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Haris J

‘Haris has been exactly what we needed for our son’s revision sessions. He is an excellent teacher and has been helping our son enormously. I would highly recommend him to any student who is not 'up to scratch' with the topic. Haris achieved the 'near impossible' with our son. He made the topic so interesting that our son wants to further progress and take the subject to the next level.’

Mr X, A Level Economics Tuition

  • A Level

  • Accounting

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Statistics

  • University Admissions

Academic History


  • Chartered Accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales)
  • Certificate in Business Innovation (Harvard Business School)
  • MSc International Political Economy (London School of Economics & Political Science)
  • Diploma in Business Analytics (Wharton Business School)
  • BSc Honours in Economics (University of Warwick)
  • Qualified Member (British Mensa)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (ISACA)
  • Certificate in Lean Six Sigma (APMG International)
  • Certificate in Control Objectives for IT (Learning Tree International)
  • Certificate in IT Infrastructure Library (AXELOS)
  • Qualified Member (The Tutors Association)
  • Straight 5 A*s in A Levels (Economics, Mathematics, Business, Urdu, Accounting)
  • 8 A*s & 2 As in GCSEs (Additional Mathematics, English, Commerce, Islamic Studies)


  • Assistant Vice President – Royal Bank of Scotland Group (London)

As part of Group Internal Audit, provided assurance and advisory to ensure that governance and controls over business processes were adequate, efficient and effective in managing key technology risks. Responsibilities included audit planning & scoping, audit testing & management and contributed towards business’ continuous risk assessment.

  • Manager – Deloitte (London)

Liaised with global innovation teams and provided support, expertise and encouragement in articulating and developing innovatory ideas that positively impacted the firm’s profitability, clients and its people. Developed from scratch a firm-wide, bite-sized knowledge sharing video platform, a winning idea submitted in an internal innovation challenge.

  • Consultant / Senior Consultant – Deloitte (London)

Specialised in provision of technology controls assurance over key business processes as part of statutory financial audit engagements and Service Auditor Reporting projects. Progressed through the ranks from conducting on-field controls testing to field management and then engagement management including managing client relationships.

  • Analyst – United Nations (Bangkok)

Based within Trade and Investment Division at the UN Asia-Pacific Headquarters. Synthesised research and policy papers, compiled and analysed macroeconomic data related to trade facilitation in Australasian agriculture sector. The internship culminated in a consultancy contract offered to a handful of interns.

  • Intern – EY (London)

Completed a project that identified and presented efficiency and effectiveness improvements for senior management in the firm’s retail and wholesale banking tax compliance process.

  • Intern – ABN AMRO Bank (Overseas)

Engaged in identifying efficiency improvements in the bank’s credit card issuance process from system entry to application approval.

  • Intern – HSBC (Overseas)

Assisted clients in their everyday banking needs such as telephone banking, credit card applications and completion of trade order forms.

About Me

  • Full-Time Professional Private Tutor
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British
  • Subjects: Economics; Accounting; Statistics; Business
  • Specialism: Tutoring; University Admissions; Mentoring; Career Guidance
  • Private Tutoring Experience: 8+ Years
  • Business Consulting Experience: 7+ Years

Recent tuition

University Statistics (Nottingham University):

  • Student had missed lectures and seminars due to illness;
  • I had to take him through the entire course including exam preparation and assignment;
  • This was completed over just 3 weeks through intense tutoring;
  • The student got a first in both the assignment and the exam.

A Level Business (Marlborough College):

  • Student was dyslexic and hence found difficult to understand numerical concepts;
  • Had got a U in his last mock exams, which was 2 months before the actual paper;
  • Residential tutoring during which I had to take him through the entire syllabus;
  • Practised last three years’ past papers too;
  • Student managed to get admission into a top US college.

University Accounting (Edinburgh University):

  • Student was dyslexic and hence struggled with numerical concepts;
  • He had failed his three exams before for which he came to me for help;
  • Online tutoring that involved doing past papers intensively;
  • Pupil passed all three papers with high marks.

University Admissions (Chelsea Independent College):

  • Pupil was going to apply to UCL, LSE, Warwick, Bristol and Bath for Economics;
  • International student that needed help with UCAS form and personal statement;
  • Had not even started the statement and was struggling with the structure;
  • I broke down the process into simple pieces and steps that treated process like an interview;
  • We finished the entire statement within five days.

GCSE Economics (Home Schooling):

  • Student had left the school and was studying for GCSEs at home;
  • Taught him entire syllabus via online tutoring including past papers;
  • Had to motivate the student as he had to be guided on knowledge and exam technique.

University Statistics (University College London):

  • Student was weak with numerical concepts and had not done Statistics before;
  • Had to take him through the entire module including completing seminar questions;
  • Tutoring over four-week duration that covered 10 weeks course;
  • He took the exam and got a first.

IB HL Economics (India):

  • International student taught via online tutoring for IB HL in Economics;
  • This included help on his Extended Essay and class assignments;
  • Through our work together, the student continued to score highest marks in class.

University Admissions (Saudi Arabia):

  • Client based in Saudi Arabia and wanted to discuss economic concepts online;
  • This included current affairs and economic application to real life;
  • We had discussions over many months and the student felt quite confident in this area;
  • He successfully applied to MIT and Harvard joint MPA programme as a result.

Hobbies and Interests


I am passionate about Padel, a racket sport like tennis, most popular in Spanish-speaking countries. According to ITV, it is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. I regularly train with my coach and compete for national rankings in the British circuit.


I am also a fitness enthusiast whether it is spending time in the gym or swimming. My interest in sports has continued since schooling years, having captained my school teams in Athletics, Swimming and Football competitions.


Having been an unusually disciplined student throughout my school years, it was not a surprise that I was appointed a School Prefect in every institution I attended. From Primary to Secondary, as well as High School.


Public speaking has been a strong interest which I fulfilled, during my education years, via taking part in Model United Nations conferences. This developed my communication skills which allows me to deliver clear explanations to my students. I represented my school and university in conferences at:

  • Oxford University;
  • Harvard University;
  • Imperial College London;
  • Cambridge University;
  • Global Young Leaders Conference;
  • London School of Economics.

Client Testimonials

University Statistics (Nottingham University)

‘My son did well in all his catch-up work and is able to continue his degree this coming year. His mark for his Quantitative Analysis coursework and exam was 87% so a great result. Thank you very much indeed for your help.’

University Accounting (Manchester Metropolitan University)

‘Excellent tutor. Experienced and really helpful! I would recommend using his service.’

Career Guidance (University of West London)

‘Excellent tutor! Very experienced and found our session extremely helpful! Looking forward to the next session and would definitely recommend! Haris is a great tutor. He has been helping me out with Graduate Scheme applications and has provided me with in-depth research and recommendations on which companies to apply to. I have found the sessions extremely useful! Excellent session working on Big4 Applications, Interview Coaching, Case studies, etc. Haris is not only incredibly professional but you can see that he really wants his students to excel and do well. I would recommend him without reservation.’

Undergraduate Business (King’s College London)

‘We worked together on Business and Marxism essay, Business and Technology essay, Feminism presentation, Nationalism essay. Thanks to him for all of them I got grades above 65%. It was very pleasant to work with him and it was really easy, because we didn’t have misunderstandings and he helped me and explained everything.’

Career Guidance (Edinburgh University)

‘Haris is thorough, methodical and diligent. During my time working with Haris I was impressed by his work ethic and organisational skills. Without Haris I would not have been able to accomplish my goals and I am most grateful to him. I would most definitely recommend Haris to anyone searching for a tutor.’

University Accounting (Portsmouth University)

‘I contacted Haris after realising I needed help for two assignments on my Masters-level Financial Analysis module at a UK university. To put this in its proper context, I had not prior accounting or finance experience and was very much a novice. Haris was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, filling me with confidence as our lessons went on. What was especially helpful was the manner in which he explained what were complex issues into an easy-to-understand format. He is a great tutor, who is very organised and professional, and who went out of his way to ensure I understood the material. As a consequence, I obtained two firsts in my assignments, largely due to Haris` tutoring and support.’

University Statistics (Birmingham University)

‘Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor who supported me with understanding statistics.’

University Economics (University College London)

‘I thought, in all honesty, you were patient, likeable, kind, and encouraging. I thought you covered the material well and concisely and, really, I do not see how what you were offering could have been done any better. It was brilliant.’

University Economics (University College London)

‘Unlike other tutors, when you explain something it sticks in my head.’

University Business (Birkbeck University)

‘Haris is very keen and dedicated in his job. He explains the concepts very clearly and succinctly. He was very patient with me as English was not my first language. Haris encouraged me and helped me utilise my abilities to their fullest. He is very efficient when it comes to reaching his aims and always seeks his hardest to achieve the targets. I strongly recommend Haris to all my friends and family members.’

University Statistics (University College London)

‘The results came in. I got a first! Thank you very much.’

A Level Economics (UK Independent School)

‘It was a pleasure to be tutored by you. It was extremely helpful. My exam went very well. I felt quite confident with it. I only wish I had called you earlier than I did and maybe started the tuition straight after my January exams. However, the help you gave me in the little time we had was brilliant.’

University Accounting (Regent’s University)

‘You are my trophy tutor!’

University Economics (Imperial College London)

‘I would like to thank Haris for his professionalism in giving me tuition. He has been able to, in a short period of time, give me good foundations which enabled me answer the exam questions confidently. He has been very focused in guiding me through Macroeconomics and I have found his tuitions very effective. This has resulted in my top mark in the exam.’

A Level Business (Godalming College)

‘We are very impressed with Haris. My son gets on very well with Haris.’

A Level Economics (Charterhouse School)

‘Haris has been exactly what we needed for our son’s revision sessions. He is an excellent teacher and has been helping our son enormously. I would highly recommend him to any student who is not ‘up to scratch’ with the topic. Haris achieved the ‘near impossible’ with our son. He made the topic so interesting that our son wants to further progress and take the subject to the next level.’

  • Fully Vetted

  • Mentor