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“She encouraged me to work hard and learn more, she also taught me discipline . She is a good teacher that has great knowledge about English. In my opinion she is one of the best teachers that has ever taught me.”

Saif, English Tuition.

  • 11+

  • Academic Writing

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Senior School Entrance

  • Theatre Studies

Academic History

University of Nottingham, UK (2012-2015): BA English Language & Literature (2:1).

St. Marys College, Blackburn (2010-2012): International Baccalaureate (38 points).

About Me

I have worked as tutor since 2015. My subject specialisms include English Literature and Language, Entrance Exams, Verbal Reasoning, Academic Writing, and Theatre Studies.

I tutor in a way that ensures my lessons are a discussion rather than a lecture. I explain a concept to a student using examples to consolidate their knowledge, then I ask students to explain the concept back to me or show their understanding through answering a question. I model an answer and ask them to attempt their own. With regard to the activities that I use, this depends entirely on the type of learner the student is. With teaching, there is no one size fits all. What I particularly enjoy about tutoring is that it allows for a personalised education – it allows me to assess the preferred learning style of the student and adjust my teaching to suit the student.

I have made it my profession to teach and I choose to tutor simply because it allows me to grow as a teacher. I enjoy instilling confidence in students through knowledge and understanding. I feel that I am good at tutoring because I am approachable. For a student to accept and announce that they do not understand something, they must feel as though the tutoring space is a safe space. I believe I allow students that comfort so as to keep the lines of communication open.

Recent tuition

I have worked with over 100 students across a range of academic levels from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4 (GCSE). Below is a snapshot of my recent tuition experience.

Year 4 Homework, Vocabulary, Comprehension & Composition support

Saif struggled with the rigorous examinations of the school that he was attending. He had difficulty keeping up in lessons and found the vocabulary lists that students were expected to know and memorise challenging. The classroom environment was such that it did not encourage students to use and develop a “style” of learning. I spent time with Saif, firstly identifying the way in which he learned, and secondly building rapport with him. I gamified our sessions as I found that he responded well to this. I would draw pictures for the vocabulary words and we would play memory games with these. Saif thoroughly enjoyed laughing at and deciphering my terrible drawings!

We also spent time working on compositions: quite often I would give Saif a scenario (e.g. write a letter to your Headmaster persuading him to allow you to use phones in the classroom) and we would discuss the stylistic features of said composition. Eventually we reached the stage at which Saif was able to tackle compositions without my input or guidance. He grew in confidence with his use of vocabulary which positively impacted his development of a writing style. When I began tutoring Saif, his school had placed him into additional English lessons so that Saif could benefit from this 1-to-1 support and by June sufficient progress had been made that these sessions were no longer necessary. Furthermore, Saif was able to recall the vocabulary words in the lists he had been given, he was able to spell the words correctly and could also confidently use the words in his compositions.

IGCSE Homework, Vocabulary, Spelling, Composition & Comprehension support (SEN)

Waleed’s mother believed he had undiagnosed “mild autism”. He found it difficult to bond with new people and lacked confidence. I spent much of our initial lessons building rapport by finding common interests and talking about his experiences with education. I explained to Waleed that our lessons weren’t tests and rather we building on our knowledge collaboratively. We spent our time working through past IGCSE papers and I would provide Waleed with scenarios for which he would have to create compositions. In timed conditions, I would create compositions alongside Waleed so as to provide him with an exemplar of the work that would be expected of him in the given time. When I began tutoring Waleed in January 2017, the grade that he was working at was a D. By June his school report showed that he had progressed to a B. Given more time and practise, I am sure that we could have worked towards an A.

11+ Entrance Exams Preparation & Homework Support

Yusuf had not had support with 11+ Entrance exam preparation prior to the August we started working together. The exams were held in September and his parents felt that he needed some intensive support before the exams. I spent much of the time working through past papers in timed conditions; it was important that Yusuf grew accustomed to the time pressure and also the style of questions that would he would find in the 11+ exams. Working through past papers also helped with Yusuf’s nerves; given the rushed nature of the revision, Yusuf felt the pressure to excel in the exams. Familiarity with the exam papers allowed him to feel calmer when sitting the exams. Further to this, Yusuf lacked an understanding of how to study. Feedback from teachers suggested that homework was often rushed and incomplete. Together we worked through his homework and the feedback from his teachers in school grew increasingly positive and encouraging. In some ways, this was not a success story; Yusuf did not pass the 11+ grammar school exams. Albeit a somewhat disappointing outcome, Yusuf’s work ethic had steadily improved and he grew ambitious. The knock back has certainly improved his drive and I am confident that his reinvigorated attitude will serve him well in his SATs at the end of this year.

IB Business and Management, Environmental Systems and Societies, French, English Literature and Language – Intensive 12-day Residential Tutoring

Talal’s biggest issue with regards to studying was his lack of focus and the feeling of being overwhelmed when attempting revision. Prior to starting with Talal, I created a revision schedule which would be flexible depending on Talal’s needs on my arrival. This schedule allowed Talal and I to compartmentalise his revision into topics (e.g. Day 1 = Topic 1 in Business = Business Organisation and Environment). In doing this, we were able to create a revision checklist and Talal could see his long list of topics to revise gradually dwindling, which I know he took great comfort in. Having daily targets also gave Talal focus, he knew what he had to achieve in the day and so he had active and directed study sessions. Another issue that Talal’s parents and I had noticed was his lack of drive. Some of this placement was spent discussing work ethic and striving to achieve the best. Talal has yet to sit his IB exams so we are unsure as to his progress in terms of exam results. However, there was a marked difference in his recall and his confidence with the material.

IB English Literature Analysis

Ruth required support with literature analysis. She described herself as ‘understanding the literature, but not knowing how and why the writers made her feel that way’. I would select poems ahead of class which we would work through in the lessons. We would analyse the creation of mood, tone, symbolism, themes and imagery in the poems – Ruth was also quite keen on learning how to identify literary techniques. I modelled literary analysis of poetry for a few sessions and then I allowed her to show her understanding by analysing some poems alone. After this, we worked through the poems of Wilfred Owen (as these were the poems that the school had chosen to study) to ensure that she had a thorough understanding of the poems. We also spent time discussing essay structure. Ruth often had great ideas but struggled to maintain concise and coherent paragraphs. Her points verged on becoming ‘waffly’ at times. We spent time making her paragraphs clear whilst retaining the level of detail that is required for an IB exam.

Hobbies and Interests

I have a passion for poetry, visiting the theatre, travelling and learning new languages.

Client Testimonials

“She encouraged me to work hard and learn more, she also taught me discipline . She is a good teacher that has great knowledge about English. In my opinion she is one of the best teachers that has ever taught me.” Saif

“Miss Hanna was kind and tried hard to improve my English. She always came well prepared; she saw what I was struggling with (which was spelling) and helped to improve it.” Waleed

  • Fully Vetted