bigger picture’ more and weave an understanding of broader context into his analysis. He lacked background knowledge on Modernism and we, therefore, spent the first few sessions trying to make sense of the (thorny) movement that is Modernism and learn about key figures and ideas. We explored key contributions and/or manifestos of Marinetti, Walter Benjamin, Virginia Woolf, T. S. Eliot and Freud. He got a high 2.1 in his most recent exams!

Hobbies and Interests

Theatre, performing, Taewkondo, film, photogaphy, reading and cooking.

Client Testimonials

“I am so pleased that I found Harry for tutoring before my GCSE Exams! Harry taught me how to improve my grammar for French and my confidence shot up. I went from an E in my mocks to a B for my actual exam. His teaching style was very engaging and really easy to understand. He was very understanding and great at clarifying things when I didn’t understand them.”

GCSE French Student

“Harry provides brilliant advice and support to my daughter in these tutorials. We are so lucky to have the benefit of his knowledge. Most importantly, my daughter thoroughly enjoys being taught by Harry. He is incredibly dedicated and clearly passionate about tutoring.”

Oxbridge Applications

“Throughout having lessons with him, my confidence in the subject has improved and I wish I had started the lessons earlier in the year to have benefited much more from it. Even though there was little time to fit as many lessons in, Harry compromised his time to be able to help me. Although his Spanish capabilities have far exceeded what I am required to do, he was still able to explain concepts well. To cap it all, he had very good knowledge of the course!”

IB Spanish Student

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