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"I would rate Grigorij 10 out of 10 stars in every criterion of being an excellent tutor that is what he deserves. His approach to tutoring is very professional and reassuring, he plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on learning objectives and follow through on key understandings that I can approach problems in worksheets or exams with confidence. I find that this makes a huge difference compared to typical learning in the classroom."

Stephen, A Level Chemistry Tuition

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Academic History

2011-2016 Imperial College London, PhD in Biopolymer Mass-Spectrometry (Biochemistry)

2010-2011 Imperial College London, Master of Research in Structural Biology: Merit

2007-2010 Imperial College London, Undergraduate Degree in Biochemistry: 2:1

2005-2007 Christ’s Hospital School, A2 levels in Chemistry(A), Biology (A), Maths (A), Further Maths (A), Russian (A), AS level in German (A)

Vilnius Lyceum, International Baccalaureate, 2004-2005 (not completed): HL for Chemistry, Biology, English, SL for Maths, Lithuanian, History

2005 International Chemistry Olympiad, Taiwan: Bronze medal

About Me

My specialist subjects are Chemistry and Biology. In addition I can teach Biochemistry undergraduates as well.

My desire to share knowledge with others most likely stems from school days where I would spend time in science camps preparing for Lithuanian National and International Chemistry Olympiads. The preparations involved not only lecturer-student but also student-student interactions with latter being most fun as it would require explaining various topics to other, often younger students. By obtaining more knowledge in undergraduate and postgraduate studies allowed me to share this knowledge with a larger number of students, both AS-A2 level and undergraduates.

Teaching students of different levels with different skill set allowed me to develop a personalized approach in tutoring for each student which involves identifying individual strengths, weaknesses and as many as students think ‘stupid’ questions as possible! If needed, we will use bananas, apples or any of your favorite fruits as well as we will imagine the party where everyone brings electrons with them, but there will be no ‘I cannot understand this topic’ phrase in our vocabulary.

Recent tuition

Please see below for a snapshot of my recent tuition experience.

GCSE Chemistry and Biology

With Blended Live School Programmes I have delivered 64 hours of GCSE Chemistry and Biology lessons for a number of students. By working  on a same subject with different students simultaneously was an invaluable experience. On one hand it allowed me to identify topics the students struggled most such as atomic structure, atomic mass, isotopes and calculations with moles. On the other hand each of the student required the individual approach. By being ranked 5 out of 5 stars for all of the 64 lessons provided I hope I managed to figure it out and apply successfully it to each of them.

2016-2017: IB HL Chemistry, IB HL Biology and UCL Undergraduate Biochemistry

Having a single one hour lesson per week online with Busola for IB HL Chemistry and HL Biology we had to design a tailored approach to make sure that we use our time very efficiently. For this reason majority of work would be done by Busola by herself however she would make notes on the areas/topics she felt less confident and would send that info to me. That would allow me to select problems specifically designed to target weak areas and convert them into stron ones. Similarly with Undergraduate BIochemistry student Caspar we would select topics which are included in the exam, pick extra problems from outside resources such as Biochemistry textbooks and we would make sure that as many examinable aspects of the problem are covered as possible.

AS-A2 level, IB Chemistry and Biology tutor, 2012-2016

I was tutoring Athi IB HL Chemistry for more than 40 hours. One of his struggles was to apply the already learned material to examination style questions. Another struggle was some very fundamental topics from Unit 1 such as stoichiometry, moles and different concentrations. The lack of strong fundamentals was often a cause of mistakes when attempting past paper questions  on other topics. For this reason part of our efforts was dedicated to make sure that we developed strong fundamentals and here I found that the relation of  Chemistry  terms and concepts to every day objects or events helped him a lot. For example, the concept of mole was much easier to understand once he was told that it is a number like a ‘dozen’ or ‘million’ and one can count stars with it. Another part of our efforts was dedicated to the work with past papers and exam techniques. Here we developed the strategy that from every mistake or problem he could not solve initially he would take few notes into his notebook. Later we would come back to them in the form of the different problem. That boosted not only his knowledge, but his confidence in doing past papers too

A Level Chemistry

I was tutoring Ellie continuously for two years throughout her AS-A2 level Chemistry studies. At the beginning she did not enjoy it, she felt like it was not her subject and that was probably the reason parents wanted the tutor. Her initial plans were to drop Chemistry after completing AS course, but after getting ‘B’, the grade she did not expect she decided to continue Chemistry for A2 level and eventually got an ‘A’ grade!

A Level Chemistry

I was tutoring Chamach continuously for a year throughout his A2 level Chemistry course. He found the transition between GCSE and A-level exams slightly difficult. The main challenge for him was not the scientific content but the exam format. For this reason we were placing a big emphasis on how to present the relevant information in the answer and get full marks in the question. Eventually he got a ‘B’, the grade he needed to get to the university of his choice and is happily doing his undergraduate degree

A Level Chemistry

I was tutoring Sophie and Cookie AS level Chemistry for a month period to help them with past papers and exam tactics. For each lesson Sophie usually needed some help on very specific questions such as reaction rate and enthalpy calculations so I would always bring more questions on the specific topic. On the other hand with Cookie we put a big emphasis on revision plan, fixing the gaps in the knowledge and practicing past papers.

Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry Undergraduate tutor, 2010-2016

I have been working with Stephen on more challenging Analytical Chemistry topics of his Undergraduate degree. Together we have gone through topics such as Infrared Spectrometry (IR), Mass Spectrometry (MS)  and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). One of the more challenging topics was the two dimensional NMR since there was not a lot of information provided about this technique in the lectures. By making sure that we were able to apply 1 D NMR principles to the problems we then moved on to the 2 D NMR COSY and HETCOR problems.  Eventually Stephen was able to apply 1D and 2D NMR principles to virtually any molecule, became very confident with the lecture material and did well in his exam.

I was teaching Maryam General Chemistry course for her Undergraduate Medicine degree over the summer period. Initially she was overwhelmed by the complexity of organic chemistry reactions in her undergraduate level when compared to the school level. Step by step we were taking each reaction, breaking down their mechanisms to individual steps and we started to observe that all these different reactions share very similar common steps eliminating the need to blindly memorise them.  She has not only passed the exam and her grade exceeded her expectations, but she also started to look forward seeing chemistry elements in her Medicine lectures.

At Imperial College London I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Maths revision problem classes, Chemistry revision problem classes, Biological Chemistry problem classes, Genetics problem classes as well as demonstrator for Genetics practicals, Enzymes Inhibition practicals, Microscopy practicals, Ecology and Evolution practicals and Medical Glycobiology practicals. Every single set of tutorials and practicals would be interesting and challenging for us teachers in a unique way. However most enjoyable were Maths revision and Chemistry revision tutorials. Every year there would some students who really struggled with these subjects at the beginning of the term as they have not done it for their A-level studies. Our tutor team would have five three hour-long tutorials not only to explain the material, but also make them confident to use the taught principles throughout the course.  As a tutor there was nothing more rewarding than meeting these students at other tutorials, practicals and observing them to be able to apply the earlier taught Maths and Chemistry elements to the Biological problems.

As a PhD student in Biopolymer Mass Spectrometry lab in 2012 I was supervising Fara for her 10 weeks Final Year Project at Imperial College, Biochemistry titled ‘Structural analysis of glycoproteins from D. viviparus using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry’. Similarly in 2013 I have supervised Josephine for her Final Year Project titled ‘Characterization of glycosylation in liver progenitor cells to elucidate tumorigenic potential’.  For both these 3d Year Undergraduate students I was teaching the lab skills required in our laboratory, explaining the principles of Glycobiology and Mass Spectrometry and guiding their poster presentations and thesis write-ups.

Hobbies and Interests

Apart from interest in science I have a number of other activities which help me to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Playing sports was always an important part of my life and activities such as basketball, Muay Thai boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu help me to stay focused and clear-minded. On the other hand interests in painting, music, modern art, literature and psychology help to boost my creativity and stay motivated.

Client Testimonials

Stephen: “I would rate Grigorij 10 out of 10 stars in every criterion of being an excellent tutor that is what he deserves. His approach to tutoring is very professional and reassuring, he plans the sessions meticulously and is very focused on learning objectives and follow through on key understandings that I can approach problems in worksheets or exams with confidence. I find that this makes a huge difference compared to typical learning in the classroom.”

Ellie: “Gregory provided me with a stronger foundation in chemistry than any teacher at my school could. His original teaching style helped me overcome the issues I had with the subject and I still use the methods he taught me in my degree course today. Gregory made chemistry genuinely enjoyable, as well as relatable- as cliche as it sounds, he played a huge role in helping me achieve what I had today.”

Chamach: “I obtained Gregory’s services to help improve my Chemistry A level grade. Immediately, the clarity in his methods and his easy-going personality allowed me to fully understand the difficult concepts. Also, i found that his revision techniques are compatible with other subjects”

Maryam: “Gregory has the ability of making everything much more simple, and easy. I couldn’t have passed my courses without Gregory’s help , support , and advice. I must say he is the best tutor ever.”

Dr. S. R. Cook, Senior Tutor for Biology Degree Programmes: “Over the past two years, Greg has given me sterling support in first-year biology teaching. He has demonstrated in numerous practical classes in biological chemistry and in cell biology; and he has tutored maths and chemistry in revision classes aimed at those of our students who lack those subjects at A-level. He has always been reliable and well-prepared, and he has an excellent rapport with the students. I recommend him enthusiastically as a tutor.”

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